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Woman Calls Police For Assistance With Suicidal Boyfriend, Police Turn Up And Kill Him, Tell Her “That’s What We Do” (Video)

The Worst Place to be During a Dollar Collapse

I’m deeply disturbed by the anti-freedom trend sweeping the West

**Alert** ISIS To Invade Jordan, Will The U.S Or Israel Stop Them (VIDEO)

WWIII Alert: Drums Of War With Russia-China Building (Video)

Caught on Camera: Oklahoma Walmart’s Facial Recognition System

Top 10 Barter Items Every Prepper Should Have (Video)

Death of the Pacific Ocean. “The World is at a critical crossroads.”

Financial Reset Coming? China’s Currency Nears World Reserve Status

EMP: The Air Force’s New ‘Pulse’ Super Weapon Can Destroy Electronics from Air

Goldman Sachs Warns “Too Much Debt” Threatens World Economy

Jade Helm: The Psy Op. “Clearly the U.S. government is prepping for everything from “martial law,” to “economic collapse,” and everything else”

ISIS Plainly States That Southern Israel Will Be Compromised In Coming Days (Video)

The Barber Report: The 47 Mile Path of Entry for ISIS Nuclear Weapons Entering the United States

What IS this strange sound from the sky? Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE – but nobody has an explanation

Rich people will become immortal ‘god-like’ cyborgs in 200 years – historian

Videos: Disney, CERN, NWO, Illuminati! Tomorrowland Review

Breaking: Islamists Threaten AZ Mohammad Cartoon Protesters! – (Video) Post Organizer’s Address Online! Boom!

Quayle Alert: Jade Helm Has Begun -Texas Will Be Enveloped in Full Bore Civil War Within Weeks Unless Divine Intervention

US Islamic Republic: “We Will Not Rest Until We Make the US an Islamic Republic” -Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Video

Most People Don’t Want to Prep for a Disaster and Here’s Why They Will Regret It

Obama Admin Takes power over Private Land: Claims all Nation’s Waterways; Creeks, Wetlands, Ditches, and Ponds

We Are ‘One Nation’, Says Woman On Gold Throne Wearing Diamond-Encrusted Crown As She Announces Further Austerity Measures

“They Live is the worlds greatest documentary” – Roddy Piper

Swiss police confirm bomb threat received at FIFA congress in Zurich. Same day vote to take place on whether to kick Israel out of world football for its racism towards Palestinians.

“Want to be banned from r/worldnews? It is super easy! Just go against the grain. I defended the idea that the Ukraine/Russia situation is more complex than “Russia bad”. Woke up this morning and I am banned. Let that sink in for a moment. The year is 2015 right?”

Economy Collapses 0.7% In First Quarter. Blame Game: ‘Problem With Model Gov’t Uses To Smooth Data For Seasonal Fluctuations’

Baltimore Residents Who Wanted Cops to Leave Neighborhoods Now ‘Afraid to Go Outside’


That whole generation of traders who haven’t seen a rate hike will be laid off before they get the chance

Don’t be this guy – Stock Futures Trader losses it all and flips out

Governments Gone Insane Charging $400 To Feed The Homeless


Currency Control: Is The End Of Cash Here?

EMV to be Enacted Oct 1st 2015, RFID Chip to be put in all Credit & Debit Cards Mandatory info

Sachs: Clintons are in ‘utter pursuit of money all the time’

Take a look at this: July 7 and September 23 should be on your radar!

Thanks To Dozens Of New Laws, Regulations, Court Decisions And Executive Orders, Barack Obama Is The Most Powerful President In All Of U.S. History.

The Silver Price is Currently Navigating a Minefield of Hidden Dangers

The Politics of Deceit with Gerald Celente | Perpetual Assets

Shanghai restaurant offers free beef hotpot when markets fall more than 5%. Today it fell 6%.

Chicago PMI plunges to 46.2 in May. That’s two sub-50 readings this year. Recession signal?

Waiting For The “Big Event”: With A Global Economic Crisis Looming, As Well As Global War And Terrorism, Any Singular Incident Could Send Shock Waves Into This House Of Cards.

I work with college freshmen, almost exclusively. No one over the age of 20. Here is what I see:

This is the generational collapse happening right in front of our eyes…

The “War on Cash” was begin in Cyprus. Now it has spread to Greece and soon coming to a country near you…

The Bank of Japan Can’t Stop a Sudden Collapse of the Yen. When It Starts, It’ll Be The Mother Of All Currency Debasements.

U.S. Households Under Pressure: Stagnant Incomes, Rising Basic Expenses

Obama’s Draconian Police State, Civil Forfeiture Laws & Death of Democracy illustrate a Nation in Decline; WAKE-UP!

World Very Scary Place Right Now: World Drowning In Debt, Economist Warns of Private Pension Fund Seizures, The Elite Have A Great Fear Of Death