17 Trillion Dollar Debt Reaches The OUTER LIMITS!- A Light in the Dark Creation Production

The New World Math is being applied to the GDP; and the results will have far reaching implications. The sheep are being laid to bed and tucked in.
This new form of mathematics isn’t just another hurdle to get shit back going again. Its the Crescendo of all mathematics where even the Porn industry
will be welcome into the Frey. Time are sure desperate in Washington DC as they have included both Research and Development which means absolutely nothing.

The Major Research and Development is done in Colleges and places like D.A.R.P.A which has already been included. Most of the Major Companies report this in there financial statements.
This is just another charade in a long list of charades to pull the wool over the people eyes.

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If I can figure this out in the confronts of my home, I’m sure we can get this message out to the rest of the people… SHARE THIS VIDEO PASS IT AROUND!

US GDP is about to get a lot bigger

The economy will grow by 3% in July because of a shift in how the government measures output, especially of intangible assets.



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