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China has NEVER been through a major credit crisis so it’s not clear how its mostly brand-new and untested institutions will manage…. Bernanke says it’s Okay?!?!

You will never view US Taxation the same after listening to this 38 minute podcast.

Current data for May getting worse. Suggest ISM with a 48 handle

The Chinese are Crazy, they built a build that looks like the Enterprise space ship

Your Retirement Plan Is Probably Wrong

Why would the Bank of England cut interest-rates right now?

Dennis Rodman exposes North Korean and Western media collusion to create fake news and drama.

Harry Dent: This is the most globally synchronized bubble in all of modern history, and the most volatile markets since the 1930s. Buy and hold is dead for at least several years ahead… mark my words on this! It’s better to be safe and/or flexible than sorry…

THE MEDIA: Here is the news…..but where is the searching analysis behind the news?

John Gaver – The Tax Deception

1,5 million Europeans die each year from excessive cold

‘De-dollarisation’ continues across Asia, Gold offers protection from growing risks today.

How many times have we seen this? Low volume rallies followed by big volume sell-offs are the norm in an end-stage bubble as institutional investors do their best to reel in retailers to “hold their bags” for them as the institutions run for the exits.

Fears are growing that the Padera dam near Midlothian, Texas could fail!

DOOM: Greece likely to miss payment deadline as talks stall – media

Robert De Nero invited to give commencement speech to graduating class..Tells them YOUR FUCKED, TAKE DRUGS TO COPE


How researchers could tell if you’ve been laid off—from your cell-phone records

Charles Biderman, founder of the research firm TrimTabs spots a warning sign mistrusts the paper money of the centrals banks.

Greek 2yr yields jump above 25% as Greece likely to miss May deal deadline.

Clinton Foundation Donors got Weapons Deals, All We Got Was this Lousy T-Shirt

USDA wants you to cut back on your meat consumption to save the planet, meanwhile ups the amount of toxic pesticides that can be sprayed on the mostly genetically modified produce at the grocery store. We see right through the UN’s Agenda 21 plan.

Investors Looking Abroad to Protect Their Purchase Power

This Is The Closest We’ve Been To Putting Hillary Clinton In Jail

It’s not like we don’t have half a clue who actually “owns” the federal reserve, but we just wanted to know, superficially, who the Fed itself claims it is owned by.

Alan Newman | Don’t Ride the Stock Market Down Again! Every Equity Warning Signal is Screaming “OVER PRICED.”

How Do We Counter Military Worship?

Boston Bomber Execution – Justice Or Crime?

FOR THE HISTORICAL RECORD: Zionist Bankers Behind Every World War — Eustace Mullins

RELATED TO THE FUKUSHIMA NIGHTMARE? The SEVENTH Whale This Year Washed Ashore on California’s Sonoma Coast – 28-foot Whale Found Dead in Portuguese Beach

PLEASE LISTEN: GeoEngineering Watch with Dane Wigington — GLOBAL WEATHER UPDATE & DATA

Kylie Jenner Is Waking Up & Wants Us To Know The Truth About GEOENGINEERING.

Is there a global currency war or are governments & central banks coordinating things and taking turns with QE to devalue currency and prop up markets?


One Story After Another – The Global War Build-up Continues – Russia Launches Own JADE HELM as China Pushes Pentagon

US and NATO re-positioning military assets and are preparing to bring in troops to the middle east.

U.S. DOJ Busts FIFA Leadership at Swiss Meeting for Corruption! Will be Extradited To Washington!

It’s sometimes easy to forget just how unusual it is that the Bank of England base rate is only 0.5%

The Stress Index indicated a bottom in the gold and silver markets in March of 2015.

State Considers Fingerprinting Welfare Recipients

Israel asking U.S. for 50% increase in next defense package. Raise would bring annual military funding to $4.5 billion

3.2 Billion Internet Users

White House looking to expand its use of new media, bypass traditional outlets

Manufacturing Goes Totally To Heck In Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Other States. Worst Since 2009. But It’s Not Just The Oil Bust.

The Chilling Thing an Industry Insider Said about Glyphosate, GMOs, and Why He Sold His Conventional Seeds Company… “Almost Every Human Being Has It In Their Bloodstream.”

LOOK! About A Dozen Blue Bell Ice Cream Trucks In Military Convoy On I-25 South

Cleveland reached an agreement with U.S. Justice Department to reforms

Mills: If Greece Leaves, U.K. Will Follow… Burgess: It Is ‘Inevitable’

Always hoped FIFA’s suppressed corruption report would leak, if they didn’t destroy it.