127 corporations that want to “Fix the Debt” by gutting your retirement

This is a must read if you have a 401K or an IRA !!
You think the Corporations have all this money setting on their balance sheets ? Why don’t they fund their liabilities that they promised their employees then ??
It runs in the hundreds of Billions !

Read this shit and it will Blow your mind !

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2/23/2013 10:00am by Gaius Publius
The CEOs of the following corporations don’t think they have enough money — perhaps because they don’t have it all. So they got together a little group called “Fix the Debt” to cobble up some more. The source of their added wealth? Your government retirement and medical insurance programs. You know, Social Security and Medicare. ‘Cause all your money aren’t yet belong to them; you still have some left.





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