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JPMORGAN to cut more than 5,000 jobs

Ex-House Speaker Hastert charged with evading currency rules and lying to FBI

Exposing the Dark Agenda Behind the “Resource-Based Economy” – 24/7 surveillance. Smart grid controls. Carbon rationing.

Cobra, IMF & G20 Bank Bail-In

Smedley Butler: To Hell With War! The public was told to send their best into harm’s way in a “war to end all wars”; but instead, they were deceived, costing countless lives and destruction, while giving greater control over society to the money lenders.

IF the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) supports the Yuan with gold, approximately 1,000 tons, the move would send the price of gold soaring to $64,000 per ounce, 50 times the current price.

Greece Risk Timeline — Why July 20 Matters Most – Interesting data

3 Things: Oil Trouble

UKRAINE BREAKING….leaks from Kiev Government suggest imminent default after President signs controversial Debt Moratorium Law

China Nears Global Reserve Status: “There Will Be a Reset of the Financial Industry”

New Research Discovers That Depression Is An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation

“Baltimore Six” Seek Change In Trial Venue

US Military Pilots Get Fed Up, Say Exactly What Obama Didn’t Want Them To

Duggar Father-In-Law Exposes Huge Part Of Josh Duggar Situation The Media Forgets

After Getting Shot Down By Federal Court, Obama Just Got Slapped Down By Anti-Amnesty Voters

4 research-backed signs you’re meant to be an entrepreneur

Google just announced its big plan to take over your home

“Wrestling with Something Else”: Why this Gold Bear Market Is Different

Google now offers unlimited free storage for all your photos and videos

Euro-sclerosis. “There appears to be little or nothing in the monetarists’ handbook to enable them to assess the risk of a loss of confidence in the purchasing power of a paper currency.”

Margaret Heffernan Exposes Wall Street’s Big Lie on CEO Pay

8 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Gut-Healing Yogurt

Pushing You Into A Cashless Society (VIDEO)

Congressional Sellout On TPP Fast Track. “Debating the facts or the “so called” merits of free trade is like talking to a deaf mute that is blind.”

Bird Flu Just Two Mutations From Human-to-Human Pandemic

China Eyes Airspace Over Disputed Waters As Prospect Of Defense Zone. ‘Moves Weapons’ To New Artificial Islands

Paper: Carly Shines, Rivals Who Underestimate Do So At Own Peril As Her Ability To Stay On Message Remarkable. More Substance In Fewer Words Than Anyone Else

Coulter: America Has Already Taken In One-Fourth Of Mexico’s Entire Population! Obama Won’t Take Amnesty Battle Directly To Supreme Court

US Attacks FIFA Just Days Before Vote on Israeli Suspension from the League

Fleet of Government Aircraft Caught Flying Secret Missions over U.S. Cities

Atlantis found?

New Discovery – Substances In Chemtrails Are Also Used In This Emerging Nwo Technology — Video

Andrew Hoffman – Collapsing Commodity Prices: A Continuing Saga

Paula Jones Warns: Don’t Let Him Back In White House! He’ll Do It Again!

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Establish Bullion Depository, Help Facilitate Transactions in Gold and Silver

Here is Bill Gates’ biggest fear (which he says could kill 10 million people in a year

John Rubino: Chinese crisis, Ben Bernanke’s delusions, & much more. “The fact that Ben Bernanke thinks they’re fine probably indicates that we’ve got a crisis coming in China.”

On The Ground In Baltimore

New Jersey Faces A Transportation Funding Crisis

Kiyosaki: Pension tension & the eroding of American capitalism

Sam Zell: ‘The ticking time bomb of compounded interest and unrealistic pension fund expectations of income continues’

Harry Dent discuses the slow-motion collapse of the global economy. “The U.S. doesn’t even know what a bubble is compared to what China’s done.”

Jim Rogers’s thoughts on the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. “The secrecy of the bill is concerning, since secrecy is often the bedfellow of dishonesty.”

GLOBAL WAR ALERT: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says “Heavy fighting could flare up at any moment”

Real Life Perspective: How To Survive When Danger Is Right Outside Of Your Front Door

Government In Action: Federal Government Preparing To Seize 401(k) Pensions

Global Debt Deleveraging Is At Our Doorstep

Herbs, Home Remedies And Foods That Reduce Swelling

The Coming WW3 & NWO – Terrifying Future For Humanity. Elite are Preparing (Video)

New Backdoor Gun Control Program at the VA!