1 Million Muslims to March on White House on September 11th 2013!


1 Million Muslims in AMPAC Are set to March for their rights at the White House on September 11th 2013!





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  • geepers

    And the jews are funding it!

    • mo


  • Broken Earth Org

    I have a better idea, one-million Muslims go home to traditional Islamic lands and reinstate the Khalifa and the Islamic constitution (the Qur’an) and stop emulating the people who intend only harm for you. In short, wake the hell up!!!!! Imam Mehdi is on the horizon and if you do not follow your religion rather than through it behind your back as the Jews did before you, you will be taken away to the trash heap!!!

  • Bob Machinski

    Im muslims and have never heard of this till now, this is nothing more than a U.S/Zionist government supported psyops program to make americans hate muslims even more.