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The Daily History of the Debt Results

Historical returns from 12/26/2012 through 12/31/2012

The data for the total public debt outstanding is published each business day. If there is no debt value for the date(s) you requested, the value for the preceding business day will be displayed.

Debt Held by the Public vs. Intragovernmental Holdings )



Date Debt Held by the Public Intragovernmental Holdings Total Public Debt Outstanding
12/26/2012 11,543,065,624,834.50 4,794,794,575,800.56 16,337,860,200,635.06
12/27/2012 11,546,343,682,876.98 4,791,899,708,870.10 16,338,243,391,747.08
12/28/2012 11,546,673,477,919.73 4,789,788,074,686.62 16,336,461,552,606.35
12/31/2012 11,581,517,550,395.07 4,851,212,500,174.05 16,432,730,050,569.12

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