1 day before 9/11 – 2.3 Trillion $ Missing from DOD

September 10th 2001 Secretary of Defense of the USA declared war on the Pentagon bureaucracy over an alleged $2.3 trillion in unaccounted for funds on expenses, the next day 9/11 happened and the previous day’s headlines were over-shadowed by the start of the Bush administration’s modern-day crusade the ‘War on Terror’ supported by the mythical ‘Coalition of the Willing’ in search of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and ‘Taliban fighters’ the $2.3 trillion was later quietly ‘found’ to have just been a computer error… Investigate 9/11

Anthony Antonello asks Donald Rumsfeld if he ever found that missing $2.3 Trillion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PN0Y_

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Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Grills Donald Rumsfeld on 9/11 and More

known unknowns http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RpSv3

2.3 Trillion Dollars missing from D.O.D.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rRqeJ

Trillions gone from Pentagon? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZp3R2

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8 Responses

  1. LoneWolf says:

    OMG … all the video links are destroyed .. they do not exist. Must have been pulled by the spooks.

  2. Looney Tune says:

    And guess who was the comptroller of the Pentagon at that time? One RABBI Dov Zachiem. He also had a firm that specialized in remote control airplanes. All just a coincidence so move along, nothing to see here.

  3. TheBigOne says:

    For some strange reason I remember the talk of missing money just before 9/11 but couldn’t piece together when it was and now I know!

    I think Bush was innocent in this case as he was truly unaware when the attacks occur but I bet other higher ups let it happen because every democrat in charge was out of the country for one reason or another at that time taking off all at once.

    Even the chief of our military was off the day 9/11 happen which is why our military was so disorganized. He had a lower person temporary take over.

    Their were plans to crash Flight 93 into the White House because they thought Bush was going to be in it but instead he was at a school so even if the White House did get attack they would not have gotten Bush that day.

    What would’ve happened if airspace was not shut down that day? Would more attacks likely continue or would the terrorist give up when people started fighting back?

    I think it’s the shutting down of US airspace that brought upon the panic as during the initial attacks people were not too freaked out except those in the office buildings because they have been thru the 1993 truck bombing incident and knew how to evacuate the towers in a timely manner.

  4. TheBigOne says:

    I think 9/11 was a plan to attack Bush and a lot of funding came from various sources to allow such a mass organization. There is no way a guy from a cave could’ve done it all especially as before 9/11 all his bank accounts were frozen during that summer he was on the lam from the US Embassy Bombing.

    In fact that summer they (The US Marshals) were pretty confident he would be captured before winter sets in because they were closing his accounts left and right and his own country wouldn’t support him so he was forced to hide out in caves lest he dared show his face for killing over 100 Americans in that US Embassy attack.

    After 9/11 he never was on the FBI’s Most Wanted page so I am more and more convinced he was just a scapegoat to make it look like they were tracking him down but not really for media attention.

  5. TheBigOne says:

    Edit. I meant Bin Laden. I got carried away that I made typos.

  6. Lou says:

    Investigate 9/11 Oh yes.

    Announcements of “missing funds” are ALWAYS made on FRIDAY so they may be forgotten by Monday. They are NEVER made on MONDAY UNLESS you KNOW something real big will happen on TUESDAY.

    The missing 2.3 trillion was never found in fact the total of funds and equipment “missing” from the DOD coffers was up to about 7 trillion last I heard.

    I am sure if you water board Dov a few times he will tell you where it went.

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