In case you missed it…as intended. New law lets some pension plans cut promised benefits

For some retirees, Congress has played the Grinch this holiday season.

Tucked into the federal spending bill were provisions that will allow certain struggling multi-employer pension plans to reduce benefits already being received by retirees.

The move was the result of an alarm from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. that multi-employer plans covering more than 1 million participants are substantially underfunded and, without legislative changes, will probably fail. The deficit for PBGC’s […]

We CANNOT murder cops. We cannot give the government a reason to declare “State of Emergency” and whip out that Martial Law.

Ok, we CANNOT murder cops. We cannot give the government a reason to declare “State of Emergency” and whip out that Martial Law.

— CATTY NOIR (@AZEALIABANKS) December 21, 2014


Azealia Banks: We CANNOT murder cops and risk government declaring martial law

AL SHARPTON LEADS MARCH IN DC AS NYC PROTESTERS CHANT: ‘WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS!’ Joining the families of blacks killed by police, thousands marched toward the capitol and […]

We Are Heading Toward A ‘Full-Scale Banking Crisis’ Planned by International Financial Elite.

America’s Big Five Are Plunging the World Into Another Banking Crisis

A comeback of the pre-crisis lending practices by the world’s biggest banks could end in another banking crisis. So, what exactly are the banking policies? Radio Sputnik is discussing it with former World Bank economist Peter Koenig.

In his story titled ‘Memories of Financial Crisis Fading as Risks Rise’ an AP economics writer Paul Wiseman points to several factors which banking analysts describe […]

Chart Points To Massive Slow Down: “This Is The Biggest Collapse In The ‘Trade’ Indicator Since Records Began”

Mac Slavo
December 20th, 2014


Prior to the crash of 2008 global trade was rocking. It was a boon for shipping companies around the world who are responsible for moving raw materials, commodities and consumer products from one country to another. Wall Street, of course, had devised a way to track all of this movement and often pointed to the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) as the primary indicator for health in the global […]

It’s a GLOBAL sovereign debt crisis: “When you have a jar of honey, you lick your fingers.”

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis. Award-winning youtube hit giving fresh insight into the greatest economic crisis of our age: the one still awaiting us.

For downloads and more information visit:…

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With the US raising their debt ceiling, are we in a global bail-out bubble that will eventually burst? This doc offers a fresh insight into the greatest economic crisis of our age: the […]

One reason why the U.S. economy will probably only grow 2.2% in 2014? Housing.

One reason why the U.S. economy will probably only grow 2.2% in 2014? Housing.

— Real Time Economics (@WSJecon) December 21, 2014

What was the biggest disappointment for the economy as 2014 unfolded? It was housing, most economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal say.

Instead of housing starts jumping 20% this year to an annual rate of 1.11 million, as forecasters expected in January, it now looks as if starts […]

OBAMA speaking on the deaths of two NYPD police officers.

OBAMA speaking on the deaths of two NYPD police officers.

— Ritewinginit (@DebraRusso) December 21, 2014

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Why North Korea’s Attack Should Leave Every Company Scared Stiff

Sony Hack Opens Door, More Attacks Likely After Capitulation

As North Korea ratchets up its threats against the United States, promising “serious” consequences if Washington rejects its offer to help investigate the cyberattack against Sony Pictures, a local analyst is warning that terror groups worldwide now have an incentive to target major American companies.

“The message Sony is sending is that if you attack a company in the West, there’s a good […]

UPDATE: Sony Hack: US Seeks China’s Help Against North Korea Cyber-Attacks

The US government has reportedly asked China to help block North Korea’s ability to launch cyber-attacks, in the wake of the massive hack of Sony Pictures.

Administration officials told the New York Times the sought-for cooperation was one of the first steps toward the “proportional response” President Barack Obama promised on Friday in his first comments on the fiasco.

“What we are looking for is a blocking action, something that would cripple […]

Obama: North Korea Hack On Sony Pictures Was Not An Act Of War

The US is reviewing whether to put North Korea back onto its list of state sponsors of terrorism, President Barack Obama said in a wide-ranging interview recorded on Friday and broadcast on Sunday, as he decides how to respond to the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures that has been blamed on the communist nation.

Speaking to CNN, Obama described the Sony hacking case as a “very costly, very expensive” example of cybervandalism, […]

NYPD Cop Killer Inspired By Isis? Brinsley Posted Extreme Passages From Koran

Muslim-convert Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley murdered two cops in cold blood in Brooklyn today as revenge for Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

But new information has been revealed that may suggest that Brinsley was following the Islamic State’s (ISIS) order to kill policemen — just as with the jihadist convert who killed a Canadian Soldier in October.  And if so, it would be just the latest example of how the race-baiting radicals who have exploited the Ferguson-sparked […]

Sharpton: Our City Is Hurting From The Vicious Murder Of Two NYPD Officers

Our city is hurting, we are hurting. Today we mourn the loss of two NYPD officers who were gunned down in a vicious act of senseless violence.

As soon as news broke of the tragedy in Brooklyn, I spoke with both the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. And let me be perfectly clear, we are all outraged and saddened by the deaths of these police officers. Any use of […]

New York City Police Officers Turn Their Backs On Deblasio In Disgust

Rows of New York City police officers turned their backs on New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio at a press conference Saturday night after the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn.

Police union officials blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio Saturday, saying the blood of two NYPD cops who were shot and killed in Brooklyn is on his hands.

“There’s blood on many hands tonight. Those that incited violence on the streets […]

FBI Issues Warning: Black Prison Gang Is Targeting White Cops, Issued A Warning Friday That The Black Guerilla Family Prison Was Plotting To Attack White Police Officers In The State

The Federal Bureau of Investigations field office in Baltimore, Maryland issued a warning Friday that the Black Guerilla Family prison was plotting to attack white police officers in the state.

The Baltimore Sun included the report of the threat in an article on the Maryland ties to the execution of two police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, in New York City Saturday afternoon by Ismaaiyl Abdulah Brinsley.

Brinsley reportedly shot his girlfriend early […]

Man Aimed Empty Gun In Cop’s Face, Pointed A Gun Directly At The Officer’s Head And Pulled The Trigger In The Bronx — Not Realizing It Was Empty

A third cop narrowly escaped with his life Saturday night when a suspect pointed a gun directly at the officer’s head and pulled the trigger in The Bronx — not realizing it was empty.

Cops went to East 140th Street in Mott Haven at 9 p.m. on reports of a man shooting out windows with a .357 caliber revolver.

They spotted the suspect, identified as Raymond Leonardo, 18, and ordered him to […]

Police Supporters Storm New York City In ‘I Can Breathe’ Shirts; Clash With Protesters

Believe it or not, there are some New Yorkers who actually support the police.

That became clear Friday, when dozens of pro-police protesters faced off at City Hall with anti-cop demonstrators, wearing “I CAN breathe” T-shirts that put a more positive spin on the chant taken from suffocated police suspect Eric Garner’s last words, according to the New York Observer.

Even though Police Commissioner Bill Bratton predicted a low pro-cop turnout and police supporters were clearly […]