1.5 Tons Of Gold Bound For Iran Seized on Plane In Turkey. Obama Fails to Protect US Financial Institutions from Iranian Cyber Attacks

Press TV Reports:

Turkey holds plane carrying 1.5 tons of gold to Dubai

The starting point and the destination of the plane is not clear yet but the report said it may have departed from Algeria and was headed for another country.


Turkey MSM Reports:

Iran said to be final destination for gold-laden plane

Iran appears to be the final destination of a cargo plane carrying 1.5 tons of gold, which is currently being held at an Istanbul airport, a Turkish news report said on Sunday.

The plane, an Airbus A-300 owned by a Turkish private company, made an emergency landing at Atatürk Airport for refueling and personnel reshuffle on Jan. 1, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported on Saturday. The aircraft has been held at the airport since then due to missing documents.


Iran steps up cyber attacks on U.S. financial institutions

Iran is continuing aggressive cyber attacks against U.S. financial institutions and officials say the U.S. government has failed to take steps to halt the electronic strikes.

The sophisticated denial-of-service cyber attacks have been underway for several months and involve Iranian-origin hackers who flood banking and financial institution web sites with massive log-in attempts that disrupt or halt remote banking services.

“The are going after the same types of sites,” said an intelligence official familiar with reports of the attacks.

The official criticized the Obama administration for failing to protect American corporations from what the official said were state-sponsored cyber attacks


Iran Continuing Its Covert Cyber War Against US Banks, Hits PNC Bank


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Guess Who Loves The Likely Selection Of Hagel…

Iran’s state-run Press TV praised President Barack Obama for his likely selection of the “anti-Israel” former Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel to head the Defense Department, according to a report published Saturday.

“All signs indicate that U.S. President Barack Obama is poised to nominate anti-Israel ex-Senator Chuck Hagel as the next defense secretary soon,” reported Press TV, a news outlet that is controlled by the Iranian regime.


Israeli Officials Hope Hagel on Board With Iran War

Hagel’s Past Opposition to War Could Be Turned to Israeli Advantage


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