How Financial Bubbles Fester And Burst—Even As The Fed Says Not To Worry

In today’s post Wolf Richter offers some solid insights on the dynamics of financial bubbles which merit further comment. The starting point is to recognize that once they gain a head of steam, financial bubbles tend to envelope virtually every nook and cranny of the economy, creating terrible distortions and destructive excesses as they rumble forward. In this instance, Wolf Richter explains how Silicon Valley has once again (like 1999-2000) been [...]

The CDC Admits the USA Is On the Verge of a Major Ebola Outbreak

by Dave Hodges

In late July and early August, six weeks ago, I warned that we at the point of losing any hope of containing the Ebola virus and I was called a “fear-monger and I was spreading “fear-porn”. Many of my colleagues (e.g. Sheila Zilinski) were accused of the same. However, the worm has turned and the truthful media has a new partner in fear-mongering and it is the CDC.




The [...]

US Spent $22 Trillion On Failed ‘War On Poverty’! Welfare Sign-ups Outpace Job Creation By More Than A Million. How Is This Possible?

FOOD STAMPS EXPLODE IN ILLINOIS…CHANGE: 745,000 enroll in SNAP since 2008…

Among the many metrics that show Obama’s home state is struggling to break the Great Recession, a new report shows that applications for food stamps in Illinois is greater than its creation of jobs.

Illinois has had the worst recovery from the recession of any state in the country, the Illinois Policy Institute reported this month: “There are nearly 300,000 fewer Illinoisans [...]

Gold Demand In India Triples As China Launches Global Gold Bourse This Thursday

by GoldCore

Gold Webinar – Your Questions & Answers’

Today September 16, 2014 at 1300 EST, 6pm BST > See here


The Death Of The Indian Gold Market Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Indians Prepare To Buy Gold At Diwali 

Trade statistics for the month of August have just been released in India, showing a huge surge in gold imports compared to August of 2013. The value of gold officially imported into India in August totalled $2.04 [...]


Harley Schlanger, historian and national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins me to talk about 9/11 and false flag terror, western-backed ISIS terror, Obama’s speech, Ted Cruz’ undying love for Israel, the death of the dollar, the evil empire & the idolaters of money. We also talk about much needed solutions, like a return to the REAL American system and the massive water works project that could save the west from epic [...]

Americans are going into captivity, and they refuse to see it

Ebola: ‘In decades of humanitarian work, I’ve never seen such suffering’ – like something out of a horror movie

Omen? Government says all U.S. healthcare facilities need to be ready for Ebola: here’s the checklist

– While government officials and top doctors have maintained that they don’t think Ebola will become a widespread issue in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending all health care facilities in the country “be prepared for managing patients with infectious diseases such as Ebola virus disease.” Issuing a facility [...]

Bank Warns of STOCK MARKET SELLOFF After Fed Meeting!

BofA Warns “Risk Of Selloff” After September’s FOMC
While BofAML’s Michael Hanson expects Yellen’s overall tone to remain dovish, market perception will be key. The combination of changes to the forward guidance language, upward drift of the dots, and any comments seen as potentially hawkish, could lead to a selloff
West’s antics pushing Russia closer to China
The recent NATO summit in Wales, held against the background of the armed conflict in Ukraine, [...]

UK And France Moving To The Next Reserve Currency The Chinese Yuan

Retail sales are declining and many of the big retailers are in big trouble. The sub prime auto bubble is about to burst. Manufacturing is now declining. China announce a yuan clearing house with France and the UK will be issuing yuan denominated bonds in preparation for the yuan to be the world reserve currency. FBI facial recognition online. IMF in talks with West African nations to bail them out. [...]

Computer Models Tell Us That This Ebola Pandemic Could Soon Kill Millions

By Michael Snyder

We could potentially be on the verge of the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.  The number of Ebola cases in Africa has approximately doubled over the past three weeks, and scientific computer models tell us that this Ebola pandemic could ultimately end up killing millions of us – especially if it starts spreading on other continents.  At first, many assumed that this Ebola [...]

The world economy grew 2.6% in the year to the second quarter, a slower pace than in the previous three quarters.

Slowing down: the world economy grew 2.6% in the year to the second quarter http://t.co/jqRKlVrGdv pic.twitter.com/HUj3wFEfVG

— The Economist (@TheEconomist) September 16, 2014

The world economy grew 2.6% in the year to the second quarter, a slower pace than in the previous three quarters. Of the 54 countries tracked by The Economist to calculate our measure of world GDP (which collectively account for 90% of global output), half saw their growth rates [...]

