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Frequencies People Don’t Know About. Frequency MD’s Triple Strike Formulas have made medical history.

Gold Capped As Soros Warns On “Threshold Of A Third World War”

San Andreas: Could it happen? (Video)

Benjamin Fulford: May 25th 2015:The battle for the planet earth continues with regime changes, nuclear threats, imminent financial collapse etc.

Amnesty Defeat. Obama Won’t Take Executive Amnesty Fight To The Supreme Court (Video) Quietly Accepting Total Defeat

It’s Official: X22Report IMF Gives The Chinese Yuan The Green Light To Become A Reserve Currency – Episode 678

All Signs Point to ISIS Targeting Chicago for a Nuclear Attack

Mark Of The Beast: Feds Support Funding Implantable RFID Devices In Humans (Video)

DIY Projects: 7 Ways To Harness Wind Power To Survive Off-Grid

Quayle Alert: Martial Law Confirmation -I Have Confirmation From A Ft. Hood (Killeen TX) Source Regarding Certain Army Personnel Being Trained For Martial Law Lock Down & House Raids

Keiser Report: Vaporwealth (E763)

Jamie Dimon Blasts “Lazy” Shareholders, As Bankers Try To Defend Themselves From Angry Americans

Seismic Event: Video of Genocide, Rape, Torture, and Dislocation of Germans by Allies Airs for First Time on BBC!

Quayle Alert -Globalists Turn On Their Underlings: Techno Feudalism, When The Globalists Turn & Devour Their Own

Military: How Does One ‘Mistakenly’ Distribute Live Anthrax Spores ??!!

Jim Rogers On TPP – The TPP Bill Is One Big Secret. What are the Elite Hiding? (Video)

Why 9.8 magnitude earthquake won’t hit California on May 28, 2015?

Take a tour of the $367 million jet that will soon be called Air Force One

This brilliant map renames each US state with a country generating the same GDP

Thief breaks into car, steals sunglasses, but leaves $1,000,000 lottery ticket:

When financial insanity grips the world, what is humanity’s future?

How Much Did Lehman CEO Dick Fuld Really Make?

Must Read: U.S. Intel: Obama Coalition Supported Islamic State in Syria

Argentina is drawing in its FX swap line with China

FIFA corruption arrests: All you need to know about the scandal surrounding top officials in Zurich

Watch Texas and Oklahoma — extreme rain is making the extreme drought on this map disappear

Who Owns the Federal Reserve? They are guaranteed 6% per year dividends. How can a government entity get dividends from itself?

12 documentaries on Netflix that will make you smarter about business

Silicon Valley is unaffordable even for software engineers. One in four people based in the Bay Area are searching for homes in other regions

COULTER: America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population!

Stop the bullshit. They are not collecting meta data. They are building profiles on everyone in this country.

If you’re gay, and you have schizophrenia, and you’ve been mistreated by a convenience store clerk, the feds have your back.

New leaked treaty with rules for the internet. Meet TISA

Senator Feinstein. Speaks About Role Overseeing NSA Mass Surveillance.

Every Glass Of Water You Drink Contains Dinosaur Urine

So weird that another Anthrax event happens before another Patriot Act vote.

2,400-year-old ‘bongs’ used by kings to smoke canabis and opium are dug up in Russia

Obama Threatens To Cut funds For School Lunches If Schools Do Not Support His Transgender Program

Facebook’s Atlas Ad Server: What It Is, How It Works, And Why It Could Finally Move Digital Advertising Beyond ‘Cookies’

The Tax Man Is Watching Your Home From Above

U.S. Banks Examined for Links to FIFA Corruption

US Forces Korea says 22 personnel may have been exposed to anthrax.

Major event/False flag/Most like will be a fake alien invasion is to happen this September – Ex Gov insider whistlerblower

Ukraine has just defaulted on its debt.

Boeing threatens to leave US if subsidy doesn’t get re-approved

US Containerized Exports Plunge Off the Chart, To Worst Level Since The Financial Crisis, As Us Manufacturing Swoons.

How Healthcare Is Dooming the U.S. Economy (Three Charts)

Man Calls Suicide Line, Police Kill Him. His girlfriend called a non-emergency number to try to get him into a hospital

Kos suffers Invasion by Stealth. 20% increase in the population in two months of Immigration