The U.S. National Debt Has Grown By More Than A Trillion Dollars In The Last 12 Months

By Michael Snyder

The idea that the Obama administration has the budget deficit under control is a complete and total lie.  According to the U.S. Treasury, the federal government has officially run a deficit of 589 billion dollars for the first 11 months of fiscal year 2014.  But this number is just for public consumption and it relies on accounting tricks which massively understate how much debt is actually being accumulated.  [...]

Israel and Other Central Banks Buy U.S. Equities to Stop COLLAPSE!

The poorest quartile of families is the only group that owes more than it owns. Thanks to declines in the value of assets, the group’s average leverage ratio — debt as a percent of assets — increased to 137.5 percent in 2013, the highest on record since the survey started in 1989.
Israel to Begin Investing Reserves in U.S Equities Today
The investment will be made in equity index trackers and will [...]

BIS: Central Banks Are Inflating Asset Prices Around The World….Low Volatility Everywhere Is A Sign of High Risk-Taking… Art Cashin: “Things Could Theoretically Turn Into What I Call A Lehman Moment”

CENTRAL BANKS’ BANKER WARNS: Central Banks Are Inflating Asset Prices Around The World


“Low Volatility Everywhere” – BIS Sounds Alarm Alert On Pervasive Complacency Masking Systemic Shocks

Here comes another BIS report, and another stark warning by the central banks’ central bank, the Bank of International Settlements, best known for selling gold at key inflection points, that not only are asset prices are at “elevated” levels but that market volatility [...]

Martin Armstrong – Violent War Cycles-Global Economic Decline, Next One Will Be Far Worse Than Last

On the recent strength of the U.S. dollar, financial expert Martin Armstrong says, “The central banks only have the dollar, that’s it. It is the reserve currency. We just had a former Obama economist come out a few days ago and say the risk to the United States is a strong dollar, and we should give up the reserve currency position. Why? Because they realize there is no other choice. [...]

“At a global aggregated level deflation has been non-existent over the last 80 years.” – $DB

"At a global aggregated level deflation has been non-existent over the last 80 years." – $DB

— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) September 13, 2014

"Since 1971 inflation has had an upward bias relative to most of prior history…" – Deutsche Bank pic.twitter.com/SB7gkqzU4w

— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) September 13, 2014


by James Quinn 

Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”

? Mark Twain

I never believe government manufactured numbers. They will always be adjusted, massaged, and manipulated to achieve a happy ending for the propagandists attempting to control and fleece the sheep. Yesterday, the government produced retail sales numbers for August that were weak and the corporate MSM propaganda machine immediately threw up bold headlines declaring how strong these numbers were. Positive [...]

Top Virologist: “Its Too Late” – Predicts 5 Million Ebola Deaths!! 4th American Infected – evac to Atlanta. DOD Raises Alarms!

A top German virologist has caused shockwaves by asserting that it’s too late to halt the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia and that five million people will die, noting that efforts should now be focused on stopping the transmission of the virus to other countries.

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg told Germany’s Deutsche Welle that hope is all but lost for [...]

How to build the ability to heal yourself and others

Our bodies are designed to survive. Aside from your spiritual being, the earth body has many functions. Our subconscious protects us on two fronts. Internal threats and external threats.

External threats are predators, storms, weapons, etc. Internal threats are bacterial, fungal and viral. There are also mental illness which is an internal illness of a virtual nature.

We are analog and our mind has a base frequency. The higher the frequency the [...]

The fundamental failing of today’s global economy can be summarized simply: Too Much Debt

from ChrisMartensondotcom:

The fundamental failing of today’s global economy can be summarized simply: Too Much Debt

We have taken too much of it on, too fast, in too many markets around the world, to have any hope of making good on it. Not only does the math not work out, but also on a moral level, we are placing a tremendous obligation on future generations that will unfairly limit the prosperity they [...]

WHO Denies Funds to Move Ebola-Sickened Doctor From Sierra Leone. France to build Ebola Research Center for $11.6M.

Dr. Olivet Buck, a citizen of Sierra Leone, is the fourth doctor from that country to come down with Ebola.

Sierra Leone requested funds from the World Health Organization to evacuate the doctor to Germany on Friday, and said a Hamburg hospital was ready to receive her.

But a WHO spokesman said Saturday it could not comply with the request and instead would work to give Buck “the best care possible” in [...]

