Trump’s motorcade was attacked three days ago. Never heard about it until today. The media is censoring everything!


Update: Protests at Donald Trump event turn unruly late. Police: No arrests, minor damage.

— Star Tribune (@StarTribune) August 20, 2016

Protesters, earlier tonight, trying to stop #Trump's motorcade after his fundraiser in the convention center

— Emma Sapong (@EmmaSapong) August 20, 2016

Rand Paul Destroys Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi-Gate During Capitol Hill Press Conference

Published on Jan 23, 2013


Why in the actual hell is she smiling? 4 Americans are dead and she lied to their families about why the embassy was attacked. She needs to answer for what shes done. Period.

Sheriff Clarke on Fox & Friends: “You could feed a liberal a crap sandwich and tell them it’s beef tenderloin; they’d believe it.”

Bernie Sanders Blocks Obama’s FDA Nominee Over Big Pharma Ties

Bernie Sanders Blocks Obama’s FDA Nominee Over Big Pharma Ties

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Trump: “Well Look she’s a liar. I mean she lies. She lied about the emails. She lied about Colin Powell. I saw that he was not happy. and its, the whole thing is a scam with them. Everything is a scam, like grifters.”

When I blow out the candles on my Birthday, I wish for justice to be served on the Clinton crime family.

Foreign Demand For US Treasuries Has Just Dried Up

Construction of single family homes in Alberta Canada has fallen back to 2009 levels.US is reporting new home sales have spiked, this is due to speculators in the south and manipulation. Richmond Fed declines and there are now major warning signs that a major collapse is approaching. BOJ is now nationalizing the stock market,

While No One Was Looking The US Just Setup An Exclusion Zone In Northern Syria

France and Germany are trying to push legislation to allow government bodies to all encrypted systems. Kerry tells South Sudan you must obey or else. US and South Korea push drills to provoke the North. US is now flying Cobra helicopters to bomb those who oppose the unity government. US has setup an exclusion

Do you remember how Target, Gap and Walmart were granted access to cheap labor after Haitian earthquake as documented “Clinton Cash”?

Here is an article about cheap labor:

MEXICO CITY — Garment factories in Haiti, the backbone of an effort to revive the country’s earthquake-shattered economy, have seriously shortchanged workers of their wages to keep costs of their T-shirts and other export goods low, according to a report to be issued Wednesday

The Stock Market 2015-2016: Ugly Chopfest with an Equally Ugly Megaphone

by Charles Hugh-Smith


There’s something fishy about this “new all-time highs” rally of 2016.

It’s interesting to take a longer-term view of the S&P 500 (SPX). Looking at a 10-year chart, the decline from almost 1,600 to 667 in the Global Financial Meltdown of 2007-2009 doesn’t look like that big a deal, given the

Clinton May Use Invisible Spy Earpiece in Debates

Good morning, I’m still reporting on technology. I first started writing this story two days ago, but wanted to dig deeply into the technology before I went with it. This started out on Friday when a blog called “The Ferocious Conservative Activist Bulletin, apparently written by a John Gaultier, printed a warning to Donald


11 COMMON SYMPTOMS OF THE GLOBAL DEPOPULATION “SLOW KILL” ~~ Links: 1)… 2) Thumbnail image – World depopulation… 3) Youtube Audio Library “Ambient Ambulance”…


According to CBS, scores of California students may be sent home on their first day of school because of a new vaccine law that took effect this year. Kindergartners and seventh graders must now show proof of immunizations. Yesterday in Oakland hundreds of them were expected to be turned away because they didn’t have

August 2016: Not Enough Inflation? Federal Reserve will Double its Balance Sheet by 4 Trillion?!

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St did a short video about how delusional the Federal Reserve is becoming with its Facebook page and a recent report the Federal Reserve released about doubling its balance sheet by $4 trillion to over $8 trillion when the next financial crisis comes! Also, San Francisco Federal

Weather Wars Louisiana, Japan, Florida Next

More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money

This is the game and we are all pawns. They move us across the game board and we don’t even realize it because they have successfully distracted us with television, scandals, political bickering, race baiting, etcetera. Meanwhile, they are relaxing in the bacon wrapped shrimp club while you work, stress, raise children, pay bills. You



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