Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack “Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”

Mac Slavo March 3rd, 2015

When it comes to an EMP attack, the question remains “when” not “if” the SHTF. Few other scenarios hold as much potential for disaster and disruption to the lives of everyone in society. At a moment’s notice, 300 million Americans could be made instantly desperate – and even likely to die in the aftermath. A single event could easily be enough to take […]

Global Debt Is MORE THAN TWICE AS BIG As the Entire World Economy … What Does It Mean?

by WashingtonsBlog Global Debt Is Almost 3 Times As Big As the World Economy

The Guardian reports that global debt has grown by $57 trillion dollars – to $199 trillion dollars – since the 2008 financial crisis.

How much is that?  It’s a big number … but what does it actually mean?

The Guardian notes that global debt is now more than twice the size of the entire global economy:


Central Banks Buying 100% Of Sovereign Debt, Big Western Banks Being Rated Near Junk Status, Industrialized Nations Become Third World

Interview Link:

IN THIS INTERVIEW: – Industrialized nations become third world ?0:58 – U.S. Treasury bond market is dying ?6:24 – Big Western banks being rated near junk status ?16:15 – PART 2: Subscribe (it’s FREE!) to be notified when part 2 is released! ? – Jim Willie’s article:

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OBAMA killed the pipeline, seized the Internet & cut off your ammo in just ONE WEEK!

Obama vetoes Keystone XL bill | TheHill

President Obama on Tuesday vetoed legislation authorizing construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, rebuffing the new Republican-led Congress amid a furious battle over Homeland Security funding.

The veto — just the third of Obama’s presidency and his first of major legislation — was made in private and without fanfare, reflecting tensions in the Democratic Party over whether the controversial pipeline should […]

Outspoken against America, America will kill you.

Outspoken against America, America will kill you.

— Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) March 3, 2015

Affidavit: First IRS Tech to Inspect Lois Lerner Hard Drive Was Legally Blind

The first IRS technician to inspect the computer hard drive of the former official at the center of a targeting scandal was legally blind, according to an affidavit filed last summer.

The admission from Stephen Manning, deputy chief information officer for strategy and modernization at the Internal Revenue Service, came in a document filed July 18, 2014, in a lawsuit filed by True the Vote against the IRS, according to […]

15.6% of American men in their prime working years (ages 25-54) still don’t have jobs

15.6% of American men in their prime working years (ages 25-54) still don't have jobs

— Sudeep Reddy (@Reddy) March 3, 2015

A fund that hasn’t chosen any new stocks since 1935 is beating 98% of its competitors

A fund that hasn't chosen any new stocks since 1935 is beating 98% of its competitors

— BI UK Finance (@BIUK_Finance) March 3, 2015

FAIL (AGAIN) -> Obama’s Boycott of #NetanyahuSpeech Backfires-> Tickets In HUGE Demand!

FAIL (AGAIN) -> Obama’s Boycott of #NetanyahuSpeech Backfires-> Tickets In HUGE Demand! #tcot

— Amy Mek (@AmyMek) March 3, 2015

A New York Times report Tuesday compares demand for tickets to Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech before the joint houses of Congress Tuesday to that of a top-class musical concert.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told the newspaper the only ticket more in demand than a seat inside the House chamber […]

ChOTD-3/3/15 “Smart Money” OEX Put/Call Open Interest: Most Bearish Position Ever

ChOTD-3/3/15 “Smart Money” OEX Put/Call Open Interest: Most Bearish Position Ever $OEX $OEF

— Dana Lyons (@JLyonsFundMgmt) March 3, 2015

Chile’s Villarrica Volcano Erupts; 3,500 People Evacuated!!!Picture 6 is Scary!!West Coast Pay Attention

Villarrica volcano in southern Chile erupted early Tuesday morning, forcing thousands of people to flee as it shot heavy smoke into the air and sent lava pouring down its slopes.

The volcano, one of South America’s most active, began erupting at around 3 a.m. local time, the National Emergency Office reported. Shortly after, a red alert was issued and evacuations were ordered.

White House warns Netanyahu not to reveal Iran details

“The release of that information would betray the trust between our allies, and it certainly is inconsistent with the behavior of trusted allies,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday.

Obama isn’t expected to watch Netanyahu’s address.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif on whether Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress will impact nuclear talks: ‘Well, he’s trying to but I don’t think trying to create tension and conflict helps […]

Norway: To ‘strip mosques of subsidies’

A senior politician in the Norwegian government’s second party has proposed stripping mosques of government subsidies and closing the Koran schools attached to them if they are shown to preach “classical Shariah law”.

Writing on the website of Norway’s NRK, Per Sandberg, vice-chairman of Norway’s anti-immigrant Progress Party, called for an “ideological mapping” of the country’s mosques to single out those which promote an unacceptable version of Islam. He also […]

Hillary Clinton in 2013: “We’ve been as transparent as we can.” & “I believe in transparency.” http://


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “I believe in transparency.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answers a question from Sen. Rand Paul on the 2012 Benghazi attack. Included in her statement: “We’ve been as transparent as we can.” and “I believe in transparency.”


Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, CIA secret prisons, Rahm Emanuel as Mayor. Can anyone be surprised at this point?……

American Consumers Are Borrowing Like Never Before To Buy Cars, Now The Spigot Is Getting Turned Off.

Wolf Richter,

American consumers are borrowing like never before to buy cars. It has been the reason why the US auto industry is intoxicated with its own exuberance. Last year, 16.5 million new vehicles were sold. This year, the industry hopes to breach the sound barrier of 17 million, or even 17.5 million. The industry is already dreaming about new all-time highs.

The growth is funded with borrowed money. […]