Central Banks Start To Swindle Each Other, Not Just Public

More: http://hiddensecretsofmoney.com/videos Central banks around the world have teamed up to fleece the public for centuries. Last week, the Swiss National Bank broke rank by not only lying to the public – but by lying to their Central Banking cohorts.

Hidden Secrets Of Money is a world-leading educational series that is sponsored by, and also based on the priciples of WealthCycles. It shows the evolution of gold and silver […]

Currency Wars – Russia and Netherlands Central Banks Buy 30.34 Tonnes Gold In December

by GoldCore

Russia and surprisingly the Netherlands were the largest central bank buyers in December – accumulating a significant 30.34 tonnes between them as currency wars intensify. Demand for gold as a diversification and monetary asset continues to be very robust and central banks remain net buyers of gold which should be supportive of prices.

The Netherlands, which has the ninth-biggest gold reserves,  raised its bullion holdings for the […]

U.S. Gov/Central Bankers Are Accelerating War To Cover Up The Economic Collapse

Greece Syriza party has won the elections. Other countries are waiting to see if Greece writes-off their debt. Mattel profits implode during the holiday season. IBM laying off employees. Baltic dry index fall again. Russia downgraded to junk by S&P. Gore pushing Agenda 21. US pushing war in Ukraine, use false flag in Mariupol. English speaking soldiers caught in Ukraine. Warnings at Embassies in Lebanon and Yemen. Malaysian Airlines […]

Rickards – Whenever you have to peg something, it tells you you’re fighting the market, because if the market wanted to go to a certain level, it would go to that level…Central banks, hedge funds almost always lose – when you’re fighting…

Published on Jan 23, 2015

Thousands of mourners gathered in Mecca early Friday, hours after news was released that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud had died, aged 90. The king had overseen a five-fold increase in the size of the Saudi economy during his tenure at the helm. With his passing, three issues face the new leader, King Abdullah’s brother, King Salman, aged 79. Edward […]

ISIS threatens to kill 2nd Japanese hostage, Jordan pilot in 24 hours, and why ISIS’ beheading of a hostage could change Japan’s national security policy

New apparent ISIS post says Japanese hostage, Jordanian pilot will die within 24 hours if demand isn’t met. http://t.co/2A7hfGvD4a

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) January 27, 2015

How could #ISIS' beheading of a hostage change Japan’s national security policy? http://t.co/L9MfJ1sUaS pic.twitter.com/jGGdBneyA4

— CNN International (@cnni) January 26, 2015

Japan says won’t pay hostage ransom to ISIS as deadline looms

Japan will not pay a $200 million ransom for […]

Junk-Bond Bubble Implodes Beyond Energy, Deals Scuttled, Yields Soar, Suddenly “Insufficient Demand”

Wolf Richter wolfstreet.com, www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichter

The year 2015 has just started, and already there have been two junk-bond casualties: the first on Thursday, and the second one today. They weren’t energy companies. Energy companies don’t even try anymore. They’ve been locked out. Both deals had to be scuttled because, even at the high yields they offered, there were suddenly no buyers. 2014 had been a harbinger: 17 junk-bond deals for $5.8 […]

‘Those who rewrite history attempt to hide own disgrace’ – Putin on WW2 & Auschwitz

‘Those who rewrite history attempt to hide own disgrace’ – Putin on WW2 & #Auschwitz http://t.co/1S2WT9E5Km pic.twitter.com/VdndFUIfi3

— RT (@RT_com) January 27, 2015

‘Those who rewrite history attempt to hide own disgrace’ – Putin on WW2 & Auschwitz 

The Russian president has blasted attempts to rewrite the history of WWII and hide the crimes of Nazism as inadmissible and immoral, adding that people who do this often try to […]

‘Empire of Chaos’ in the House

‘Empire of Chaos’ in the House (Op-Edge by Pepe Escobar) http://t.co/ULN2eBK3th pic.twitter.com/pvVOk8XXjk

— RT (@RT_com) January 27, 2015

‘Empire of Chaos’ in the House (Op-Edge by Pepe Escobar)

No one in Western corporate media will tell you why US President Barack Obama is hitting Riyadh with a high-powered delegation to “pay his respects” to the new House of Saud potentate, King Salman.

Talk about a who’s who – including […]

Once one oligarchy falls, it will threaten to topple a long line of oligarch dominoes.

by Charles Hugh-Smith

Once one oligarchy falls, it will threaten to topple a long line of oligarch dominoes.

A great many narratives invoking Greece are being tossed around, but only one really encapsulates the unvarnished truth: the Oligarchs blew it. The oligarchs in both Greece and the European Union/ECB had the opportunity a few years ago to trade some of their outsized wealth and political power for stability and sustainable […]

‘Oil price drop hitting budget hard’ – Alaska Gov Bill Walker

New Alaska governor Bill Walker has cut his state budget, as the oil rich state deals with a drastic drop in the price of the black stuff. He tells RT what’s behind his decision.

Ukraine to receive €1.8bn from EU

Ukraine to receive €1.8bn from EU 

European Union finance ministers have agreed to loan Ukraine €1.8 billon to stave off a default. Some governments pressed for €2.6 billion in medium-term loans for 2015 and 2016.

“The European Commission put €1.8 billion on the table. Some wanted us to do more,” French Finance Minister, Michel Sapin, told reporters Tuesday. “What is urgent today is to start implementing this package … because […]

Ron Paul: Education is Too Important Not to Leave to the Marketplace – 01/26/15

Unmanned, Unregulated & On White House Grounds: Obama Says Drones Need Rules

This is so nauseatingly hypocritical, it’s almost impressive. Note that US drones killed a 12-year-old boy on Monday. pic.twitter.com/oNmTNR4XYg

— Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) January 27, 2015

Unmanned, unregulated & on White House grounds: Obama says drones need rules

President Barack Obama has acknowledged that federal laws for unmanned aerial vehicles – or drones – lag behind the technology readily available to consumers. His remarks came hours after a […]

New Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis Steps In With Looming Multibillion Euro Debt

New Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis steps in with looming multibillion euro debt http://t.co/0I0MyzGdpI pic.twitter.com/24mGaVAGBB

— RT (@RT_com) January 27, 2015

The Greek election will increase economic uncertainty across Europe. That’s why the UK must stick to our plan, delivering security at home.

— David Cameron (@David_Cameron) January 25, 2015

New Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis steps in with looming multibillion euro debt

There will be […]

This Is What It Means To Lose A Currency War

by John Rubino

The term gets tossed around a lot, but the meaning and consequences of a “currency war” aren’t intuitively clear to most people. Especially confusing is the idea that you lose the war when your currency goes up. The suddenly very strong dollar, for instance, should, one would think, be a good thing, since it seems to imply that the rest of the world is impressed enough to covet […]

Britain Risks ‘Sleepwalking Into A Surveillance State’ – CCTV Watchdog

The Surveillance State Is Coming to a Pub Near You http://t.co/IGl0emoDUa? pic.twitter.com/bFLwbXfaCF

— The Mass Deception (@MassDeception1) January 21, 2015

The UK has too many CCTV cameras and the public is ignorant of the true extent of snooping, the government’s surveillance tsar has warned.

Tony Porter, the UK’s Surveillance Camera Commissioner, said many of Britain’s millions of cameras are useless when it comes to combating crime.

In a biting […]