Once considered out of the question, pension plan cuts are now on the table. One governor has just proposed a freeze on his state’s pension plan.

http://www.elliottwave.com/r.asp?rcn=… Many retirees could receive a smaller payout from their pension plans than they expect. Once considered out of the question, pension plan cuts are now on the table. One governor has just proposed a freeze on his state’s pension plan.

Nothing has changed: Housing crisis worsens in global scale, new mortgage crisis coming…

Global #Housing #Bubble update – This chart shows how worldwide house prices have grown: http://t.co/VAEmSUAnzV pic.twitter.com/X7DMwb3SJk

— Jesse Colombo (@TheBubbleBubble) February 27, 2015

So much faith being placed in the same Federal Reserve that didn’t know there was a housing bubble in 2007. This time will be different.

— Gubb (@gubbmintcheese) February 26, 2015

Update: HongKong steps up efforts to cool red-hot property market


MATT DRUDGE on Twitter: “So where is the 300+ page ‘Net Neutralization’ Act? Are we allowed to read it now? Or will it remain a private contract between the fascists”

So where is the 300+ page 'Net Neutralization' Act? Are we allowed to read it now? Or will it remain a private contract between the fascists

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) February 26, 2015

Lois Lerner Emails Recovered: ‘No One Will Ever Believe That Both Your Hard Drive and Mine Crashed Within a Week’

Busted!! Go directly to jail..Not likely, but she needs to as well as all of them at the IRS.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced on Thursday night that hundreds of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s previously “lost” backup tapes have been recovered, which could result in the recovery of a new trove of her emails.

“To date, we have found 32,744 unique emails that were backed up […]

Soros, Ford Foundation shovel $196 million to ‘net neutrality’ groups, staff to White House

Liberal philanthropist George Soros and the Ford Foundation have lavished groups supporting the administration’s “net neutrality” agenda, donating $196 million and landing proponents on the White House staff, according to a new report.

And now, as the Federal Communications Commission nears approving a type of government control over the Internet, the groups are poised to declare victory in the years-long fight, according to the report from MRC Business, an […]

The Circus Is In Town: The official US gold hoard is supposedly 260,000,000 ounces which represents about $300 billion dollars in current value. The SNAP program spends that much in about four years. The US government spends that much in less than 30 days.

by Gary Christenson

A three ring circus is performing – to entertain and impoverish the western world.

Ring # 1:     The Euro tragedy is “extending and pretending” into a Greek drama.

Ring # 2:     Iraq 3.0 is in beta test mode based on weapons of mass propaganda.

Ring # 3:     The conflict in Ukraine is performing flips followed by flops.

Aiding and abetting the circus acts are the global fiat […]



If the Varoufakis memorandum ‘deal’ is so respectable, why do none of the players, or their Party bigwigs, or the markets, like it? There’s a piece in the online magazine Counterpunch at the moment purporting to show how Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has ‘kept Greece in the euro by its fingernails’. Without going over the same tedious ground yet again, nobody can do that, because Greece […]

Gold Sovereigns Bought by Greeks in Volume as New Greek Drachmas Designed

by GoldCore

- Greece warns may default on IMF loan next week

- Greek bank runs continue and deposits flee

- German Bundestag votes for bailout extension

- Syriza agree to a bailout extension of four months, in return for concessions yet to be approved by the EU

- Questions over Syriza negotiating a weak deal despite it’s strong position

- Greece and EU buying time to arrange orderly […]

US Gov/Central Bankers One Step Closer To Closing Down The Internet

Greek withdrawals from the banks at all time highs. The people of Greece are protesting the new government. New home sales beat expectations but lumber sales and prices are declining. FCC voted to approve censorship of the internet. This is first step to close down the internet.Ukraine is in a full blown depression. Russian warships are allowed to dock in Cyprus. Chinese submarine fleet larger than US. Russia, China […]

Chinese Gold Demand Pushes Price Up, Plans Yuan-Denominated Gold Fix This Year, Trade Volume Up Near 60% On Year To 18,486 mt

China’s spot Gold trade volume up near 60% on year to 18,486 mt

China’s spot gold trading volume in 2014 hit 18,486 mt, up almost 60% from 11,600 mt traded in 2013, the Bureau of Trade said in a report on its website Thursday, February 26.