OPINION: Before taking sides, be sure to take all the necessary readings


I posted some weeks ago to the effect that the most common reason for slaughter on our planet is ‘Taking Sides’.

I did not mean by this that one should never take sides. When expansionist gangsters take over a country, sooner or later they will visit yours…and you have to take sides. This rule applies whether the mobsters are Nazis, the Soviet Union, Jihadists, Globalists, or Ostrogoths.

My point was [...]

Welcome to the Currency War, Part 17: The Dollar’s Turn to Cause a Recession

by John Rubino

Europe is an economic basket case while the US is kind-of sort-of recovering. Why? Several reasons, but the only one that really matters these days is that in 2012 and 2013 the eurozone operated with tight monetary policy and an appreciating currency while the US created new money with abandon and let the dollar fall. So US products got cheaper on global markets and US companies [...]

A Visual History: How Much $1 Used To Get You (And How Much It Gets You Now)

Mac Slavo
September 15th, 2014


Ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 Americans have seen the value of their currency dwindle.

We know the dollar has lost some 97% of its value since the Fed took over. But it’s hard to actually grasp this destruction of value without some examples.

The infographic below, originally posted at The Burning Platform, is self explanatory. We are being robbed bit by bit, on a [...]

China Was Blasted Back To 2008 This Weekend: August Industrial Growth Hits 6-year Low, Housing Sales Down 10.9% On Year, 47% Of Chinese Billionaires Want To Leave China Within 5 Years

China Was Blasted Back To 2008 This Weekend

China released a bunch of grim economic data this weekend. The worst of it being industrial production, which slowed down to its lowest level since doom-year 2008.

It’s a flashback nobody in markets wants to experience and indicates that, unless the government wants to step in, China will be shrinking for the near term at the very least.

Here’s the big picture in the Societe [...]

Looming Municipal Crisis: Debt Piled Too High to Pay Back?

Many cities and states have been on a borrowing and spending binge for years. One former lieutenant governor says the chickens are about to come home to roost. Do you hold the “riskiest” bonds among popular government issues?

Doctor’s Agree: Ebola Risks Too High…. Scientists Call For Death Of Humanity

Sources from within the Department of Defense have questioned why the Obama administration is implementing a military response to the Ebola epidemic when USAID and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are already involved in relief efforts.

“We don’t need to be taking planners away from the CT [counterterrorism] mission, and that is what is going on,” the Defense Department source told Fox News.

As we reported last week, top German [...]

Russian Hot and Black Money Dodges Sanctions, Gushes into Hong Kong, Hits Resistence

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

The sanctions, the last batch of which took effect on Friday, are targeting with ever increasing intensity the Russian economy and a growing number of key individuals. The defense, financial, and energy sectors have been hit the hardest. Oil and gas exports are Russia’s economic and fiscal lifeblood; Western financing is Russia’s corporate lifeblood. And that’s where the sanctions have begun to bite viciously. But not only in [...]

Is Risk-On About to Switch to Risk-Off?

by Charles Hugh-Smith

Cranking markets full of financial cocaine so they never correct simply sets up the crash-and-burn destruction of the addict.

Human memory being what it is, almost three years of risk-on euphoria has created the illusion that risk-on is The New Normal that will continue on for years to come. Perhaps, but there are converging signals that suggest the risk-on trade is about to reverse polarity to risk-off. These include:

1. [...]

Chase Bank Payments Down Nationwide

I work at a large call center, and we’re seeing Chase Bank payments down nationwide… Cards not working at ATMs, registers, etc. Anyone else seeing issues out there?


I just checked my Chase App and it had an Alert

It reads:

Important Update on Cyber Security

We want to update you on the cyber attack we uncovered recently. Our investigations is ongoing, but here is some of what we know to date

* We have [...]

“I Want To Be Diversified, I Want To Own Some Gold” – Faber

by GoldCore

“I Want To Be Diversified, I Want To Own Some Gold” – Faber

Veteran investor Marc Faber, author of The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, reiterated the need for gold in a diversified portfolio when interviewed last week on CNBC.

Faber, a resident of Thailand, is an advocate of gold storage in Singapore, and believes that a diversified portfolio will help protect against future market corrections which he believes are on [...]



Call me Damocles

Before kicking off today, I would like to make two things crystal clear:

1. I do not condone what ‘ISIS’ has done (or appears to have done). I regard Islamism – and its millions of assenting fellow-travellers – as a development fuelled by male misogyny and mediaeval concepts. It represents a murderous fanaticism far worse than anything the Nazis displayed, and it will be even harder to [...]

Powerful words-The World is coming to an END.

