Red alert: Plunging oil prices could ignite a debt, job and derivatives crisis!

Could plunging oil prices ignite a debt crisis?

Howard Marks believes the plunge in oil prices may usher in a new era for investing in distressed debt.

For more than three years, the billionaire investor and Oaktree Capital Group LLC (OAK) co-founder urged his deal makers to be cautious, warning of loose credit standards and high prices for distressed assets. That may change as the price of oil plummets, Marks said in […]

Jeff Nielson: Currency Wars, World wars, and False flags in 2015?

Jeff Nielson joins me Vancouver to look at current events such as the massive attack on the Russian Ruble, the rapid decline in the price of oil, Currency wars and the real possibility of the outbreak of World War III to cover the unstoppable collapse of the dollar and the US Economy.

Jeff Nielson website:

Global systemic crisis 2015 – Oil, currencies, finance, societies, the Middle East : Massive storm in the Western port!


For almost two years, by combining various points of view (speculative, geopolitical, technological, economic, strategic and monetary…), we have continued to anticipate a major crisis in the entire oil sector.Today, no one doubts the fact that we are actually at that point, and the GEAB must therefore anticipate the consequences of this veritable atomic bomb, which has begun to blow up all the old system’s pillars: everything which we […]

We’re In Trouble! You Won’t Believe What Obama Just Signed Into Law and How Devious it Is!

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HR 83 Bill-………………

Junk Bond Investors Facing First Global Loss in Five Years… GCC Countries Are Forecast To Lose At Least Half Their Oil Revenues, Or Around $350 Billion A Year… Much More Ahead

“Markets will take the hit before economies get the benefit” of a lower oil price, according to Blackrock

This month’s big fall in the price of oil should be good news for much of the world’s economy. But so far markets have been telling a different story.

The MSCI Europe index has dropped 4% since early December, while the S&P 500 index remains 1% lower over the same period despite a rally […]

Party likes it’s 1999 – The Year Before US Stock Markets Collapsed.

1999 was the year before US stock markets collapsed.

Published on Dec 18, 2014

On a day of wild market fluctuations, the rouble, the dollar and the oil price all ended higher, and US stocks had their best day of the year, even as the Federal Reserve prepared the market for rate rises ahead. John Authers asks if they are gearing up to party like it’s 1999.

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from SGT

I caught up with Miles Franklin’s Andy Hoffman today just after he recorded his latest audio blog-cast titled Laughable FOMC Statement Sets New Central Bank Credibility Low Until the SNB One. And Andy has never been more alarmed by what we have witnessed unfolding over just the past two weeks.The global economic system is literally coming apart at the seams.

While talking about this week’s “meaningless” FOMC statement and […]

Get Prepared: 122 Of The Best Prepper Websites On The Internet

By Michael Snyder

Getting prepared for the chaos that is coming to America in the years ahead is not that complicated.  Help is out there – if you know where to look.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive either.  In this article, I have put together a list of 122 of the best prepper websites on the Internet that will teach you how to prep for free.  The great thing […]

Junk Bonds Are Going To Tell Us Where The Stock Market Is Heading In 2015

By Michael Snyder

Do you want to know if the stock market is going to crash next year?  Just keep an eye on junk bonds.  Prior to the horrific collapse of stocks in 2008, high yield debt collapsed first.  And as you will see below, high yield debt is starting to crash again.  The primary reason for this is the price of oil.  The energy sector accounts for approximately 15 to […]

Junk Bonds – Bullish wicks form after rare performance spread!

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If one likes the idea of buying low and selling higher, junk bonds might come to mind due to how hard they’ve been hit of late! The chart below highlights that an unusual and large performance spread between JNK and the S&P 500. Its not often that these two see a 10% return difference in just 60 days. This differential wasn’t the only thing that got […]

Global Currency War: Many central banks outside of the Federal Reserve, including the Bank of Japan and European Central Bank, are engaged in major easing programs to boost their economies and depress their currencies.

‘We don’t need a war when we can have a currency war‘- guest @sjderrick, Chief Currency Strategist, BNY Mellon

‘We don’t need a war when we can have a currency war’- guest @sjderrick, Chief Currency Strategist, BNY Mellon #Russia #Rouble @CNBC

— Louisa Bojesen (@louisabojesen) December 17, 2014

  Currency war hots up as China prepares to bail out Russia

Does Putin & Co have a card up their sleeve amid the huge changes […]

Housing Bubble 2 Goes Nuts: San Francisco Home Sales Plunge 20%, Prices Soar 27%

Wolf Richter,

San Francisco is known for its mindboggling booms and breathtaking busts as the hot money from all over the world ebbs and flows amidst startup frenzies and IPO manias.

And now the hot money is flowing. It has created a delirious craziness in the housing market, surrounded by an environment where app makers without revenues but with big dreams and the word “disrupt” in their description are worth […]

$2 Trillion High-yield Debt Market On The Verge Of Default, Goldman Sachs Says 1 Trillion In Investments Just Went Poof Due To The Collapse Of Oil, Debt Defaults Have Already Begun To Hit In The North American Shale Oil/gas Industry!

AND their analysis didn’t even touch on Shale Oil Projects in the U.S.A. (Because they have too much invested in that).

Enjoy your $2.00 gas while it lasts…


In a stunning analysis this week, Goldman Sachs found almost $1 trillion in investments in future oil projects at risk. They looked at 400 of the world’s largest new oil and gas fields — excluding U.S. shale — and found projects representing $930 billion […]

The US national debt has broken all the records in American, 41% of the national debt of the US has accrued during this administration… Cost of big biz not paying taxes, rich offshore tax havens, bailouts of Wall St…

The US national debt has broken all the records in American.. –

— 9GAG Tweets (@9GAGTweets) December 17, 2014


( – The total federal debt of the U.S. government has now increased more than $7 trillion during the slightly more than five and a half years Barack Obama has been president.

