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Memo To Blogger Ben—–The TWC/Charter Deal Is A “Bubble” Staring You In The Face

Stocks Began Falling Right At This Time Of The Year Just Prior To The Last Financial Crisis. Hopefully More People Will Start Listening To The Warnings, Because We Have Almost Run Out Of Time To Prepare.

Not old enough to work or vote yet. But Hillary For Teens are already in debt $50,000. They just don’t know it.

China’s debt now at 252% of GDP — devaluation temptation…


DALLAS FED Manufacturing Index – “strong” recovery is evident

China’s stockmarket has waved goodbye to reality. A look at the mania in charts:

The Right Mentality: 7 Things to Consider When Buying Precious Metals

Abandoned Cincinnati Walmart Laced With Barbed Wire for Jade Helm?

Key Iraq War Architect: “Our Objective Should Be a New Sunni State Out of the Western Part Of Iraq, the Eastern Part of Syria”

Low Wages and Unemployment are an Existential Crisis for Millions. If Millions Of Young Americans Don’t Start Earning More Money, They Can’t Afford To Have Children, Or Take Care Of Them Properly, And That Is The End Of Us As A Nation.

Put Your Damn Figure On The Root Problem Fools

Vets Against Memorial Day

China QE/ China’s RMB being added into the SDR/ China updating its official gold reserves, Greece Leaving the Euro

Obama and Congress vs The Founding Fathers

Fukushima T.P.P. PASSED NEWS; ALL, ANY KIND OF SLAVERY is 100% Legal in the old UNITED STATES NOW,

MSNBC’s Seitz-Wald: Clinton Is “Running A Very Scripted, Very Tightly Choreographed Campaign”

China Says War With U.S. is Coming

ALERT! Minor Earthquake Hits Wales as “Doomsday” Alignment Approaches…Or Does It?

Look Whats Going On Here! – States Declaring state of emergency due to bird flu outbreak! 179 detections reported, 40,721,073 birds affected… This multi-state epidemic

Revolution: The Movie

Economic Collapse Warnings Going Mainstream: World Drowning in Debt, Mass Default, Market Bloodbath

The War in Afghanistan is Over, says the President. Not, Says the Justice Department

Corruption is Legal in America

STOCKS PLUNGE. Prepare For A Worst Case Scenario.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to provide private details of the former president’s finances on the record, said the entity was a “pass-through” company designed to channel payments to the former president.

Sales of new homes in the U.S off to strongest start in seven years

This startup has an algorithm that finds discount flight tickets ‘hidden’ on airline websites

Venezuela states it’s working on a way to kill Google and Mozilla. Why? So no one knows about its currency crash

Demonic “Charlie Charlie Challenge” game spreads on social media

Scientists are using herpes to treat skin cancer — and it’s working

Obama’s action “makes aliens not otherwise qualified” eligible for -SS retirement -SS disability -Medicare

Preserving Our Freedom, “We can all work together, or flounder in chaos and animosity until our country is destroyed.”

Women rate 80% of men as worse-than-average looking. “Unrealistic expectations is what keeps most women single”-Nero

It’s happening… the North American Union Army is taking shape

CNNMoney’s Fear & Greed Index is back into “fear” mode after today’s stock market sell-off

Terrorist Rockets From the Gaza Strip Hit Southern Israel

A 55-year-old beekeeper from China covered himself with over a million bees…just to break a world record.

Ouch! Former Top UN Climate Scientist Just Dropped A Devastating Truth Bomb On Al Gore

Oil Markets Can’t Ignore The Fundamentals Forever: Esp. with the latest Dollar surge.

Inciting a War? Muhammad Cartoon Bus Ads Planned for Washington D.C. Need To Hear Your Thoughts on This! (Video)

Al Gore and Climate ‘scientist’ said Ice Caps would be GONE by summer 2013…?

Gold & Silver Smash Following The Pattern Discussed On SD Weekly Metals & Markets

Here’s what the $56 billion Charter and Time Warner Cable merger is really about

Incredible Video – Ursula Haverbeck “The Greatest Problem of Our Time” A Direct Challenge to the Holocaust

ISIS ENDGAME EXPOSED: How and Why the CIA in Switzerland Created ISIS as Cover for Nuclear and Biological Terror Attacks

IRS Hacked!!! We’re confident that these are not amateurs, that these are actually organized crime syndicates.”

Rand Paul: ‘Disingenous’ Obama Can Stop NSA Spying Any Time He Wants

Xinhua: China Sets Up Gold Fund For Central Banks

More On US-China Conflicts: Ron Paul – “What’s this military ‘pivot to Asia’ all about?”