The U.S. National Debt Has Grown By More Than A Trillion Dollars In The Last 12 Months

By Michael Snyder

The idea that the Obama administration has the budget deficit under control is a complete and total lie.  According to the U.S. Treasury, the federal government has officially run a deficit of 589 billion dollars for the first 11 months of fiscal year 2014.  But this number is just for public consumption and it relies on accounting tricks which massively understate how much debt is actually being accumulated.  [...]

Israel and Other Central Banks Buy U.S. Equities to Stop COLLAPSE!

The poorest quartile of families is the only group that owes more than it owns. Thanks to declines in the value of assets, the group’s average leverage ratio — debt as a percent of assets — increased to 137.5 percent in 2013, the highest on record since the survey started in 1989.
Israel to Begin Investing Reserves in U.S Equities Today
The investment will be made in equity index trackers and will [...]

BIS: Central Banks Are Inflating Asset Prices Around The World….Low Volatility Everywhere Is A Sign of High Risk-Taking… Art Cashin: “Things Could Theoretically Turn Into What I Call A Lehman Moment”

CENTRAL BANKS’ BANKER WARNS: Central Banks Are Inflating Asset Prices Around The World


“Low Volatility Everywhere” – BIS Sounds Alarm Alert On Pervasive Complacency Masking Systemic Shocks

Here comes another BIS report, and another stark warning by the central banks’ central bank, the Bank of International Settlements, best known for selling gold at key inflection points, that not only are asset prices are at “elevated” levels but that market volatility [...]

Martin Armstrong – Violent War Cycles-Global Economic Decline, Next One Will Be Far Worse Than Last

On the recent strength of the U.S. dollar, financial expert Martin Armstrong says, “The central banks only have the dollar, that’s it. It is the reserve currency. We just had a former Obama economist come out a few days ago and say the risk to the United States is a strong dollar, and we should give up the reserve currency position. Why? Because they realize there is no other choice. [...]

“At a global aggregated level deflation has been non-existent over the last 80 years.” – $DB

"At a global aggregated level deflation has been non-existent over the last 80 years." – $DB

— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) September 13, 2014

"Since 1971 inflation has had an upward bias relative to most of prior history…" – Deutsche Bank pic.twitter.com/SB7gkqzU4w

— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) September 13, 2014


by James Quinn 

Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”

? Mark Twain

I never believe government manufactured numbers. They will always be adjusted, massaged, and manipulated to achieve a happy ending for the propagandists attempting to control and fleece the sheep. Yesterday, the government produced retail sales numbers for August that were weak and the corporate MSM propaganda machine immediately threw up bold headlines declaring how strong these numbers were. Positive [...]

Top Virologist: “Its Too Late” – Predicts 5 Million Ebola Deaths!! 4th American Infected – evac to Atlanta. DOD Raises Alarms!

A top German virologist has caused shockwaves by asserting that it’s too late to halt the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia and that five million people will die, noting that efforts should now be focused on stopping the transmission of the virus to other countries.

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg told Germany’s Deutsche Welle that hope is all but lost for [...]

How to build the ability to heal yourself and others

Our bodies are designed to survive. Aside from your spiritual being, the earth body has many functions. Our subconscious protects us on two fronts. Internal threats and external threats.

External threats are predators, storms, weapons, etc. Internal threats are bacterial, fungal and viral. There are also mental illness which is an internal illness of a virtual nature.

We are analog and our mind has a base frequency. The higher the frequency the [...]

The fundamental failing of today’s global economy can be summarized simply: Too Much Debt

from ChrisMartensondotcom:

The fundamental failing of today’s global economy can be summarized simply: Too Much Debt

We have taken too much of it on, too fast, in too many markets around the world, to have any hope of making good on it. Not only does the math not work out, but also on a moral level, we are placing a tremendous obligation on future generations that will unfairly limit the prosperity they [...]

WHO Denies Funds to Move Ebola-Sickened Doctor From Sierra Leone. France to build Ebola Research Center for $11.6M.

Dr. Olivet Buck, a citizen of Sierra Leone, is the fourth doctor from that country to come down with Ebola.

Sierra Leone requested funds from the World Health Organization to evacuate the doctor to Germany on Friday, and said a Hamburg hospital was ready to receive her.

But a WHO spokesman said Saturday it could not comply with the request and instead would work to give Buck “the best care possible” in [...]