Global Economic Collapse Most CRITICAL Since Financial Crisis

Investors pull £17bn from UK as banks ratchet up Scottish independence pressure
$2.66T: Tax Revenues for FY14 Hit Record Through August; Gov’t Still Runs $589B Deficit
IMF tax bombshell: its plans for higher VAT and a property raid are wrong
petrol tax should be replaced by a national congestion fee
Europe’s bond yields lowest since 15th century Genoa on deflation, Russia risk


VIRAL: Honeybee antibiotics? Fresh honey ‘key’ to beating drug-resistant infections, scientists say

Honeybee antibiotics? Fresh honey ‘key’ to beating drug-resistant infections, scientists say


OBAMA’S PLAN: DESTROY Dollar | Jim Willie – Part 2

– Why is Germany repatriating their gold? ?0:34
Viewers Questions:
– What is America’s role in the new millennium? ?7:25
– Will debt be erased in a dollar collapse? ?11:46
– When will the U.S. government market rigging end? ?15:42
– Should we invest in rigged markets? ?18:04
– Australia aligning with the West or East? ?25:08
– Will the BRICS association survive? ?29:49

SUBSCRIBE (It’s FREE!) to Reluctant Preppers, “Helping You Be Aware and Prepared” [...]

California Home Sales Collapsed in August, Prices Hit Kitchen Wall, Strung-out Millennials Blamed

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

This must be part of the explanation why home sales in the expensive parts of California, which is where most people live, are collapsing: according to a Harris Poll on behalf of electronic broker Redfin, 92% of millennials who don’t already own a home do not plan on buying one in the future. Ever.

These people, now between 25 and 34, are in their peak home-buying age. They’re the [...]

TODAY: Gov’t Warns of POWER GRID FAILURES, Radio wipe-outs as geomagnetic storm rages from Sun

Space Weather Alerts, NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center, Sept. 13, 2014:

Extension to Serial Number: 43 (Issued 2:48a ET Sept. 13, 2014)

Space Weather Message Code: WARK07 [Highest level geomagnetic warning]
EXTENDED WARNING: Geomagnetic K-index of 7 or greater expected
Comment: Extended warning due to continued potential for geomagnetic storming from the 10 Sep CME
Valid Until: 12:00p ET Sept. 13, 2014
Warning Condition: Persistence
Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 50 degrees Geomagnetic [...]

Does the U.S. Jobs Report Even Matter?

Every month the US Bureau of Labor Statistics releases an Employment Situation Summary, but whether the report is positive or negative depends greatly on who interprets it. What does the job report actually mean? Is our economy on a rise or decline?

Frost To Grip Northeast, 246 Cold Temp Records in first 10 days of Sept, WY Buried In 20 Inches of Snow! Now 52 Explanations For ‘Pause’


Following a chilly rain during part of the weekend, the coolest air since the spring will settle over the Northeast Sunday night into Monday morning.

Temperatures are forecast to dip into the 50s from Boston and New York City to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The last time readings were this low was during the first couple of days of June in most cases and in late May in [...]

Big business warned of ‘day of reckoning’ if Scots vote Yes…Referendum too close to call… Investors pull money at fastest pace since financial crisis…

Big business warned of ‘day of reckoning’ if Scots vote Yes…

Jim Sillars, Alex Salmond’s former mentor, says the nationalists will have their revenge by nationalising BP, breaking up the banks and boycotting John Lewis


Referendum too close to call…

Guardian/ICM poll finds support for no campaign on 51% and yes on 49% with less than a week to go, but 17% of voters say they have yet to make up their mind

The [...]

CURRENCY WAR! China, Argentina, Russia, Iran Bypass U.S. Dollar!

Argentina to get $1bn in currency swap with China before end of 2014
On August 5, Russia and Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on oil-for-goods exchanges under which Russia could take 500,000 BPD of Iranian oil exports in returns for providing goods, services and equipment to Iran.
Russia seeks safe haven in gold, away from dollar and euro
Ecuador’s ‘digital currency’ explained
Fed: Under Obama, only the richest 10 percent saw incomes [...]

Central Banks Are Buying Stocks — That HAS To Be Bullish (Right?)

Seven years ago it was sovereign wealth funds buying stocks. Today it’s central banks. It’s a distinction with no essential difference. Watch.

BREAKING: US State Dept orders 160,000 Hazmat Suits for Ebola!

Lakeland Industries launches hazmat suits for Ebola

“Lakeland stands ready to join the fight against the spread of Ebola,” said Christopher J. Ryan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeland Industries.

“We understand the difficulty of getting appropriate products through a procurement system that in times of crisis favors availability over specification, and we hope our added capacity will help alleviate that problem.

With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid [...]


by Dave Hodges

Participation on Facebook could prove very dangerous to your future well-being. There is a reason that Facebook is aligned with both the CIA and the NSA. I have several credible sources tell me that all data posted on Facebook goes into series of cataloged files which culminates with each person being assigned a “Threat Matrix Score”. The mere existence of a Threat Matrix Score should send chills up [...]

Interview with ‘The Deviant Investor’ Gary Christenson: Gold Prices 1971-2021, Dollar Collapse & Silver Will Go Parabolic

Dan Popescu, Goldbrokers.com, Released on 9/10/14

Topics covered in this interview:

– Influence of geopolitics on gold
– Gold prices in 3 waves 1971 – 2014
– Is gold in a correction?
– The US gold in Fort Knox is secure, gone or irrelevant?
– Is gold related to a collapse of the US dollar?
– How to invest in gold? Physical or ETFs
– What is the relation between the stock market and gold?
– Would gold be [...]

