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10 fast facts about Gen. Petraeus

With rumblings that Gen. David Petraeus might be in the mix for Romney’s running mate, here are POLITICO’s Top 10 Petraeus facts:

1. Nickname was “Peaches” when he was young — either because of his lack of facial hair or because it was a shortened version of his surname.

2. During a training exercise in 1991 was hit in the chest by a bullet. His surgeon at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center was Bill Frist, who would later become Senate majority leader. (Petraeus convinced his doctors to release him early by doing 50 sit-ups.)

3. Unanimously confirmed as director of the CIA in June 2011, by a Senate vote of 94-0.

4. Known as a “warrior-scholar,” according to Reuters, having earned his master’s and doctorate from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.


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