In the recovery so far – Top 1% incomes grew from $871k to $968k – Bottom 99% fell from $44k to $43.9k

"So far all of the gains of the recovery have gone to the top 1 percent" @JustinWolfers

— The Upshot (@UpshotNYT) January 28, 2015

Far better instead to focus on the average of the past two years. That average supports the narrative that the economic recovery so far has only boosted the incomes of the rich, and it has yielded no improvement for […]

If you have most of your money tied up in the bank, you are either the most generous person in the world, or you are a fool of monumental proportions.

by Dave Hodges

If you have most of your money tied up in the bank, you are either the most generous person in the world, or you are a fool of monumental proportions. Have you invested in developing the means to defend your property and family’s lives? Do you have enough food and water stored up to survive at least two years? Nearly every publication estimates the derivatives debt […]

Cyber War Poses Risk of Bail-Ins to Banks and Deposits – Entire Western Financial System Is Vulnerable

by GoldCore

Cyber Attacks Growing In Frequency – Entire Western Financial System Is Vulnerable

The threat posed by cyber war to our increasingly complicated, technologically dependent and vulnerable financial institutions, markets, banks and indeed deposits becomes more clear by the day.

British and US agents will carry out a mock cyber attack or ‘cyber war games’ on the Bank of England and commercial banks in City of London and […]

The US minimum wage has declined 90% in REAL MONEY in just the last 40 years!!

In 1968, 22 hours of work on minimum wage bought you an ounce of gold, in 2011, 200 hours of work were required to afford an ounce of gold.

— trutherbot (@trutherbot) January 28, 2015

Today’s astonishing chart of the day graphs the US Federal minimum wage over the past 80 years….not based in fiat Federal Reserve notes…but based in real money: Gold. The US minimum wage has declined […]

Global Asset prices excl Energy & Metals at record highs overlaid with excessive debt levels=toxic primer for Asset implosion & deflation!

The only sector that I think is very inexpensive is Precious Metals, and in particularly precious-metals stocks.

— Marc Faber (@MarcFaberBlogs) January 28, 2015

Oil companies are looking at ‘outright liquidations’

Major Oil Companies Planning $28B Cuts in Capital Spending by 2017 Amid Falling Oil Prices

The world’s leading oil companies are reported to be planning a $28 billion cut in capital spending by 2017 to keep debt […]

For 45 years. US foreign policy was based on being closer to both Russia & China than they were to each other. Obama has squandered that.

Bad U.S. Policy Pushes Russia, China and Iran Closer Together

Heck Of a Job …

As the following headlines show, bad American policy has pushed Russia, China and Iran closer together:

China calls for new Asian security structure based on group with Russia, Iran that excludes US (Fox) Russia may build eight nuclear reactors for Iran (Reuters) Russia signs 30-year gas deal with China (BBC) Putin Post-Mortem: “Unipolar Model […]

Dr. Jim Willie: “Dollar Death Process Has Started” – Sources: Germany Is Moving East!

One Radio Network was joined by Editor and publisher of the Golden Jackass and the Hat Trick Letter, Jim Willie, who as is stated at the very beginning of the interview, accurately predicted in 2013, the recent Swiss bombshell of unpegging their Franc from the Euro which recent sent the global economic community into shock.

Willie informs us that the “death of the US Dollar process has started”, that Germany […]

NONE of the scum that rises to the top of the septic lagoon that currently serves as modern American politics is going to “save the Republic” or give a crap about the Constitution because ALL OF THEM are sold out puppets to the banks and megacorporations — WITHOUT exception.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I’m sorry, but I’m sick of people trying to lie to you and assure you that your vote for ANYONE in the presidential bread and circuses dog and pony show coming up in 2016 is going to matter in the slightest itty bitty teensy weensy little bit. Both sides of the carpet are […]

EU to consider barring Russia from SWIFT interbank system, Russian PM warns of tough response

Calls to disconnect Russian banks from the global SWIFT interbank system came amid the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West, and the introduction of sanctions in response to Moscow’s alleged role in the Ukraine conflict. Russia’s response to a possible cut-off from the SWIFT international banking payment system will be “unrestricted,” Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev vowed.

What Do They Know? Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations?

By Michael Snyder

A lot of ultra-rich people are quietly preparing to “bug out” when the time comes.  They are buying survival properties, they are buying farms in far away countries and they are buying deep underground bunkers.  In fact, a prominent insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland says that “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared” and he shocked his audience when he revealed […]

The kiwi is getting crushed

The kiwi is getting crushed

— Business Insider (@businessinsider) January 28, 2015

Alex Jones breaks down the state of world and how we are slowly being pushed towards World War 3.…

The new credit cards: US Auto Loans & Student Debt are rising significantly:

The new credit cards –> "@shawncarpenter: US Auto Loans & Student Debt are rising significantly: #StudentDebt"

— $hane Obata (@sobata416) January 28, 2015

Japan waited “with patience” for 20 years.

@zerohedge Japan waited "with patience" for 20 years.

— Devin Ekberg (@devinekberg) January 28, 2015

Greeks are the most hardworking & trustworthy in the EU, say Greeks. Others say they are lazy & untrustworthy.

Greeks are the most hardworking & trustworthy in the EU, say Greeks. Others say they are lazy & untrustworthy.

— Conrad Hackett (@conradhackett) January 28, 2015

ANALYST: China’s ‘Long-Awaited Day Of Reckoning’ Is Almost Here

All the devils have come together for the Chinese economy, and the country’s”long-awaited day of reckoning” is upon us, Societe Generale analyst Wei Yao writes in a recent note.

To China bears who have said the country is a debt bubble, Wei’s conjecture will seem obvious. To bulls, it raises another question: Where did these credit problems come from? Where have they been hiding?

Wei’s answer is simple: Problems have been […]

Fed guidance and unemployment. Fed has talked about mid-2015 since 2012(!)

#Fed guidance and unemployment. Fed has talked about mid-2015 since 2012(!) (thanks to @Makroredaktion for the idea)

— Martin Enlund (@enlundm) January 28, 2015

We’re in a depression, coasting to full economic stop; here’s my anecdotal evidence.

Last month, on the MLK holiday I noticed on my drive in to work that the traffic was incredibly light- at lest 70% less than normal. At first I said to myself, duhhh its a holiday… But here’s the thing, the only people that get that holiday are government workers, corporate america has basically given a big EFF YOU to honoring the MLK legacy (rightly so IMO) anyway, heres the […]

Putin Announces Plans to Sell More Guns to Africa, Asia and Latin America

Russia is planning to strengthen its presence in the arms dealing market across Asia, Africa and Latin America, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin who addressed members of the Kremlin’s commission for military cooperation with foreign states at the commission’s first annual meeting in Moscow last night.

“Today, new factors and threats necessitate many countries in the world to change their military doctrines and to modernise their national armed forces,” […]

1776 ALERT: Nationwide Ban On Personal Body Armor Proposed In Congress: “10 Years Imprisonment” For Possession

Mac Slavo January 28th, 2015

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting politicians from coast-to-coast attempted to push through legislation that would ban a host of guns, magazines and accessories. Though their efforts failed for the most part, those who would take away our ability to defend ourselves always have another tyrannical card up their sleeves.

They latest efforts to attack personal defense as a natural birthright […]

Government Building Evacuated in West Palm Beach, Fl – Suspicious White Powder UPDATE: Corn Starch

WEST PALM BEACH (CBS12) — According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on Twitter, a suspicious, white powder on the third floor of the Palm Beach County building turned out to be corn starch.

Charted: The 20 deadliest jobs in America

Charted: The 20 deadliest jobs in America

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) January 28, 2015