EU Threatens Sanctions on Russia as War in Ukraine Intensifies, Greece Pivots to Russia

by GoldCore

EU foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels today to discuss imposing further sanctions on Russia following an upsurge in fighting in east Ukraine.

A woman pushes a cart as she visits a hypermarket of French grocery retailer Auchan in Moscow, Jan. 15, 2015. A new poll shows 80 percent of Russians would give up Western food for a stronger economy. Reuters

The EU and the US have […]

Russia and China pushes for DOLLAR COLLAPSE – Prepare for civil unrest in the United States

Financial Crisis Six Times Worse Than The 2008 Crash Heading Our Way.Civil unrest in the United States


The struggle is big. Western Media playing it down. But, the U S Pentagon now preparing for MASS Civil breakdown. U S, Europe and Saudi Arabia in an all out war with Russia China and Brazil for the dominant role […]

The Next War In The Middle East Has Begun And Israel Vows ‘To Act Powerfully On All Fronts’

By Michael Snyder

Israel and Hezbollah are at war.  On top of everything else that is going on in the world, now we have a new war in the Middle East, and nobody is quite certain what is going to happen next.  Israel has been preparing for this moment for more than 8 years.  So has Hezbollah.  According to some reports, Hezbollah has amassed an arsenal of 50,000 rockets […]

Oil Collapse: “This Could Cause The Most Destructive Economic Situation Since the Great Depression”

Mac Slavo January 28th, 2015


With the price of oil hovering around $44 and U.S. oil inventories at record highs the general consensus is that the economy will soon see a boost in consumer spending as Americans will take their gas savings and spend it at retail stores.

But there’s a lot more going on with oil on a geo-political scale than can be pumped into a 30-second propaganda […]

‘Global power diversified, US interests won’t always trump others’ – Oxford School of Govt Dean


With all the turmoil, economic hardship and austerity troubling the world today, it seems good governance is rare. And while it’s easy to criticize governments for failing to deliver, running a tight ship is harder than it may seem. How can governments improve their political and economic performance, and is there a one-size-fits-all solution? Oksana is joined by Ngaire Woods, Dean of the Blavatnik School […]

Cops actually ask Google to stop stalking them

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck petitioned Google to disable the police tracking feature on their app, Waze. While Google did not immediately comment on the request, Waze spokseperson, Julie Mossler, actually said that Waze helps keep people safe by sharing tracking information with police. The irony and the idiocy continue. The Resident discusses.

Telecom Outrage: Obamaphone Program Plagued With Fraud: Over 13 Million Free Cell Phones Given Away In 2014

Mac Slavo January 29th, 2015

Among the free entitlements offered to lower-income individuals and those less fortunate are free cell phones subsidized by tax payments from the middle class. The program, originally designed under President Ronald Reagan and pushed into the mainstream by President George Bush, has exploded under President Obama with over 13 million phones issued to “qualified” individuals in 2014 alone. The phones are supposed to give […]

Iran’s nuclear site in Syria Obama administration won’t make it an issue………

Cleanup of oil spill on Montana’s Yellowstone River to HALT…

Obama Intervened on Behalf of Iran in Jewish Center Massacre – Conspiracy! key list…

Senate Democrats give Obama deadline on Iran – Conspiracy! key list

Senate Democrats give Obama deadline on Iran – key list…

Satellite Images Suggest North Korea Is About Restart Nuclear Reactor

Recent satellite images suggest North Korea may be about to restart the nuclear reactor seen as its main source of weapons-grade plutonium, a US think-tank said on Thursday.

When fully operational, the five-megawatt reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear complex is capable of producing around six kilos (13 pounds) of plutonium a year — enough for one nuclear bomb, experts say.

North Korea has conducted three nuclear tests, and recently […]

Republican Leaders: Get Ready for U.S. Troops on the Ground in Iraq and Syria

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) did not mince words during their joint- appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday night in berating President Obama’s strategy for defeating ISIS and other terrorist threats in the Middle East.

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Republicans Rip Obama for Misleading Americans on ISIS The Fiscal Times Defeating ISIS: Just a Skirmish or a War? The Fiscal Times President Touts Foreign-Policy Approach […]

‘Ready to Flee': President of Soros Funded Institute Says Global Elite In Panic Mode


Super rich hedge fund managers are buying ‘secret boltholes’ where they can hideout in the event of civil uprising against growing inequality, it has been claimed.

Nervous financiers from across the globe have begun purchasing landing strips, homes […]

Media Blackout of 200,000 Marching Americans

An estimated 200,000 people joined in a March for Life in Washington, D.C., bringing to the streets in front of Congress their plea for protection of the unborn.

It was double the number of people that go to even the biggest football games or indoor concerts.

Yet the establishment media was virtually absent.

WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah has joined with Media Research Center and more than 20 […]

Crazy! Scientist Offered to Build 40 Nuclear EMPs to Detonate Over NYC

80-year-old Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni a naturalized U.S. citizen from Argentina, was arrested and indicted in 2010 after a two-year federal sting in which he promised an undercover agent posing as a Venezuelan intelligence official that he could help Venezuela build 40 nuclear missiles in 20 years by 2030. In recordings played today in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque, Pedro Leonardo Mascheroni tells an FBI agent posing as a Venezuelan […]