SECESSION: Scotland on the verge of seceding from the UK, Catalonia wanting to secede from Spain, Right wing candidates leading polls in France….

by James Quinn 

You have Scotland on the verge of seceding from the UK. You have Catalonia wanting to secede from Spain. You have right wing candidates leading polls in France. You have eastern Ukrainians fighting a civil war to secede from the U.S. backed Nazi Ukrainian government in Kiev. Syria is breaking up. Libya is broken up. Iraq is a quagmire of factions. Egypt is a tinderbox. The whole world [...]

What If the Easy Money Is Now on the Bear Side?

by Charles Hugh-Smith

Complacent melt-ups aren’t just boring–they’re not very profitable.

File this under Devil’s Advocate: what if the easy money in the stock market is no longer the “guaranteed” Bull melt-up but the Bearish bet on a sudden air pocket?Just as a thought experiment, put yourself in the shoes of the money managers who have the leverage to move the markets.

You probably know the drill: program your trading bots to recognize [...]

How the Government Hides Red-Hot Housing Inflation, By Being Systematic and Purposeful.

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

It’s hard these days to worry about inflation amidst a maelstrom of voices claiming that there isn’t enough inflation to begin with, and that the world will end if prices stop rising for a moment. Whatever inflation we may encounter in daily life, whether for healthcare, tuition, beef, gas, or cars, we’re told not to worry about it because the higher prices are either annulled by an elegant [...]

Panic On The Streets Of London … Can Scotland Ever Be The Same Again?

by GoldCore

Panic On The Streets Of London … Can Scotland Ever Be The Same Again? 
There is now less than one week of campaigning remaining before the Scottish Independence Referendum, which takes place next Thursday, September 18.

The pro-union ‘no’ vote campaign is back in the lead this week after the latest opinion poll from pollsters YouGov put them at 52%, marginally ahead of the pro-independence ‘yes’ campaign.

The referendum question being asked [...]

ISIS BLACK-OPS: John McCain and the mounting evidence of US ‘identity manipulation’ in the Middle East


The appalling smell of US foreign policy

*The many faces and forked tongue of Senator John McCain
*How the Muslim Brotherhood became the Syrian rebels who begat ISIS
*How McCain dealt directly with the ISIS leader, and feted his colleagues as ‘brave freedom fighters’
*The unexplained need for McCain to have big but discreet money
*The direct link between his sponsors and his Middle East policies
* The obvious involvement of [...]

The Geopolitics of World War III

RED ALERT: More Car Owners Fall Behind on Auto Loan Payments, Credit-Card Debt Hits Post-Recession High… Minimum Payments Become Unsustainable And Delinquencies Skyrocket

More Car Owners Fall Behind on Auto Loan Payments

More car buyers are falling behind when it comes to payments on their auto loans, a new report says.

The auto loan delinquency rate — borrowers who are at least 60 days behind on their loans — rose to 0.95% in the second quarter, up more than 9% from 0.87% the same quarter a year ago, reports TransUnion, the big credit bureau.


World Bank [...]

Marc Faber – McDonald’s tells us why the market will collapse

Faber has long argued that the policies of the Federal Reserve and other central banks simply increase asset prices and create inflation rather than actually stimulating the economy. But while the long-predicted inflation has not come to pass, Faber says that the McDonald’s results reflect the fact that inflation is rising faster than income, reducing the amount that individuals can spend.


2008 Bank Bailout Strikes Back

The 2008 bank bailout has been criticized for helping out Wall Street ahead of citizens, and we explore the perks that were extended to BofA, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Chase, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, and how those banks have actually become more powerful as a result of their wrecking the economy. The fear tactics of the establishment warning of an imminent great depression, and how the American people were exploited [...]

China, Russia Are to Build One of the ‘Largest Ports In Northeast Asia’

China and Russia are to build one of the largest ports in northeast Asia on Russia’s Sea of Japan coast, Chinese media reports. It is the latest step by Beijing and Moscow to bring their economies closer, and diversify from Western influence.

The new seaport will be located in Russia’s Far East, just 18 kilometers away from the Chinese border and will be capable to handle up to 60 million tons [...]

Stock Ownership at 18-Year Low, Stocks at All-Time High. How?

The S&P 500 index is near a record high yet the U.S. has the lowest level of stock ownership since 1995. What explains the lofty market prices? See a chart that provides insight.

TSA Demands Full Body Pat Down on Man — AFTER Landing

They tried to get me to do additional screening of my Body after I was already off the plane and headed out of the airport. I ended up leaving the airport without incident from the Denver police.

*************UPDATE FOX NEWS HAS REALESED INFO CLAIMING I AM SOMALIAN AND OTHER CRAZY FALSE STUFF ************************* http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/…


‘ISIL Is Not Islamic’? Is Obama Completely Insane?