Global Economic Collapse Most CRITICAL Since Financial Crisis

Investors pull £17bn from UK as banks ratchet up Scottish independence pressure
$2.66T: Tax Revenues for FY14 Hit Record Through August; Gov’t Still Runs $589B Deficit
IMF tax bombshell: its plans for higher VAT and a property raid are wrong
petrol tax should be replaced by a national congestion fee
Europe’s bond yields lowest since 15th century Genoa on deflation, Russia risk


VIRAL: Honeybee antibiotics? Fresh honey ‘key’ to beating drug-resistant infections, scientists say

Honeybee antibiotics? Fresh honey ‘key’ to beating drug-resistant infections, scientists say


OBAMA’S PLAN: DESTROY Dollar | Jim Willie – Part 2

– Why is Germany repatriating their gold? ?0:34
Viewers Questions:
– What is America’s role in the new millennium? ?7:25
– Will debt be erased in a dollar collapse? ?11:46
– When will the U.S. government market rigging end? ?15:42
– Should we invest in rigged markets? ?18:04
– Australia aligning with the West or East? ?25:08
– Will the BRICS association survive? ?29:49

SUBSCRIBE (It’s FREE!) to Reluctant Preppers, “Helping You Be Aware and Prepared” [...]

California Home Sales Collapsed in August, Prices Hit Kitchen Wall, Strung-out Millennials Blamed

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

This must be part of the explanation why home sales in the expensive parts of California, which is where most people live, are collapsing: according to a Harris Poll on behalf of electronic broker Redfin, 92% of millennials who don’t already own a home do not plan on buying one in the future. Ever.

These people, now between 25 and 34, are in their peak home-buying age. They’re the [...]

TODAY: Gov’t Warns of POWER GRID FAILURES, Radio wipe-outs as geomagnetic storm rages from Sun

Space Weather Alerts, NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center, Sept. 13, 2014:

Extension to Serial Number: 43 (Issued 2:48a ET Sept. 13, 2014)

Space Weather Message Code: WARK07 [Highest level geomagnetic warning]
EXTENDED WARNING: Geomagnetic K-index of 7 or greater expected
Comment: Extended warning due to continued potential for geomagnetic storming from the 10 Sep CME
Valid Until: 12:00p ET Sept. 13, 2014
Warning Condition: Persistence
Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 50 degrees Geomagnetic [...]

Does the U.S. Jobs Report Even Matter?

Every month the US Bureau of Labor Statistics releases an Employment Situation Summary, but whether the report is positive or negative depends greatly on who interprets it. What does the job report actually mean? Is our economy on a rise or decline?

World War 3 Is Imminent: USA Back To War In The Middle East

Frost To Grip Northeast, 246 Cold Temp Records in first 10 days of Sept, WY Buried In 20 Inches of Snow! Now 52 Explanations For ‘Pause’


Following a chilly rain during part of the weekend, the coolest air since the spring will settle over the Northeast Sunday night into Monday morning.

Temperatures are forecast to dip into the 50s from Boston and New York City to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The last time readings were this low was during the first couple of days of June in most cases and in late May in [...]

Big business warned of ‘day of reckoning’ if Scots vote Yes…Referendum too close to call… Investors pull money at fastest pace since financial crisis…

Big business warned of ‘day of reckoning’ if Scots vote Yes…

Jim Sillars, Alex Salmond’s former mentor, says the nationalists will have their revenge by nationalising BP, breaking up the banks and boycotting John Lewis


Referendum too close to call…

Guardian/ICM poll finds support for no campaign on 51% and yes on 49% with less than a week to go, but 17% of voters say they have yet to make up their mind

The [...]

CURRENCY WAR! China, Argentina, Russia, Iran Bypass U.S. Dollar!

Argentina to get $1bn in currency swap with China before end of 2014
On August 5, Russia and Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on oil-for-goods exchanges under which Russia could take 500,000 BPD of Iranian oil exports in returns for providing goods, services and equipment to Iran.
Russia seeks safe haven in gold, away from dollar and euro
Ecuador’s ‘digital currency’ explained
Fed: Under Obama, only the richest 10 percent saw incomes [...]

Central Banks Are Buying Stocks — That HAS To Be Bullish (Right?)

Seven years ago it was sovereign wealth funds buying stocks. Today it’s central banks. It’s a distinction with no essential difference. Watch.

BREAKING: US State Dept orders 160,000 Hazmat Suits for Ebola!

Lakeland Industries launches hazmat suits for Ebola

“Lakeland stands ready to join the fight against the spread of Ebola,” said Christopher J. Ryan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeland Industries.

“We understand the difficulty of getting appropriate products through a procurement system that in times of crisis favors availability over specification, and we hope our added capacity will help alleviate that problem.

