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Baltimore DA Caught on Tape Promising in Church to Get Justice for Black Community ‘By Any Means Necessary’

Slave labor is back: 4000 people expected to die building fifa stadium for 2022 world cup in Qatar

Newly Released NASA Photos from Mercury to Apollo

A Recession Within A Recession: Most People Can Look Around And See That Economic Conditions For Most Americans Are Not Good, And Now They Are About To Get Even Worse.

The 20th 9/11 Hijacker Had Blackwater’s Number In His Notebook

Autonomous Killer Robots Almost Here: “3rd Revolution in Warfare After Gunpowder, Nuclear”

Solar Explosion Causes 7.0 Earth Quake

Ross Ulbricht Mother Speaks Out Againts Government Selling Drugs On The Silk Road

Should You Buy a Franchise Business An Interview with David Barnett | FTMDaily

ISIS takes 2 cities after Obama admin asks networks to stop showing them advancing

Patriot Act ‘keeps you safe by taking your freedom’ – Jesse Ventura


You still think the US has not turned into a fascist police state? You better think, again.

Illuminati Expert on Jade Helm 15 & Chinese yuan World Reserve Currency

Government spying has become so common place now that Americans have adjusted to living in their new foreign country.

Pelosi dodges question about Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness

Why are all of the closed Wal Mart stores so close to train tracks?

Spain: The Real Concern Amongst the PIIGS?

Bubble After Bubble, They All End the Same!

GDPhriday – QE Doesn’t Work, Now What?


NSA’s Mass Surveillance Started By 1999 Or Earlier … But NSA Hid It From Congress

Islamists Promise ‘Kuffar Blood’ Will Spill at Phoenix ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest tonight!

4 Planes Near NYC Hit by Green Laser During 30-Minute Span

6.8 Earthquake Hits Alaska, 5.1 California and Japan Volcano Eruption

Outrage from Parents Force Abbott to Release New GMO Free Similac Baby Formula

Radioactive Leak Detected at Delhi IGI Airport On Flight from Turkey

American Express President Ed Gilligan dies

U.S. Surveillance on Island in South China Sea Reveals Chinese Arms

Freedom Under Fire: Congress Eyes Requiring Gun Liability Insurance

Zetatalk: India Will Become South Pole: 1.3 Billion Driven Under Waves?

9 Easy Ways to Use Freeze-Dried Vegetables

Yea For Surveillance. “With 57 votes against 42 in favor, the Senate blocked the proposed legislation known as the “US Freedom Act”, which would have prohibited the mass collection of telephone data and modified the Patriot Act.”

2015 Year of the Dollar Collapse?

Paper Currency Becomes Worthless In Venezuela. “The local currency, the bolivar, tumbled even further this week…”

Russia offers to discuss BRICS prototype of SWIFT global system

Fed Minneapolis Kocherlakota: ‘Mistake’ for Fed to Raise Rates in 2015… They are catching up with James Rickards

Margin Debt Breaks Out: Hits New Record 50% Higher Than Last Bubble Peak

Abandoned Walmart in Ohio..rooftop laced with barbed wire!

Chinese Christians Get Bibles for the FIRST TIME Powerful Reactions

FCC Proposes Giving Free Internet Access to the Poor. Get Ready for “ObamaNet”

More than 10,000 websites ‘blackout’ Congress in protest of NSA surveillance laws

Paul Singer: This is the new ‘big short’… “Central bankers have chosen, and doubled down on, a palliative (super-easy money and QE), which is unprecedented and extreme, and whose ultimate effects are unknowable,”

Russia offers to discuss BRICS prototype of SWIFT global system

Lesbian Couple Gives Son Hormone Blockers, Says The Child Is Transgender

Chris Martenson: We Pursue Endless Growth At Our Peril

The Ocean Off The California Coast Is “Turning Into a Desert” – Marine Ecosystem Crash Is Unprecedented

Sharpton wants fed law against whites killing blacks in self defense!

South Africa was RUINED when The Crackers got the boot.

“Bloody” Month in Euro Land: When Betting on QE Suddenly Goes Wrong