The rise was attributed to growing gold output in China, as well as more active investment in gold products last year.


Chinese #Gold […]

De-Dollarization: Russia, China Sign Currency Swap Agreement to Double $100b Trade, Unloads 20% Of Its Total U.S. Holdings In ONE Month, George Soros Plans for Collapse of U.S. Dollar


Janjuah on 2015: Oil at $30; bonds to go crazy http://www.cnbc.com/id/102348346

How The FBI Invaded Martin Luther King Jr.’s Privacy — And Tried To Blackmail Him Into Suicide http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/20/martin-luther-king-fbi_n_4631112.html

Memphis Jury Sees Conspiracy in Martin Luther King’s Killing http://www.nytimes.com/1999/12/09/us/memphis-jury-sees-conspiracy-in-martin-luther-king-s-killing.html

Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination http://www.globalresearch.ca/court-decision-u-s-government-agencies-found-guilty-in-martin-luther-kings-assassination/5320024

Did You Know: US Gov’t Found Guilty In Conspiracy To Assassinate Dr. Martin Luther […]

Global Economic COLLAPSE Shown in THESE Clear Warning Signals!

Sources: “Greenspan: “The Stock Market Is Great”, But The Economy Feels Like In “The Late Stages Of The Great Depression” | Zero Hedge” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02… “20150226_dollar.jpg 797×534 pixels” http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/defaul… “healthcare-costs1.jpg 290×195 pixels” http://www.oftwominds.com/photos2012/… “20150226_Japan2.jpg 958×499 pixels” http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/defaul… “20150226_Japan3.jpg 959×505 pixels” http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/defaul… “ekathimerini.com | Gov’t raises concern over payment to IMF in March” http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_… “Athens: first anti-gov’t protest by far-left ANTARSYA turns ugly” http://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2015… “Obama Dares GOP: Go Ahead, ‘Have a […]

Full Scale Simulation: New Study Reveals Where To Go When Civilization Collapses: “Head For The Hills”

Mac Slavo February 27th, 2015 SHTFplan.com


Should the world as we know it ever fall apart as a result of an economic collapse, amassive natural disaster, cyber attack or widespread pandemic there will be millions of people looking for food, clean water and other essential resources.

The cities will be plagued with violence and supply shortages. Government officials will, as Homeland Security has previously admitted, not be able to […]

Pop Quiz: How Many Constitutional Rights Have We Lost?

by WashingtonsBlog How Many Constitutional Freedoms Have We Lost?

This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right. (This is an updated version of an essay we wrote in February. Unfortunately, a lot of information has come out since then.)

First Amendment

The 1st […]

“Stock Market Great”, But Economy Feels Like “Late Stages Of The Great Depression”

While conflicting economic data leaves hope for both buills and bears, Alan Greenspan warns that, unlike Yellen, “US economic growth is not strong.” He then slays another pillar – suggesting the exuberant job growth is anything but (as he focuses on weak productivity as he pinpoints entitlements as “crowding out capital investment” in America. The maestro then breaks the golden rule of central bankers and explains how The Fed […]

Anguilla is an almost entirely tax-free jurisdiction; there are no taxes on corporations. no capital gains tax, no wealth tax, no sales tax, and no inheritance tax.

Anguilla might look nice in pictures, but chances are you’ll have a higher quality of life in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, or Turks and Caicos, under more or less the same requirements.

That said, there are significant tax advantages to living in Anguilla—if you can get a residence permit, which is no easy task.

There is no income tax (save for a 5% social insurance contribution and a 3% stabilization […]

Forecaster Predicts Big Move in Precious Metals… Soon

by moneymetals

Don’t Miss What Bo Polny Says about THIS Metal in Our Exclusive Interview DOWNLOAD MP3

Don’t want to listen? Read the podcast below!

Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason.

