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Austerity Is the Only Deal-Breaker: Varoufakis

Game theory suggests that world may be forced back onto a gold standard and it could cause a price reset at $10,000

$50 million per year in taxpayer money goes to stage this nonsense:


Nuclear Official Warns of Explosions at Fukushima Plant In Japan

Barclays Facing Explosive Allegations It Engineered Systems to Rig Financial Markets

The Elite Have A Great Fear Of Death – They travel with multiple bodyguards, they install “safe rooms” in their homes, they buy private islands on the other side of the world and they invest huge amounts of money into life extension technologies and research.

New Jersey Man dead from CONFIRMED Lassa Fever! Flew from Liberia via Morocco and roamed NJ WHILE CONTAGIOUS!


STUDY: Women buying more sex than ever before

German business leader and professor owns around 7% of Swiss Central Bank

Abuse Survivor: UK Police Guarded As I Was Raped

ANALYSIS: The EU cannot win a war on seven Fronts

McCain asks for strategy to end terrorism. Here’s one: US military arrests .01% War Criminals like McCain

Why We Fought: On the Four Freedoms Speech, 6 January 1941

Goldman Sachs Bearish on Bonds and Oil

Are you looking to earn low wages? A college degree might be your ticket. College earning power dwindles over the last 15 years.

Dutch cabinet agrees to partial ban of burqas and niqabs in public

The Fed Hasn’t Solved Anything… All It’s Done Is Set Up an Even Bigger Crisis

Janet Yellen admitted that her economic predictions are likely to be wrong.

Oil Tycoon Attacks Anti-Fracking Researchers

Hoax 100% PROVED: FAKE NYC GUN SHOP USED ACTORS!! Gun Control Propaganda

Americans Fail BASIC Politics Test

“Necessary tools of the controllers”

Coconut Oil Makes Rice 50% Healthier

Airborne Death Rays – Weapons of Unprecedented Power

Twister incoming: Moment tornado rips through suburbs in Texas

5/26/2015 — Wolf Volcano South America (Galapagos) Eruption seen from aircraft

RUSSIA SINKHOLES – Residents Fear City Could Collapse

Innuit communities have noted a change in the sun’s path–the sunrise being off by kilometers. Face backlash from scientific community; NASA says “impossible”. Official excuse is “global warming”

Top Scientist, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner: ‘Most Cancer Research is Largely a Fraud’

Fracking Waste Water Contains Radioactive Radium and Radon, Thousands of Times Above the Legal Limit. Fracking Workers Are Dying At a 7x Higher Rate Than Crude Oil Workers. The Radioactive Natural Gas Recovered is Being Pumped Into Homes For Cooking and Heating.

Your car’s GPS system tracks your location, sends that info to the car’s manufacturer, or a call centre or an insurance agency. “We know everyone who breaks the law; we know when you’re doing it,” Ford VP Jim Farley said last year. Hertz has even installed driver-facing cameras in their cars.

Major Monsanto Lawsuit Completely Blacked out by Media

Hillary Clinton Endorses GMOs. White House Meals are Organic

EURO Dropping as markets react to Greek Default fears, Syriza party central committee defeated motion to pay wages & pensions ahead of debt repayments

Pension Funds Will be STOLEN to Pay Government Deficit as Debt Rises!

Marines Invade New Jersey Grammar School. This Exercise Is Currently Underway Adding New York And New Jersey To The List Of Active Drills While Jade Helm 15 Is Still Months Away.

Global debt has reached $200 trillion, developing economies accounting for half of all new debt. China alone represents 1/3 of of global growth in debt.

Adjusted for cost of living, New York’s $8.75 minimum wage is worth less than $4 in Manhattan.

Naked man at Boon Lay Way says he was ‘stressed by high cost of living’

FSOC on OTC derivatives: 4 major U.S. banks => 92% “of total U.S. banking industry notional amounts outstanding”.

De-Dollarization Accelerates: China And Chile Sign Multibillion Dollar Currency Swap Deal, Washington’s “Allies” Defect To China-Led Bank, Large Speculators /Traders Buying Gold & Silver At Fastest Pace In Over A Decade

Barclays says China slide “undeniable”, here showing M2 at multi-year lows

It’s been over seven years and many Euro area countries still aren’t back to their 2008 GDP level

Taxed-out Maryland vs. tax-free New Hampshire – time to make the move?

Five dead, 12 missing in ‘catastrophic’ floods in Texas and Oklahoma

VIRAL: World stands up against #Monsanto: Over 400 cities protest GMOs (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Surplus Repression and the Self-Defeating Deep State