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Wow…Black Friday Fight Compilation 2015..What a Bunch of Idiots




VIDEO: Donald Trump Mocks Protesters at Sarasota Campaign Rally

Businessman Donald Trump mocked far left pro-illegal protesters today at his rally in Sarasota, Florida.

The protesters were escorted out after disrupting the event – denying fellow Americans their freedom to peaceably assemble. This is what leftists do.

SOLD OUT=> Lines Form FIVE BLOCKS LONG to See Donald Trump in Sarasota (Photos)

Trump has the advantage over every other candidate, Socialist Democrat or establishment Republican. He’s the only one who has expanded the base to include conservatives, independents, disenfranchised traditional Democrats, and increasingly more black Americans who are disenfranchised from a Democrat Party that has gone so far out in left field in their representation of illegal

WATCH: ‘Now We Have The Border Fence, Our Town Is One Of The Safest In Europe’

A politician with a spine who deserves respect as he is doing his duty to protect his town from invaders who respect nothing.His ideas should be rolled out across the whole of Europe.

The action-man mayor of Hungarian frontier town Ásotthalom has invited “all active Europeans” to visit the border fence his government created, so

Once Again Obama Can’t Wait To Stand On The Dead Bodies To Make A Political Statement On Gun Control

This clown is totally obvious. He doesn’t care a tiny bit about the dead people. All he cares about is disarming the people. That makes it easier to implement a fascist government. That is not paranoid that is just observation based on his past behavior.

‘Enough Is Enough’: Obama Demands More Gun Control After Colorado

What Do the Oil Black Market, NATO, and ISIS Have in Common?

by Voice of Reason

In the following YouTube, Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, editor of The Hat Trick Letter at Golden Jackass.com, Jim Willie. This is an interesting 90+ minute interview, and the topics below are the ones covered. I wrote out the answers to the first few

What Happens When All Hell Breaks Loose?

by Dave Hodges

The EMP threat is a story that just will not go away. This article bring to light some of the most recent developments of the US government in an attempt thwart what is believed to be an impending EMP threat.

Two missile launches by a rogue state , which detonate 100

VAPORIZED: The Moment An Islamic Extremist Filming A Propaganda Video Is Wiped Out By An Artillery Shell

Mac Slavo November 28th, 2015

The Islamic State loves to share propaganda videos of beheadings and mass murders of innocent victims, including children and those whose only crime against Islam is that they are Christians.

Thus, it is with great pleasure and a smile that we share the following short video clip from

Repercussions of Turkey downing Russian S-24 jet.

Russia seems to be keeping its composure for the most part, although each day seems to bring us closer to the fault lying at Turkey’s door. Of course, Turkey will not admit it.

One pilot died as he was parachuting out, and one pilot lived. This is some of what he had to say, and

Undercover Video shows Canadian Mosque teaching beheadings

What the f^ck is happening in Canada?

UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia

Britain is at risk of being prosecuted for war crimes because of growing evidence that missiles sold to Saudi Arabia have been used against civilian targets in Yemen’s brutal civil war, Foreign Office lawyers and diplomats have warned.

Advisers to Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, have stepped up legal warnings that the sale of specialist

Illegal Alien With 7 Kids Got Food Stamps, Housing & Social Security — for 20 Years

Cloward Piven strategy developed in Columbia University the same University Obama and many politicians went to is to collapse social programs to force countries to switch over to socialism. First thing that happens every time they take over is population reduction with death camps and then starvation. They have already built the camps and General

Turkey Prime Minister Erdogan’s warning to Putin: Don’t play with fire

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan warned Russia on Friday not to “play with fire”, citing reports Turkish businessmen had been detained in Russia, while Moscow said it would suspend visa-free travel with Turkey.

Relations between the former Cold War antagonists are at their lowest in recent memory after Turkey shot down a Russian jet near the

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