Exclusive Interview with Bo Polny

Coming up with have a must hear interview with market cycles analyst Bo Polny of the Gold 2020 Forecast. Bo’s research is signaling some significant turning points in both the metals […]

U.S. oil rigs get hammered for a 12th straight week

U.S. oil rigs get hammered for a 12th straight week http://t.co/8cMdVdKYcK pic.twitter.com/CUQ0EfBfIq

— Bloomberg Business (@business) February 27, 2015

U.S. oil rigs declined for the 12th straight week despite still-rising levels of production.

Drillers idled 33 oil rigs (excluding gas rigs), dropping the number to 986, Baker Hughes reported on Friday. The rig count is down 39 percent since October, an unprecedented retreat. The median forecast from a Bloomberg survey […]


WASHINGTON (AP) — On a day of high drama, the Republican-controlled Congress struggled into the night Friday to pass emergency legislation to keep the Homeland Security Department in full funding for one week and avert a partial shutdown threatened for midnight.

Acting without fanfare, the Senate cleared the measure less than four hours before the deadline that would have triggered a partial shutdown at the federal agency with […]

How a documentary is constructed to communicate truth, brainwash the audience and push an agenda.

https://www.facebook.com/RandallEvans… http://www.facebook.com/theartofdecep… http://www.thevilemint.com

Director: Randall Evans Executive Producer: Nicholas Hunt

The truth about Global Warming, Kony 2012 & Zeitgeist.

Over the past decade, the documentary genre has become a bad joke. Fact is no longer a factor. As technology has developed, sights like youtube and vimeo make it possible for anyone to broadcast information, even if the information they express is based on lies. In an academic environment, a […]

Marijuana as a Vomiting Medical Emergency Medicine

by onpoint

After coming down with a one / two punch of the cold + flu over the past week, it has given me much thought about how to prepare for medical emergencies in austere conditions.  Particularly with the flu, I lost an immense amount of fluid via vomiting & diarrhea.  As the “3/3/3? saying goes, water is in the second place of importance: you can only survive 3 days […]

Firms get ZIR loans and buyback their shares = Bourse Up, Million $ Bonuses for CEOs, Corporate America OWES $10k per Household! Most Workers Fail To Even Feed Their Families. Less Bonus And Equal Pay?

Firms get ZIR loans and buyback their shares = Bourse Up, Million $ Bonuses for CEOs http://t.co/lX7gEfSceG @erinade pic.twitter.com/ByYTxa1DDJ

— Erkan Öz (@FinancialDeluge) February 27, 2015

Corporate America owes society big time. This econ professor says the exact amount is $10k per household, per year:

The Corporate Debt to Society: $10,000 Per Household, Per Year

Big business owes Americans big time for providing them most of their labor and resources. […]

US Turns Olympic Village into Prison

from RT, via The Daily Sheeple:

In order to fund the building of the Olympic village in Lake Placid, NY, for the famous 1980 winter games, the US federal government stipulated planners build with the intent of turning the grounds into a prison once the athletes left. The Resident from RT explains. – See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/us-turns-olympic-village-into-prison-naturally_022015#sthash.CgyaI8OC.dpuf

Attack On Arizona’s Internet Was the Beta Test for the Implementation of Martial Law

by Dave Hodges


At approximately noon on February 25, 2015, the Internet went down in a wide swath ranging from just north of Phoenix stretching to Flagstaff, Arizona. Internet service was restored the following day around 1pm local time.

The very first reports I received about the outage, coming out of Wickenburg and Prescott, was that the ISP from Century Link went down because a car crashed into a […]

‘Jihadi John’: Reaction to the unmasking of Emwazi confirms his PR value

‘Jihadi John’: Reaction to the unmasking of Emwazi confirms his PR value

The motto on an Isis social media reads, “Media is half jihad,” suggesting a degree of media savvy targeted not so much at devout Muslims but Westerners.

But why should that be the case? Especially when Isis is purportedly fighting to establish an Islamic Caliphate in what is now Syria and Iraq?

So why are they so focused […]