With so much uncertainty, one thing is certain: gold has stood the test of time as the ultimate form of money and is recognized globally as a store of great value.

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Gold is now one of the hottest commodities in the global financial markets, thanks in large part to a series of fundamentally bullish events. The precious metals complex was first lifted past 1300 by a surprise announcement by the Swiss National Bank, which stated that it will discontinue its policy of artificial currency devaluation and thus triggering radical strategy adjustments amongst the […]

Auto sales have become the latest subprime finance scheme: Auto buyers will be underwater… in their cars. They have, in effect, “taken out” the equity from their wheels just as they once did their bedrooms.


Source: Wikimedia

Dear Diary,

The best things in life are free But you can keep them for the birds and bees Now give me money That’s what I want

– “Money (That’s What I Want)” by Berry Gordy

We have high hopes for 2015. It is starting off so well. Only three weeks in and […]

On the front lines: Europe, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Peru and India. Each of their central banks has taken unprecedented and dramatic action to ease policy and weaken their currencies in the past few days.

Central banks are in combat mode.

On the front lines: Europe, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Peru and India. Each of their central banks has taken unprecedented and dramatic action to ease policy and weaken their currencies in the past few days.

Central bankers may say they’re ramping up the fight against worryingly low inflation, exacerbated by the dramatic plunge in oil prices. But the immediate, and perhaps most effective, impact of the […]

Chris Martenson’s predictions: Peak central bank credibility; Trillions of unregulated, interest-rate sensitive derivatives are threatening to topple the global economy; over $250 trillion of CDS sit on the top 5 US bank’s balance sheets.

Chris Waltzek, Goldseek Radio, Released on 1/22/15

Dr. Martenson says price forecasting has been compromised by market intervention. Nevertheless, manipulation schemes will come to an abrupt halt in 2015-2016; he’s coined a new phrase to describe the event: peak central bank credibility, which will mark the zenith of totalitarian control and a new beginning of personal freedom. Trillions of unregulated, interest-rate sensitive derivatives are threatening to topple the global economy; […]



No longer in step, the two powers in Europe must clash – or the Eurozone will become a de facto Dollar colony

As a senior Russian banker hinted yesterday that Russia is building a global alternative to the Swift bank-transfer system, Angela Merkel has allegedly been telling David Cameron that she thinks the Draghi QE “a very, very bad thing”.

Merkel is the last person on […]

This chart says the next recession is approaching

From Tom McClellan’s Chart in Focus:

Last week I wrote about how big federal deficits are good for the stock market. They are bad for total indebtedness that we are leaving for our grandchildren to deal with, but they are great for stock market investors. In a similar way, when there is a very small deficit or even a surplus, it tends to be a big negative factor for […]

Earning for US companies continue to decline.UPS takes a hit this holiday season as earning drop. US manufacturing slows. Baltic dry index falls again. Existing home sales fell 3.1% in 2014.

Earning for US companies continue to decline.UPS takes a hit this holiday season as earning drop. US manufacturing slows. Baltic dry index falls again. Existing home sales fell 3.1% in 2014. Bill proposed to allow non citizens to vote. Ukraine pushing war agenda and keeps the shelling up against Donetsk region. Yemen government has fallen and the propaganda begins with the Islamic State gaining ground in Yemen. The Islamic […]

Caution: Cartel Setting Up PM Classic Raid On Next Week’s FOMC?

In this week’s Metals & Markets, The Doc & Eric Dubin break down the ECB’s massive €60 billion a month QE announcement Thursday, and discuss whats next for the global markets and gold & silver in particular:

Gold & silver’s strong January continues with silver $4 off its lows and gold nearly $200 off its December lows Cartel setting metals up for a Classic Gold & Silver raid on next week’s options […]

Global downsides: 1 high debt; 2 Lack of growth and deflation; 3 Fragile EM; 4 Technology displacing job: 5. Rising inequality…

Rajan: “Today, debt is making it difficult for developed countries to resume pre-2008 growth rates” http://t.co/hi4QoAqSA8

— Project Syndicate (@ProSyn) January 18, 2015

Today, debt is making it difficult for developed countries to resume pre-2008 growth rates, let alone restore the levels of GDP that would have been attained if the subsequent Great Recession had not happened. Meanwhile, industrial countries’ overall debt/GDP ratios are continuing to grow.

In emerging […]

It is so easy to poke holes in the government/media storyline of economic recovery. Government data is like the American Dream, you’d have to be asleep to believe it.

by James Quinn

I tend to ignore most of the data spewed by the government and regurgitated by the compliant MSM. I saw the blaring headlines about housing starts hitting seven year highs, blah, blah, blah. The cheerleaders in the MSM sure did make it sound like things were rosy in the housing market. Yippee. They don’t mention that 30% of all the starts are for apartments, because young people […]

$43.50 Hot Dogs And $55.00 For A Chicken Caesar Salad At Davos

Full of global leaders, policymakers, business gurus and the odd music star, the attendees at the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davosaren’t short of a dollar or two. But they might well be at the end of the week — with some of the food prices around town proving to be a little hard to stomach.