By Michael Snyder

During his nationally televised speech on Wednesday night, Barack Obama told the entire nation that “ISIL is not Islamic”.  Well, then what in the world are they?  Atheists?  And what is Obama going to try to convince us of next?  That the Pope is not Catholic?  Of all of Obama’s lies (and there certainly have been a lot of them), this one might take the cake.  Of course [...]

The Spike Came With No Trader Buzz. The Buying Was All Electronic And Instantaneous. But What If Sentiment Turns Bearish, With Algos Defaulting To “Sell?”

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter


Stock market volume is a sadly drooping southward curve, interrupted by violent spikes. Volumes and turnover rates are now back to levels of the late 1990s. If high-frequency trades and ETF-arbitrage are taken out of the equation, turnover might well be back to where it was in the 1980s. So algorithmic trading – for example, an instant burst of computer-generated buy orders based on a headline that [...]

SHOCKING: Ebola Death Toll Jumps 200 In A DAY! Dr Kent Brantly’s Blood Being Used to Treat New US Victim!

200 Ebola Deaths in a DAY: If You’re Not a Hermit You Need To Reconsider How You Live Your Life

The death toll from Ebola has risen to 2,296 with 200 of those people dying in a single day.

So far all attempts to control the outbreak have failed, and with each passing day the chances of this disease escaping Africa increases. The World Health Organisation is not at all optimistic in assessment [...]

Professional Investors Preparing For Stock Market Crash… China’s Housing Market Is On The Brink Of Collapse… World Bank Warns Of Global Jobs Crisis…“The Recent Slowdown In Demand Growth Is Nothing Short Of Remarkable”

Professional Investors Preparing For Stock Market Crash…

David Zeiler:  It looks like a growing number of professional investors are preparing for a stock market crash, as hedge fund filings for the second quarter show a spike in defensive positions.

In particular, legendary billionaire George Soros made a huge bet against the market. He increased his short position on the Standard & Poor’s 500 by a startling 605%.

The 9.69 million new shares of SPDR S&P 500 ETF [...]

BREAKING: EU to effect new Russia sanctions on Friday, Russia says might close airspace in response

EU: Latest Russia sanctions will take effect Friday

European Commission head Herman Van Rompuy confirmed the EU will unleash a new round of sanctions against Russia on September 12. The economic sanctions will reportedly target Russia’s energy, finance, and defense sectors.

The new limitations will come into effect after they are published in the official journal of the European Union on Friday.

The EU will add 24 individuals to the list which blocks [...]

The “Wealth Effect” Kicks In: Homes Above $15 Million Are Selling Like Hotcakes, Rest Of Housing Market Teeters

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

Home sales have been declining since last fall and in some cases steeply, with memories of bidding wars early last year triggering wistful sighs. The sales decline continued into the summer, and indications are that they’re dragging into September as well. But the median sale price continued to rise, if at a slower rate, and in many areas has moved out of reach for the median-income household.

Unsold [...]

Alert! FAA Grounds All UPS Flights Worldwide! #911

Here we go, All UPS Flights Grounded Worldwide Per FAA!

Obama’s ‘Eve of 9/11′ Speech: ‘Airstrikes’ to be Used On Terrorist, Worldwide!

This is the end of His ‘Eve of 911′ Speech! He stressed No Troops to be Used, Just a Massive Wave of Airstrikes Worldwide!


Secession: Scotland to Texas to Alaska…and BEYOND!

by James Quinn


Aired on the Doomstead Diner on September 11, 2014

Discuss this article at the Podcast Table inside the Diner

Don’t miss the recent Rants on the various factions all lining up now in the Battle for All the Marbles!
Friends & Enemies, Allies & Adversaries



…The UK as an entity basically tracks the course of the Industrial Revolution, and as Industry grew, you got consolidations on every level, corporate consolidations and [...]

China Holds “Gold Congress” – Positioning Itself As Global Gold Hub, “In China, Gold Is Money”

by GoldCore

China Gold Congress in Beijing

The China Gold Congress is currently in full flight in Beijing. The three day Congress is China’s biggest gold industry event of the year, drawing in participants from across the Chinese and international gold sectors including central banks, mining companies, bullion banks and refiners.

The event, co-sponsored by the World Gold Council (WGC) and the China Gold Association, showcases China’s gold industry and acts as a [...]

U.S. INTERNET & POWER OUTAGE 9/11 2014 – Planned Nationwide Outages & Emergency Drills

UH OH! “Planned Internet “OUTAGE” 2:00 AM 9-11-2014

Several of the very large ISP’s and now a host of smaller ISP’s have alerted customers of a “planned service outage” for Internet services, TOMORROW 9-11-2014.

Why a “planned outage” for “service” on the very date many believe the USA will be massively attacked? To prevent us from communicating?????????

Remember on 9-11-2001, there were several “Drills” being conducted as the actual attacks took place in [...]