With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid [...]


by Dave Hodges

Participation on Facebook could prove very dangerous to your future well-being. There is a reason that Facebook is aligned with both the CIA and the NSA. I have several credible sources tell me that all data posted on Facebook goes into series of cataloged files which culminates with each person being assigned a “Threat Matrix Score”. The mere existence of a Threat Matrix Score should send chills up [...]

Panic On The Streets Of London … Can Scotland Ever Be The Same Again?

by GoldCore

Panic On The Streets Of London … Can Scotland Ever Be The Same Again? 
There is now less than one week of campaigning remaining before the Scottish Independence Referendum, which takes place next Thursday, September 18.

The pro-union ‘no’ vote campaign is back in the lead this week after the latest opinion poll from pollsters YouGov put them at 52%, marginally ahead of the pro-independence ‘yes’ campaign.

The referendum question being asked [...]

ISIS BLACK-OPS: John McCain and the mounting evidence of US ‘identity manipulation’ in the Middle East


The appalling smell of US foreign policy

*The many faces and forked tongue of Senator John McCain
*How the Muslim Brotherhood became the Syrian rebels who begat ISIS
*How McCain dealt directly with the ISIS leader, and feted his colleagues as ‘brave freedom fighters’
*The unexplained need for McCain to have big but discreet money
*The direct link between his sponsors and his Middle East policies
* The obvious involvement of [...]

RED ALERT: More Car Owners Fall Behind on Auto Loan Payments, Credit-Card Debt Hits Post-Recession High… Minimum Payments Become Unsustainable And Delinquencies Skyrocket

More Car Owners Fall Behind on Auto Loan Payments

More car buyers are falling behind when it comes to payments on their auto loans, a new report says.

The auto loan delinquency rate — borrowers who are at least 60 days behind on their loans — rose to 0.95% in the second quarter, up more than 9% from 0.87% the same quarter a year ago, reports TransUnion, the big credit bureau.


World Bank [...]

China, Russia Are to Build One of the ‘Largest Ports In Northeast Asia’

China and Russia are to build one of the largest ports in northeast Asia on Russia’s Sea of Japan coast, Chinese media reports. It is the latest step by Beijing and Moscow to bring their economies closer, and diversify from Western influence.

The new seaport will be located in Russia’s Far East, just 18 kilometers away from the Chinese border and will be capable to handle up to 60 million tons [...]

Stock Ownership at 18-Year Low, Stocks at All-Time High. How?

The S&P 500 index is near a record high yet the U.S. has the lowest level of stock ownership since 1995. What explains the lofty market prices? See a chart that provides insight.

John Rubino – Currency War Chaos, Bitcoin’s Future, Dollar Supremacy Threatened

Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network, Released on 9/15/14

Click Here to Listen to the Interview

There’s an emerging trading block – the BRICS – that could and probably will eventually challenge the Dollar’s primacy. When is the question? Right now the world’s economic system is truly on the edge. If the Dollar’s reserve currency status gets upended now, will it cause global chaos, especially if the United States fights back? And will [...]

Only a monetary ‘nuclear bomb’ can save Italy now, says Mediobanca

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph, Released on 9/15/14

The OECD has drastically cut its growth forecast for Italy. The depression will drag on though most of 2015.

The economy will contract by 0.4pc this year. It will remain stuck in the doldrums next year with growth of just 0.1pc.

If so, Italy’s public debt will spiral to dangerous levels next year, ever further beyond the point of no return for a country without its [...]

It’s coming – Harry Dent on how to survive the worst economic downturn of our lifetimes

Dave Thompson, It’s Your Money, Released on 9/12/14

Click Here to Listen to the Interview

“Demographics says the economy is going to get worse even though governments have pumped it up. So, the question is, how do investors and households and businesses protect themselves from what I see as an inevitable downturn?”

“The next six years is likely to be the worst economic downturn of our lifetimes. If you see it coming, you [...]

Jim Rogers: Where I’m deploying capital today and where I’m afraid to invest today

Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business, Released on 9/15/14

Mr. Rogers continues to be bullish on Russian investments. When asked whether he was worried about the safety of his Russian investments, Mr. Rogers said, “Maria, I worry about everything wherever I invest, including America. Aren’t you worried about getting your money out of America some day? They may put on exchange controls here. You know, you have to worry about everything, everywhere.”

Part 1 [...]

Gerald Celente: I’ve never been more concerned than I am now

Sinclair Noe, Money Radio, Released on 9/12/14

“In my 35 years of doing this I’ve never been more concerned about what’s going on geopolitically, economically, and socioeconomically than I am now.”

“When interest rates go up, the economy goes down. Period, paragraph. This was an interest rate recovery; the longest trend of zero-percent (virtually) interest rates in history, and all it was able to do was boost the stock market while real [...]