That is more than the debt increased under all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined, and it is […]

There Is Hope In Understanding That A Great Economic Collapse Is Coming

By Michael Snyder

If you were about to take a final exam, would you have more hope or more fear if you didn’t understand any of the questions and you had not prepared for the test at all?  I think that virtually all of us have had dreams where we show up for an exam that we have not studied for.  Those dreams can be pretty terrifying.  And of course if […]

We Are Witnessing A Spectacular Event Of How Incredibly Dense The Population Of Sheep Are.

by onpoint


Either we have some incredibly narrow reporting on the part of UK’s Mail Online, or we are witnessing a spectacular event of how incredibly dense the population of sheep are.

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian consumers flocked to the stores Wednesday, frantically buying a range of big-ticket items to pre-empt the price rises kicked off by the staggering fall in the value of the ruble in recent days.

Russia’s currency has been collapsing 15-20% in […]

Greece Might Be Hit With Cyprus Style Bail-Ins. Euro Crisis Getting Worse. Us Mortgage Applications Declined, A Sign That Real Estate Is Collapsing.

Greece might be hit with Cyprus style bail-ins. Euro crisis getting worse. US mortgage applications declined, a sign that real estate is collapsing. Obama signed the 1.1 trillion spending bill. Russia is opening an investigation into the central bank actions. Corporate media polls show that the America people support torture. Police will be scanning social media sites to predict crime. U.S. and Cuba are reestablishing diplomatic relations. U.S. advisers are […]

Bold New Theory On The Origin Of Life

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A New Physics Theory of Life…
“Why does life exist? Popular hypotheses credit a primordial soup, a bolt of lightning and a colossal stroke of luck.”

Bacteria replicate close to the physical limit of efficiency…
“The common gut bacterium Escherichia coli typically takes about 20 minutes to duplicate itself in good conditions.”

“Panspermia is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by meteorids, asteroids, comets, planetoids, and also by spacecraft, in […]



Ali Julia is Amazon’s top reviewer after 2,800 reviews, four a day
She is anonymous but her reviews reveal telling details about her life
She is from Boston, hates mint, drives a Hondra, looks cute in a winter hat

Meet Amazon’s top reviewer: a 5’2″ woman from Boston who has a bad back, looks cute in a winter hat, and can write for days about Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Ali Julia, or […]


We will integrate Mexico and CUBA into the USA in Three to five years. Obama is carefully dismantling the USA as we know it. The World will not have a WORLD Power soon, the invisible Elite will have total control through the Internet. They will Know everyones intimate information and will be able to track everyone at anytime. The American people thought Obama would strengthen the country and make things […]

Vaccines Made From Cancer Tumors Coming To An Arm Near You

Join us tomorrow. Free Live Stream 3pm to 6pm central. Live Coverage from Spokane Washington MRAP Police State Buildup protest. Join us on the ground or on the web.
Infowars Reporter Rob Dew covers recent vaccine news including the fact the vaccine makers are planning on using cancer tumors to create new vaccines. He also shows evidence that the cancer vaccine link is nothing new and infact has it’s origins […]

Is Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Already Underway?

Earth’s sixth mass extinction is already underway, according to a new scientific study, which found that the extinction will be cause by humans with the most dire threats being exploitation and habitat degradation. We take a look at the other threats and discuss some of the holes in the study, in this Lip News clip with Gabriel Mizrahi.

A Presidential Embarrassment

This has to be an embarrassing and frustrating moment for the “Leader of the Free World.” This obviously did NOT go according to plan!

No applause for Obama after speech.

Let me remind you of what the NDAA is. It sanctions the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge, trial or due process of law…..for ANY REASON!!

Obama and others speak of protecting privacy: but here is the Patriot Act:

Red for danger. The risk of deflation engulfing the euro zone next year is high, says BAML:

Red for danger. The risk of deflation engulfing the euro zone next year is high, says BAML:

— Jamie McGeever (@ReutersJamie) December 19, 2014

Former BIS Chief Economist: “The System Is Dangerously Unanchored; It Is Every Man For Himself”

From Mark Dittli and Alexander Trentin of Finanz und Wirtschaft

“The monetary system is dangerously unanchored”

William R. White, the former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements, is worried about extreme monetary policies worldwide. The Swiss National Bank, by introducing negative interest rates, is trying to cope with these currents.   

In its quest to stop an appreciation of the Franc, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) introduced negative interest rates on Thursday. […]

Get REAL – Gold Heading From West to East

Countdown Has Begun! Have The Globalists Initiated Their Food Control Program And Is It Now In Play? Massive Death And Starvation Now Appearing On The World Stage

What you will see in my video below is a small sample of eye witness accounts from just the last couple of weeks, showing that in cities and states across America, shelves are emptying and critical food supplies are dwindling for the everyday, ordinary American just trying to feed their family. Furthermore, you will see that certain “food nazi’s” think it is their right to question the foods and items […]

MosPrime overnight lending rate up another 5% today to 29.9%. Banks need liquidity & this could be trouble

MosPrime overnight lending rate up another 5% today to 29.9%. Banks need liquidity & this could be trouble

— David Schawel (@DavidSchawel) December 20, 2014

The coming Financial Collapse of 2015 by Steve Quayle and David Morgan