While Obama Snoozes, Russia Is Preparing For Nuclear War With The United States

By Michael Snyder

Did you know that two Russian bombers practiced launching cruise missiles at the United States from a spot in the North Atlantic just the other day?  And did you know that Russia is spending massive amounts of money to build and test new nuclear weapons systems?  Meanwhile, the Obama administration is doing absolutely nothing to upgrade the U.S. nuclear arsenal.  Our nuclear officers are actually still using floppy [...]

ALERT! Obama Prepares for War With Syria to Attack ISIS!

Obama prepared to order airstrikes in Syria as part of strategy against Islamic State
First Syria rebels armed and trained by CIA ‘on way to battlefield’
US CIA Operatives Training Syrian Rebels On Secret Bases In Jordan, Turkey: LATimes
Rebels Fighting Each Other in Syria; Al Qaeda Group Wins Major Victory
The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) – which started as an offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq but has since [...]

OPINION: The World is going local – and the Scots are merely a symptom of that


The reversion to nationalism is a staging post on the way back to living communities

Ed Miliband tweeted two hours ago to say ‘On the #indyref campaign trail today with the simple message: stay with us.’ He being a Suprastateist Socialist, it is highly significant that the Labour leader made a plea completely devoid of the one thing Scottish waverers would most like to know about voting No: why?

The [...]

Once Again Obama Shows That He Is Clueless About What Is Going On In The Middle East

By Michael Snyder

Why would Barack Obama want to give hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons to groups inside Syria that are selling weapons to ISIS and regularly fighting alongside them?  Is he really that clueless about what is going on in the Middle East?  The FSA and other groups of “moderate” fighters inside Syria do notconsider ISIS to be an enemy.  Rather, they consider ISIS to be an important [...]

U.S. Treasuries: Is “The World’s Safest Investment” Facing a Trend Change?

Many investors see bonds as less risky than stocks. But even high-grade bonds crashed in value during the Great Depression — and during the Great Recession of 2008-2009, too — right along with stocks. Today’s bond market sentiment is extremely bullish. It may be time to get an independent perspective on investing in debt.

Russia starts the gas war: Gas supplies to Poland reduced by 24%… Looks like Germany is next…

Poland’s natural gas giant PGNiG has observed a reduced supply of the fuel within the Yamal Contract on connection points at the borders with Ukraine and Belarus.
On September 8, the supply was reduced by about 20 percent compared with PGNiG’s orders. On the next day, supply was cut by 24 percent.




Russia’s Gazprom ‘limiting gas supplies to Poland’

Polish gas monopoly says volume received is down by 20%, a move that some [...]

The Ultimate Smart Money Sits On A Near-Record Pile Of Cash, Sells Holdings Instead Of Buying, And Waits For Market Swoon.

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

Mergers and Acquisitions activity in the US jumped 60% this year over the same period last year, according to a Goldman Sachs report. But LBOs?

After years of a relentless run-up in stock prices, corporations are busy gobbling up overvalued companies with their own overvalued shares of which they can print an unlimited amount, and they’re raising debt that is nearly free after inflation, and/or they’re using the cash on their balance sheets rather than [...]

A Driver Dodges Death After Pulling Out Of His Garage And Seeing The World Around Him Rip Apart

A Russian driver meets an EF-3 Tornado.

Harvey Organ- By December Whole Thing Going to Collapse

Harvey Organ at Harveyorgan.blogspot.com says the world is running out of physical gold and silver needed to suppress prices. Organ says when China and Russia disclose the true amount of gold they hold, there will be a price spike never before seen in the history of the world. Organ says, “You will see that you will go to sleep at night, and you will wake up the next morning and [...]

SCOTSVOTE BREAKING….Big Westminster Three race to rescue, ‘Yes’ lead doubles to eight points


Three blind mice,

three blind mice,

see how they run, see how they run,

the Troika of pillocks arrived but when

they got up to Glasgi ah teel ye Hen

a ten per cent swing sent thum hoom again

three blind mice
(and a silent English press)

Hear nowt, see nowt and say nowt have been campaigning for just 24 hours in Scotland, and the effect is already clear: a Poll offering only a 5% margin [...]

Russia And Iran Put Oil-For-Goods Deals Into Motion As Iran Signals Similar Arrangements Coming With China

by GoldCore

Russia-Iran Oil-for-Goods Contracts
Representatives of the Russian and Iranian governments met in Tehran yesterday for the 11th meeting of the Iran-Russian Trade Council, where details of a ground breaking oil-for-goods swap between the two heavily sanctioned countries were revealed.

With both countries now sanctioned by the West, Russia and Iran have been in extensive negotiations on how to facilitate Iranian oil exports without breaching the UN Security Council nuclear deal that [...]

DOLLAR’S DOOM: Russia & China Want To Conduct Half Their Trade In Yuan And Roubles

McDonald’s sales have been declining since December 2013. World bank warns we are in a global job crisis. Scotland could ask for its share of gold from the UK. Russia and China are pushing the de-dollarization by conducting half of their trade in the yuan or rouble. MH17 report is out and it says the plane was hit with high energy projectiles, bullets. Who did it is not in the [...]

