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Video now accounts for 55% of mobile traffic and 64% of all consumer traffic

FIFA is a non-profit organization – yet it makes billions of dollars.

Obama’s New Budget Plan Proposes Closing Social Security Loophole Which Allows Some Couples To Get Up To $50,000 Extra.

Pontificating G7 Finance Ministers, Who Destroyed Global Finance With QE Infinity,to address faltering global growth

Global QE is rotating growth rather than accelerating it

‘No Liquidity!’ Global QE Bubble Is Finished: The trans-Atlantic world’s financial press is ringing with cries about the “disappearance of liquidity in the bond markets.”

FACT: Obama has attended 435 fundraisers, or 1 every 5 days of his tenure.

When U.S. is weak, “the good guys retreat, the bad guys advance, & the wheels come off the world.”

The human toll of FIFA’s corruption

Bo Polny: Exciting rise in precious metal markets coming in the summer, stock market crash ahead.


The world’s LARGEST ECONOMY was shocked today… Shanghai Composite -6.5% on margin calls… Worlds largest economy is beginning to drag down the world markets. Dominoes…

China’s currency is about to get a huge global endorsement

Emergency Powers Give Barack Obama Authority Over Just About Everything During A Major National Crisis

Is ‘San Andreas’ A Cryptic Warning About What Is Going To Happen In America’s Future?

Even If Patriot Act Expires, Government Will Keep Spying On All Americans. Government Will Use “Secret Interpretations” to Get Around Legal Prohibitions

Last Week May Snows in China, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada

BLOODY BALTIMORE: Murders Up 100% Since Last Year – Arrests Down 50%

Ukraine up for sale | Kiev encourages American investors to buy its state assets

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that the US was sending arms from Libya to Syria back in 2011. She denied this during public testimony (under oath) in early 2013 after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Ron Paul on Economic Collapse and Jade Helm 15

Japan Nuclear Power Plant “Fukushima” is in danger of a possible explosion by Hydrogen and many are still unaware according to Nuclear Engineers

Bankers Warn of Global Economic COLLAPSE as Debt Reaches All Time High!

We have been in tech bubble but no one like to listen to those sounding the alarm

China eyes airspace over disputed waters… Prospect of defense zone… ‘Moves weapons’ to new artificial islands

Despite being in absolutely no danger of being attacked or invaded by a foreign foe, we’ve been at perpetual war since 2001.

People’s balance-sheet (AKA abstract) wealth is nothing but a house of cards. It is an empty cupboard, whose emptiness is unrecognized simply because the cupboard door is closed.

Is victory impossible in modern wars? Or just not possible for us?

One of the largest junk-debt deals ever takes shape. Largest one is now bankruptcy.

Greek bank run… REPORT: Deposit outflows on Tuesday alone came to 300 million euros, against about 100 million euros per day in recent days…. outflows reached €5 bln in April

How sovereign bonds of bankrupt nations, that happen to be at or near all time highs, are not a flashing red sign of SELL, I do not know.

Dr. Lacy Hunt On The Six Characteristics Of Over-Indebted Economies

The smart money has begun to move. This is reflected in the share market as well. When it hits Main street, the music stops.

They blow through almost 100% of their tax revenue just by paying interest and mandatory entitlements like Medicare.

F-35’s clubbed like baby seals. The F-35 Can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run, Shame it isn’t like clubbing banksters.

Gold Will Continue To Show Up As Money

Why the Fed Will Have to Raise Interest Rates

Like Japan & other highly-indebted countries that have struggled to deleverage, China isn’t showing the requisite tolerance for pain

New Law: France’s Supermarkets Must Now Donate All Unsold Food To Charity Instead Of Throwing It Away

Two CEOs in one day…. Snapchat and Red Hat: Tech bubble will end badly

RED ALERT TEXANS! It’s Happening! Dallas Texas “Urgent Dam Is Going To Collapse (Video)

No More Conspiracy Time To Get Prepared! The World Will Probably Be At War This Summer

Economist Martin Armstrong claims there is a “secret meeting to end cash” set to take place in London before the end of the month

The Myth of the Hero Cop: Police officers earn more than you think for a job that’s less dangerous than you imagine.

Kiyosaki: Pension tension & the eroding of American capitalism. “It’s not just bad for tax payers, it’s bad for pensioners.”

Axel Merk: Will Gold Zoom Higher with Greece on the Brink of Default? “The dollar is overvalued relative to the Euro.”

Bull Market Dealt A Significant Blow?

Understanding The Next 10-Years Of Low Returns

Economists show the perils and potential of the coming robot revolution

Guantanamo Inmates Swapped for Bergdahl Free to Travel Next Week