At the posh Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvédère, a conference hotspot, even humble menu items can […]

Stereotype? Careless, Selfish Preppers…

by onpoint

“When SHTF, don’t expect to come over to my house!” “Preppers are lone wolf isolationists.” “Preppers / Survivalists are extremists”

The first phrase is something that I’ve heard out of almost every prepper’s mouth.  The second two phrases are the inherent views of preppers from the greater public.  As if the stigma of being a crazy prepper conspiracy theorist wasn’t enough, the preparedness community is also faced with […]

European ‘QE’ In a Nutshell – Propagating the Western Trickle Down Policy Errors

by Jesse’s Café Américain


This is about it in a nutshell. ‘Stimulus’ American style comes to Europe.

Printing money and giving it to your cronies inflates asset prices, lines the pockets of the well-heeled heels, but does little for the real economy.

But it doesn’t produce broad inflation (or aggregate demand) so we can do it many times! Success!

“At last the euro’s lords and masters have accepted […]

Massive Blizzard to Hit New Brunswick on Tuesday January 27, 2015

Massive Blizzard is on its way for New Brunswick on Tuesday January 27, 2015 and it will bring 30+ cm of Snow Especially in Fredericton and Saint John and it will bring Heavy Snow with Very Strong Winds and Winds will be Real Strong In New Brunswick and it will Cause Whiteout Conditions and Zero Visibility and the Storm is going to Develop off the East Coast of the […]

Mountain-size Asteroid 2004 BL86 Passes Earth on January 26-27

On Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, January 26-27, a relatively large asteroid will pass in the vicinity of Earth. This interplanetary visitor, designated 2004 BL86, is roughly a third of a mile across. By comparison, most near-Earth asteroids have diameters no larger than 50 to 100 feet. Fortunately, it is going by at a very safe distance of 745,000 miles (1.2 million km). That’s about three times as far […]

European Weather Model PREDICTS 2-3 FEET of Snow, Washington, NYC & Boston, Monday 1/26 into Tuesday 1/27

The European ECMWF forecast model is calling for widespread foot+ snows from Philadelphia to New York to Boston and all surrounding areas for Tuesday. Additional model data coming in this afternoon supports more rather than less snow too over the next few days for the northeast.




Leader of German Repatriation Movement on supposed Repatriation of 120 tons from NY FED: “SHOW ME THE GOLD”

Peter Boehringer – This is Suspicious to Say the …:

On January 19, 2015 Gold Core published Bundesbank Announces Repatriation of 120 Tonnes of Gold from Paris and New York Federal Reserve just the title alone had my attention. In light of what has happened in the past week with the Swiss National Bank unpegging the Franc from the Euro and the implications that holds, one has to ask, […]

Scientists have slowed the speed of light.. amazing potential!!! but also quite scary

A team of Scottish scientists has made light travel slower than the speed of light.

They sent photons – individual particles of light – through a special mask. It changed the photons’ shape – and slowed them to less than light speed.

The photons remained travelling at the lower speed even when they returned to free space.

The experiment is likely to alter how science looks at light.

The […]

A Saudi Palace Coup

King Abdullah’s writ lasted all of 12 hours. Within that period the Sudairis, a rich and politically powerful clan within the House of Saud, which had been weakened by the late king, burst back into prominence. They produced a palace coup in all but name.

Salman moved swiftly to undo the work of his half-brother. He decided not to change his crown prince Megren, who was picked by King Abdullah […]

Rick Harrison Has Some Interesting Things to Say on Gold Scarcity

from The Daily Sheeple:

It looks like gold is finally making some significant gains, as it inches its way up to 1,300 dollars per ounce. But the price still seems ridiculously low for most gold bugs. While most Americans appear to be ditching the precious metal, the rest of the world has been picking up the slack in a big way. Countries with huge populations like China and India […]

One cup of blueberries per day helps relieve high blood pressure and hardened arteries

With ancient ties to North America, its no wonder that blueberries are one of America’s favorite foods. Called “star berries” by the Native Americans for their five-point star shape, blueberries were an abundant resource, acting as a food and a medicine. The berries were dried to create a type of jerky that could be taken on long trips, similar to today’s version of fruit leather. Natives also made dye from […]

For-profit colleges are the resurrection of subprime mortgage lenders for the college industry. from MyBudget360.com:

At a time when the cost of a college education is being thoroughly questioned, there is one area we should all agree on.  For-profit colleges are largely a distraction to fixing our higher education system and operate as the subprime lenders in college education.  For-profit colleges claim they are trying to provide an education to those shunned from the traditional college system.  But this twisted logic was also used […]

China and Russia keep ‘fighting’ current dollar system by increasing gold purchases and stop buying Treasuries

Booming SGE Withdrawals In Week 2, 2015: 70 Tonnes

Withdrawals from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) in week 2 of 2015 (12 – 16 January) accounted for an incredible 70 metric tonnes. Aggregated withdrawals in the first two weeks of this year stand at 131 tonnes.


.@wmiddelkoop @KoosJansen Russia has also reduced its Treasury holdings #gold https://t.co/5WmTNrhJT6 pic.twitter.com/ne2UQqudBq

— Smaulgld (@Smaulgld) January 24, 2015