To Avert Sudden Market Collapse, the Fed Tries to Spook Utterly Unspookable Markets

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

San Francisco Fed: Investors are pricing in “a later liftoff date” for the federal funds rate and a slower pace of tightening than FOMC participants themselves.

There have been prior indications – though Wall Street brushed them off. During Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony to the Senate Banking Committee in mid-July and in the Fed’s Monetary Policy Report, some of the most glaring bubbles that the Fed has [...]

No More Places To Put Ebola Patients In Liberia But Cases Are Growing Exponentially

By Michael Snyder

There is not a single empty bed available for an Ebola patient in Liberia right now, but thousands more cases are expected in the coming weeks.  Entire families have been driving around in taxis looking for some place that will take their sick family members, but every treatment facility is already full.  According to the World Health Organization, many of those potential Ebola patients end up returning to [...]

Russia Sanctions Aimed At Collapsing Western Economies?

U.S. Dollar: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Crash

Despite all the gloom-and-doom expectations, the U.S. dollar has been quietly strengthening — since 2007! So how has the dollar been able to survive and prosper?

The Era Of Widespread Biometric Indentification And Microchip Implants Is Here

By Michael Snyder

Are you ready to have your veins scanned every time you use your bank account?  Are you ready to use a “digital tattoo” or a microchip implant to unlock your telephone?  Once upon a time we read about such technologies in science fiction novels, but now they are here.  The era of widespread biometric identification and microchip implants is upon us, and it is going to change the [...]

Big Banks Manipulated $21 Trillion Dollar Market for Credit Default Swaps (and Every Other Market)

by WashingtonsBlog

Derivatives Are Manipulated

Runaway derivatives – especially credit default swaps (CDS) – were one of the main causes of the 2008 financial crisis. Congress never fixed the problem, and actually made it worse.

The big banks have long manipulated derivatives … a $1,200 Trillion Dollar market.

Indeed, many trillions of dollars of derivatives are being manipulated in the exact same same way that interest rates are fixed (see below) … through gamed [...]

WARNING: Keep Ignoring John Hussman, Robert Shiller, Jeremy Grantham, And All The Other Data Oriented People Who Honestly Assess The Stock Market And Are Positive We Are In For A Big Fall.

by James Quinn

Keep ignoring John Hussman, Robert Shiller, Jeremy Grantham, and all the other data oriented people who honestly assess the stock market and are positive we are in for a big fall. The market is so overvalued at this point that it won’t even need an external event to trigger a crash. Gravity always wins in the end.

Opinion: Being a stock-market bull just got a lot harder
By Mark Hulbert

China Moves Troops To The Border w/ Russia

China began to pull its troops to the border with Russia, according to sources in the FSB Border Service of Russia.

For example, concentrations of troops was seen in the Chinese city bordering Mayatun (Majiatun).

“Colon with heavy machinery, 12-15 thousand troops and artillery began to camp in Mayatune. Our FSBshniki try to hide this stressful time, but local media have already begun to apply this information. Not yet clear goal concentrations [...]

Macro Factors Dominating Gold Price As US Dollar Outweighs Physical Demand And Investor Flows

by GoldCore

Macro Factors Dominating Gold Price As US Dollar Outweighs Physical Demand And Investor Flows
With gold trading in a narrow range below $1,300 and remaining relatively weak, it is worth pausing at this juncture to look at the combination of factors that are affecting its price formation.

A current snapshot of the world gold market and its near term outlook can be gauged by examining four sets of influences on the [...]

What You Need to Know About the Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Enterovirus’ Outbreak! This Is A Virus That Is Moving Quickly.

This is a virus that is moving quickly. More info at link.

RED ALERT: Japanese Economy Contracted 7.1%, Europe Is Coming Apart, Big Money Investors Pull Out of California Real Estate Dramatically!

Japanese Economy Contracts Bigger than Expected 7.1% in 2nd Quarter; Really Bad Theories

By now it should be pretty clear that Abenomics is a complete failure. Abenomics did not spur lending, investment, hiring, or wage growth.

It’s one touted “success” is that prices have gone up. And for cash-strapped consumers facing higher taxes, that alleged “success” is actually a disaster.

Japanese Economy Contracts Bigger Than Expected 7.1% in Second Quarter

Please consider Japan [...]

Markets Sell As Trades Form: Lack Of Volume Is Big To Bear Side

If The Economy Truly Was Healthy, This Would Not Be Happening.

By Michael Snyder

According to the Federal Reserve, the percentage of American families that own a small business is at the lowest level that has ever been recorded.  In a report that was just released entitled “Changes in U.S. Family Finances from 2010 to 2013: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances“, the Federal Reserve revealed that small business ownership in America “fell substantially” between 2010 and 2013.  Even in the [...]

