New Housing Bubble: Prices Up, Ownership Down, Wall Street a Mega-Landlord: “America is Becoming a Nation of Renters”

Mac Slavo January 31st, 2015


Want to own your own home, but stuck, temporarily, renting until you can? You aren’t alone.

Wolf Richter outlined a pretty eery scenario.

The 2008 financial Armageddon was in larger part a result of the housing bubble bursting. Thanks to the subprime mortgage scandal, millions of homeowners were put in homes they couldn’t afford, making the awful game of musical chairs an […]

Is Another “Mortgage Meltdown” on the Way?

Very few observers expect a repeat of the subprime mortgage crisis. But the former chief credit officer of Fannie Mae is sounding the alarm. We have a forecast of our own.

Wealth inequality leading to fears of civil unrest

The mega-rich are preparing for a peasant revolt, buying secluded estates and arranging escape plans if the poor rise up against the wealthy, Robert Johnson, president of the Institute for New Economic Thinking told RT. Founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the think tank associated with leading universities such as Oxford and Duke tracks the level of economic inequality in the world, which has skyrocketed during […]

US Mint Sells Fourth Largest Amount of American #Silver Eagles in January https://

US Mint Sells Fourth Largest Amount of American #Silver Eagles in January @PopescuCo

— Smaulgld (@Smaulgld) January 30, 2015

As China’s Offshore Yuan Crashes, Beijing Warns Its Citizens: “Don’t Buy Dollars”

As China's Offshore Yuan Crashes, Beijing Warns Its Citizens: "Don't Buy Dollars"

— Dan Popescu (@PopescuCo) January 31, 2015

U.S. oil rig count -94 to 1,223

U.S. oil rig count -94 to 1,223

— Jonathan Ferro (@FerroTV) January 30, 2015

Mexican Peso and Brazilian Real Are Collapsing… More emerging economies going down the toilet…

Back over 15 / USD for the first time since March 2009, the Mexican Peso is tumbling hard this morning… and the Brazilian Real is also tanking (back near 10-year lows) – no clear catalyst aside from further weakness in oil producer and EM FX sentiment.


Peso under pressure


Back to March 2009 lows..


Is Brazil about to follow Argentina and Venezuela into […]

So It Begins: Oil Giant Chevron Suspends Stock Buyback Citing “Cash Flow Squeeze”…

Short Chevron stock, like now….


It was less than 24 hours after we posted that either oil will double from here allowing energy companies to grow into a normal P/E multiple, or energy stocks will have to crash by over 40% for the ridiculous 23x to return to its normal, long-term average of 13.6x. Moments ago energy giant Chevron admitted that not only does it not see oil doubling […]

Huge economic collapse this year evidence right in front of Americas face (Shemitah year)

This pattern has been accurate to the day and to even the cannot deny this the evidence is right there

Amazing video please spread to friends and family everyone must know. be ready. shemitah year and blood moon tetrad all coming together this year


Golden years… out for affordable care act

> Letter from a senior gentleman in Mesa, Arizona: > > Dear Family, Friends, Neighbors, and former Classmates, > I just found myself in the middle of a medical situation that made it > very clear that “the Affordable Care Act” is neither affordable, nor > do they care. > > I’ll go back about seven years ago to a fairly radical prostate > surgery that I underwent. The Urologist […]

Obama, DEA, ATF record license plate numbers out side gun show!

The Obama U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Obama Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives cooperated to build a massive database of license plate images collected by automated license plate reader devices of gun shows attendees.

The DEA equipment is able to capture images of occupants inside the vehicle. reported:

According to emails obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union, federal authorities planned to monitor gun show parking […]

Nuclear Watch: Fukushima New Findings on Fallout 75% more release after 5 day 1/30/2015

Japan Gov’t Expert: Nuclear fuel continued melting long after injecting sea water into Fukushima reactors — Extended release time caused ‘massive’ radioactive fallout — Reactor heat ‘surged’ when coolant was added — Officials admit just 3% of coolant water pumped in to cool the molten core (VIDEO)

Fukushima New Findings on Fallout…

The United States Government Has No Jurisdiction Outside The District Of Columbia

The organic Act of 1871 a.k.a. “An Act to provide a Government for the District of Columbia” (41st Congress, 3d Sess., ch. 62, 16 Stat. 419, enacted 1871-02-21) is an Act of Congress, which revoked the individual charters of the City of Washington, the City of Georgetown, and the County of Washington and created a new city government for the entire District of Columbia. The legislation effectively merged what had […]

Microsoft to invest in Cyanogen, which hopes to take Android from Google

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft will be investing in Cyanogen, Inc., the Android ROM builder. The report says that Microsoft would be a “minority investor” in a $70 million round of financing that values Cyanogen in the “high hundreds of millions.”

Cyanogen takes the Android source code and modifies it, adding more features and porting it to other devices. It has also started supplying Android […]