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Pray For Graccident—–It Will Trigger The Demise Of The ECB And The World’s Toxic Regime Of Keynesian Central Banking

After Germany and the Netherlands decided to repatriate a substantial amount of gold from vaults abroad to the vaults in respectively Amsterdam and Frankfurt, now Austria is joining the ‘bring our gold home’ movement.

CHARM CITY: 26 Shootings Over Memorial Day Weekend in Baltimore… Nine murders… Deadliest month in 16 years

HORROR: Four children injured when waterspout lifts bounce house off beach… WITNESSES: Children ejected at 20 feet… VIDEO

State of emergency declared in TX after storms, tornadoes, flash floods… Twister kills 13 in Mexico border city

‘World very scary place right now, especially for people of means’… ‘Feel cornered and threatened’

Economic MELTDOWN by September | Bix Weir

Ongoing Battles In Markets And Gold: The First Half Of 2015 Was Quite Boring In Most Markets, But We Expect A Totally Different Picture In The Second Half Of The Year.

Clinton Emails and State FOIA – An Open Source Investigation

China gov’t newspaper warns “War with United States INEVITABLE” over South China Sea island reclamation

One-third of endangered saiga antelope mysteriously die off in a few days, up to 85,000 dead

US Air Force scrambles fighter jets; intercept Air France jet over “threat.” Landed at JFK in NYC to be searched

Compound in Strawberries and Cucumbers Stops Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Disease

Texas governor declares states of emergency, more severe weather expected. (vids)

Record rainfall causes flooding and chaos in Texas and Oklahoma

Man Drowns in Lake Near Chicago: While Attempting To Save Cat.

Renowned Experts Warn of Slow-Motion Financial Collapse, Governments Dig In And Prepare As Economy Continues Slide

JPM estimates global economy expanded “appallingly weak” 1% in first quarter, worst non-recession quarter since 1998.

WHOOPS. Bank of England accidentally emails Guardian details of a “secret” Brexit project – including how to deny it.

‘Cashless Society': Mega Corp Needs A Bailout, Press Of Button And Your Savings Are Moved To The Corporation. Didn’t Vote “the Right Way” At An Election, Press Of Button You Are A Non Person Who Can’t Exist Without The Electronic Money. This Is Planned Terrorism.

Yanis Varoufakis on Greek debt crisis

Global Trade Dives Most since the Financial Crisis. This Sort Of Thing Isn’t Supposed To Happen.



Why Communist China is Kicking the Sh*t Out of USA?

5 Big Banks Rigged Financial Markets and No One Goes to Jail

The Trend is Clear What was once conspiracy is now mainstream. Jade helm is main stream, the corruption of the banks is mainstream, the possibility of war with Russia or global war is mainstream, a new race war is mainstream and more!


WHOA! Virginia Nuke Plant suffered “Neutron Flux” During August, 2011 Earthquake; Fuel rods broke, Uranium pellets escaped – like Chernobyl


Shocking Road Rage Beating Caught On Camera

Gold’s reemergence as important monetary asset both for individuals and powerful nations

Fox announced WTC 7 collapse before it fell ON 9/11

Prison State America: Inmates becoming corporate slaves in for-profit facilities

An actual false-flag government operation that was specifically designed to turn American Muslims into terrorists. They succeeded and took credit for stopping a terrorist attack that the FBI manufactured.

Bernie Sanders Exposes 18 CEOs who took Trillions in Bailouts, Evaded Taxes and Outsourced Jobs

Remember when Michael Moore was booed at the Oscars for calling out the BS Iraq War invasion?

‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Are Causing Militants To Abandon ISIS – Radicals complain recruits are turning away as they discover Western intelligence controls extremist groups

Iraq’s largest oil refinery engulfed in flames after battle with the Islamic State:

A leaked document shows that militant demonstrators in Ferguson were paid by billionaire George Soros to participate in the protests. Some protesters admitted to being paid $5,000 a month.

Obama responds to public opinion and speaks out against militarization of local police. However, the devil is in the details.

Defense Intelligence Agency memos about the Benghazi attacks reveal that the CIA, State Department, and NSA knew that weapons were being moved from Libya to Syria.

European Emergency: ‘EU risks turning African’ via Libya

NATO Forces practice Night Raid on “Russian” Communications

Would America’s Farms Collapse Without Immigrants?

What Diseases Can You Catch While Swimming?

Let’s end this age-old question once and for all: Is that cell phone in your pocket giving you cancer?

What Are The World’s Fattest Countries?

Republican Senate Sells Out America

Woman Runs Over Husband For Voting For Obama! GOOD