BOOM: Facebook Worth $200 Billion… Investors Are Acting As If The Market Is Completely Risk Free…. “Buy The Bad News”… Hoping for a Goldilocks Economy (Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold)

Facebook Inc. (FB)’s market value exceeded $200 billion to put it among the world’s biggest corporations, as investors bet on the company to capitalize on the future of mobile advertising.

Facebook shares rose 0.8 percent to $77.89 at the close in New York, valuing the company at $201.6 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That made it the 22nd-largest company in the world, behind Verizon Communications Inc. and ahead of [...]

DHS Wants to Tag Us Before They Bag Us: The Enhanced Drivers License

by Dave Hodges

On Steve Quayle’s “Q Alert” page, he recently posted the following warning from an Arizona resident:

Q Alert


Hi Steve,
I live in Az and just went to get my drivers license renewed. They handed me a paper with my photo on it and said my new license would be mailed in about 2 weeks. It says it is an ENHANCED DRIVERS LICENSE or EDL. A cursory internet search reveals at [...]

“The background of this is the entire financial system of the transatlantic sector, meaning the United States and Europe, is hopelessly bankrupt.”

Argentina is collapsing under debt and economic conspiracy from the highest levels, and LaRouche movement thinker and author/activist Dennis Small explains the situation on Buzzsaw. We discuss vulture funds, investment banks and the collapse culture that has gripped the global bank system in this uncensored interview hosted by Sean Stone.

RED ALERT! Snowpocolypse, not Polar Vortex, Winter weahter by the end of Sept 2014 through June 2015


CFR Demands US Military Ebola Intervention, Warns of Conspiracy Theorists

Laurie Garrett
Senior Fellow for Global Health
Council on Foreign Relations
58 East 68th Street, New York, New York 10065

Excerpts: “Nearly all commercial airlines and air delivery companies have stopped flights to and from the 3 Ebola-stricken nations, and many have halted services across all of West Africa. As a result, personnel and supplies cannot get into the area, and exhausted health volunteers desperate for a break cannot get out. … Happily, the [...]

MYSTERY: More than 1000 children hit with respiratory virus across 10 states… Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia… May be ‘tip of iceberg’

MYSTERY: More than 1000 children hit with respiratory virus across 10 states…

A respiratory illness that has already sickened more than a thousand children in 10 states is likely to become a nationwide problem, doctors say.

The disease hasn’t been officially identified but officials suspect a rare respiratory virus called human enterovirus 68. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention_” target=”_blank”>Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the [...]

If The Economy Is Recovering, Why Is The Labor Force Participation Rate At A 36 Year Low?

By Michael Snyder

Should we be concerned that the percentage of Americans that are either working or looking for work is the lowest that it has been in 36 years?  In August, an all-time record high 92,269,000 Americans 16 years of age and older did not “participate in the labor force”.  And when you throw in the people that are considered to be “in the labor force” but are not currently employed, [...]

Professor Laurence Kotlikoff: SIPC Running a Ponzi Scheme

Economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff is sounding the alarm for massive and ongoing Wall Street fraud. When there is fraud, your brokerage insurance is nearly worthless. Dr. Kotlikoff says, “Every day, we are reading about a big bank being fined billions of dollars. Recently, Bank of America had a $16 billion fine the bank had to pay for selling fraudulent securities. They know they are selling you snake oil and they [...]

THE YEAR 2021: $10,000 Gold & $700 Silver — An Empirical Model

from SGT Report.com:

Gary Christenson from theDeviant Investor.com joins me to discuss his new book ‘Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 – 2021: An Empirical Model‘. Gary’s carefully constructed model projects a Gold price of $10,000 by the year 2021 and a Silver price of $500 – $1,000. Gary notes that these numbers are based on simple mathematical projections using current levels of government spending which will undoubtedly continue unabated. [...]

RED ALERT: The Velocity Of The Monetary Base Collapsed 75%, Europe Is Slipping Back Into A Recession

During the first and second quarters of 2014, the velocity of the monetary base was at 4.4, its slowest pace on record. This means that every dollar in the monetary base was spent only 4.4 times in the economy during the past year, down from 17.2 just prior to the recession. This implies that the unprecedented monetary base increase driven by the Fed’s large money injections through its large-scale asset [...]

6 months after Malaysian Air plane disappeared, Chinese police ‘beat, detain relatives of missing MH370 passengers’

In interviews, several relatives described how they had been detained and physically abused by police – seemingly in retaliation for publicly pressing Chinese and Malaysia Airlines authorities for information about the hunt for the plane.

“In the beginning, Beijing police were protecting us, but their attitude has completely changed,” said 38-year-old Cheng Liping, whose husband was on the flight.

“I can’t fathom why they’re doing this. I feel so incredibly disappointed.”


Flight MH370 [...]

Say Hello To The Next Financial Crisis, Brought To You Courtesy Of The Dumbest New Bill Of The Week: H.R. 5148: Access To Affordable Mortgages Act.

