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Could layoffs be looming ? The ISM’s new-orders index sank 4 points to 48.9%, the lowest reading in more than three years. Exports were also weak again. Yet the employment gauge rose 3.7 points to 51.3%.

U.S. manufacturers grew at the slowest pace in November since the current economic expansion that began in mid-2009, a survey of executives found. The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index fell to 48.6% last month from 50.1% in October, marking the lowest level since June 2009. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had expected the

$225Tn Tuesday – Global Debt Drives the Economy

by Phil


Global Debt is up $147Tn in 20 years.  That’s $7Tn a year or about 10% of our Global Economy has been debt-driven.  Meanwhile, the Global GDP grew $50Tn over the same 20 years, which is $2.5Tn per year or 5% so, in simple terms, our debt is growing twice as fast

China To Launch Carbon Tracking Satellites They’re Exempt From

China plans to launch satellites to monitor its greenhouse gas emissions as the country, estimated to be the world’s top carbon emitter, steps up its efforts to cut such emissions, official news agency Xinhua said on Monday. According to the Xinhau report, the country’s first two carbon-monitoring satellites will be ready by next May

‘Global Warming’ is a Crock of Sh*t

Global warming alarmists have been proven spectacularly wrong time and time again. So why should we believe them now?

HR 22: Feds to Revoke Passports if You Owe Taxes

from RT America:

HR 22 has already passed the House and Senate in the US Congress and is expected to become law. In it is a section that allows the IRS to revoke your passport if you owe more than $50,000 in federal taxes. This, despite the fact that our courts have recognized travel

Interesting. Three countries with highest motivation to bomb Syria. – Max Keiser

Three countries with highest motivation to bomb Syria.

— Max Keiser (@maxkeiser) November 29, 2015

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with John Pilger. Award winning journalist and author, John Pilger talks to us about how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS-Daesh. Plus we examine the media’s role in spreading

Woman Could Face 10 Years Jail For Giving Thirsty Pigs A Drink

by Edmondo Burr

Animal welfare activist Anita Krajnc just couldn’t stand the sight of pigs sweltering on a hot June day while being transferred in trucks to slaughterhouses.

She usually intervenes and starts watering the thirsty pigs.  But her concern for thirsty pigs has landed the Canadian activist with the threat of a 10

How do Negative Interest Rates affect economies and the ordinary person?

by Shaun Richards 

On Thursday we are expecting to see a further dip into the icy-cold world of negative interest-rates made by the European Central Bank. After all the hints and promises made by its President Mario Draghi its deposit rate is expected to fall from the current -0.2% to either -0.3% or -0.4%. Also

Germany Gives List of 10,000+ Greeks with Swiss Accounts

by Martin Armstrong

The Guardian has reported that the hunt for money is indeed in full swing. Germany has now handed Greece the names of more than 10,000 Greeks who they say are dodging taxes with holdings in Swiss banks. These people are destroying the world economy and cannot even see what they are doing.


“Republicans Must Save the Cities,” Kevin D. Williamson writes:

This is where progressive urban governance leads: The combination of over-promising and under-delivering, corruption, institutional ineffectiveness, and clientelist politics ruptures the relationship between so-called public servants and the public they purport to serve. Chicago isn’t Detroit or Cleveland: It isn’t some lost city that has in


? Hillary Clinton calls for more ground troops as part of hawkish Isis strategy.

—The London Guardian, November 19th.

? Clinton can’t “conceive” any condition for combat troops in Iraq, Syria.

—CBS, yesterday.

Unless she’s quietly added extra reinforcements to the exoskeleton, a Hillary divided against itself cannot stand!

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Can 50 Million Dead and Economic Collapse Be Prevented? – Martin Armstrong

In the economic collapse forecast to begin in 2 to 3 years up to 50 million Americans will die the first 3 months. It’s tempting to view this as a culling of the herd, but if we could prevent it, would you?

Inflation: Martin Armstrong has a different slant on inflation. Armstrong believes price


Shot: $450,000 Federal Grant Went to Make Climate-Change Video Game.

—Bridget Johnson, PJ Media, yesterday.

Chaser: Black Friday warning: video games waste energy and contribute to global warming.

—Scientific American, November 28, 2008.

Also in Bridget’s article:

The Waste Report highlighted the 1980s prediction of President Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, that a billion people

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