They’ve borrowed money at essentially 0% from the Fed & loaned it to the Treasury at interest (mother of all scams) http://t.co/OavJdU69fS

— fiatcurrency (@fiatcurrency) September 7, 2014

Ordinarily whenever an individual wants to borrow money for a mortgage, the bank conducts due diligence… both on the borrower as well as the property.

It’s in the banks’ interest (as well as the banks’ depositors) to ensure that the property is at least worth [...]

13 Global Banks Sued by Alaska Fund for ISDAfix Rigging of 170 TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF DERIVATIVES

Legal hassles continue to trouble major global banks. Alaska Electrical Pension Fund has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, suing as many as 13 international banks. The lawsuit pertains to the banks’ alleged manipulation of ISDAfix rates, a benchmark used to appraise interest rate derivatives, commercial real estate mortgages and structured debt securities.

The sued banks include JPMorgan Chase & Co. ( JPM ), [...]

Global Financial Market MELTDOWN as Bankers Lose Control!

Record 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 36-Year Low
White Unemployment 5.3% — Black Unemployment 11.4%
Spain Launches 50-Year Bond
The country raised 1 billion euros ($1.31 billion) through a so-called private placement, meaning the bonds were sold directly to specific investors.
DoD Can’t Account for $3.3B Given Directly to Afghan Security Forces
we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.


Report: It’s YOUR Fault: Fed Says Americans Who “Hoard Money” Are To Blame For Poor Economy

Mac Slavo
September 6th, 2014

Despite arguments to the contrary from the Obama administration, mounting evidence suggests that the U.S. economy is rapidly falling back into negative growth territory. More Americans are out of the workforce than ever before, median household incomes are at levels not seen since 1967, and consumer spending is coming to a veritable standstill. The crisis is apparently so significant that a Federal Reserve governor recently said U.S. [...]

Severe respiratory illness striking Denver metro children; more than 900 !!Please report if in your State


DENVER – Hospitals across the Denver metro area are on alert for a mystery respiratory illness that can leave children and teenagers with asthma debilitated.

Doctors told 7NEWS they believe the illness is linked to human enterovirus 68, which is related to rhinovirus, which is a cause of the common cold.

Patients often complain of a rapid onset of cold-like symptoms and then suddenly are unable to [...]

U.S. Warns ISIS Could Get Ahold Of Syria’s Hidden Chemical Weapons

Jobs tumble but the unemployment rate drops to 6.1%. Job quality deteriorates again. 53 million people are now working in temp jobs. The tech sector has laid off 80,000 employees so far this year which is a 41% increase from last year. Healthcare.gov was hacked again. Putin has brokered a ceasefire deal between Ukraine and the South Eastern people. US troops or paid mercenaries are fighting in Iraq. EU countries [...]

These 4 Billionaires Warn of MAJOR MARKET CRASH!

U.S. Stocks End Lower
Stan Druckenmiller, the retired founder of hedge fund firm Duquesne Capital Management, says the Federal Reserve is putting the economy at risk by continuing its aggressive market intervention.
“I hope we can all agree that once-in-a-century emergency measures are no longer necessary five years into an economic recovery,”
Sam Zell: Stock market correction coming
Fed’s policy of near-zero interest rates, Zell said it’s creating an [...]

Something Is Wrong? Record Americans Not Working, Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in USA


In August, the civilian noninstitutional population was 248,229,000 according to BLS. Of that 248,229,000, 155,959,000—or 62.8 percent–participated in the labor force, meaning they either had or job or had actively sought one in the last four weeks.

The 92,269,000 who did not participate in the labor force are those in the civilian noninstitutional population who did not have a job and did not actively seek one in [...]

VIDEO: Chuck Todd: Obama’s Approval Rating Is “Dismal,” Worse Than Previous Midterm Ratings

VIDEO: Chuck Todd: Obama’s Approval Rating Is “Dismal,” Worse Than Previous Midterm Ratings http://t.co/yjI7oNINug

— Kris Anderson (@KAndersonDC) September 14, 2014

Silver Update: Impending Flood

American police scammed Canadian visitors out of $2.5 billion

American police are targeting their northern neighbors, according to a travel warning from the Canadian government. State and federal law enforcement officers are reportedly shaking down Canadians visiting the US, illegally confiscating legally carried cash. Over 61,000 of these incidents have occurred since 9/11, resulting in $2.5 billion being seized, according to The Washington Post. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has more details on the trend.

How Wearable Smart Tech Will Control Your Life

(Truthstreammedia.com) IF you take your cues from propaganda outlets like TIME, wearable technology is what’s next in our lives and in a big way. Simply carrying around a cellphone — which is a really a complicated mini-computer in and of itself — won’t be fasionable or sensible for much longer.

As the likes of futurist Ray Kurzweil and others have long been predicting, wearable wrist-watch and eyeglass style wi-fi units (and [...]