2 Million Bikers to Counter 1 Million Muslim March in DC on 9/11

Grass-roots movement plans to descend on Washington on 9/11

Muslims who have begun promoting a 9/11 march in Washington that originally was to protest “anti-Islamic bigotry in the U.S.” and then turned into a “March Against Fear” may have some competition.

Loud competition. Very loud. And lots of it.

In what was a virtual impossibility before the Internet, a Facebook page has been created in which many individuals are coordinating what they have dubbed “2 Million Bikers to DC.”

At the Mr. Conservative blog, the author said: “The best way to counter bad speech is to oppose it with good speech. Sometimes ‘speech’ can be expressed simply by the number of people who are willing to show up to support a principle. That’s the view that hundreds of bikers (so far) across American have as they prepare to join a ’2 Million Biker Ride to DC’ to counter the planned Sept. 11 ‘Million Muslim March.’”

On the Facebook page, the community purpose is described as: “To honor those who were killed on 911 and our armed forces who fought those who precipitated this attack!”

More than 16,000 “likes” had been generated in just a short time.

“We have now created the final phase for states to coordinate! All riders need to look at the state list, choose your state and request to be added! Several states still need coordinators,” is included in the instructions.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/bikers-to-counter-muslim-march/#Zia0UG1DBm6gPFOv.99

2 Million Bikers to DC 9-11-13




Hey good Brothers and Sisters

This ride is a challenge for all of us in a short period of time.

I want to take a moment again to recognize the efforts of my mediator team, and the administrators for each state!!!

I am Blessed by the Lord for ALL OF YOU!!!

I am sorry I am not as involved as my team but there allot of things I am indeed working on behind the scenes!

I am Praying we all keep in mind the true meaning of SOLIDARITY!

We ALL need to help a Bro or a Sister this is indeed a test of times and SPIRITUAL WARFARE!

Lets keep it tight and keep it real!


Top fuel Bill Williamson


What do you get when you arrive at the Million Muslim March on 9/11 in Washington DC?

Loud competition. Very loud. And lots of it! You get 2 million American biker patriots revving their engines when Muslims start lifting their asses to Allah on the front lawn of the U.S. Capitol building on 9/11.


Muslim stealth jihadists plan to hijack this year’s 9/11 Anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attacks on our nation with a ‘MILLION MUSLIM MARCH’ in Washington DC to demand special treatment for Muslims

The Million Muslim March has the full support of Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR and MAS:




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  • Vic Pittman

    What morons ! Makes me embarrassed to have a bike. Are they going to wear KKK hoods? That would be appropriate.

    • chungasrevenge

      do rag heads galore:-D

    • Shiny spoke

      No, they will wear The Star of David hoods.

  • fred

    Zionist divide and conquer tactic is working well as usual. Too bad these morons wouldn’t wake up to who the real perps were.

  • Drdetroitdanchap

    Show up for the next AIPAC meeting !!! Quit watching that
    “zionist-soap-opera” “TWITS of anarchy” and study the DANCING ISRAELIS.
    WHO PROFITED off of 9/11 ?!?!?!

  • Mr. Jonz

    If there’s going to be a million muslims in DC maybe someone might want to start telling them. Apparently, there’s no organized effort to put this together. In other words, it’s all BS.

  • B Fast

    I find it offensive that Muslims would choose 9/11 for a protest march. 9/11 is/should be a disgrace to Islam. The Muslims who march on that date honor that which they should be ashamed of.

  • hp b

    Well how are the confused biker patriots going to cross the ocean to get to Israel?

    They do want to confront “those who precipitated this attack,” don’t they?

    • Ben Steinke

      As Dr. House would say, “Awwww, SNAP!!!!!”

  • Ben Steinke

    Oh, come on!!!! This government WANTS you to hate Muslims because it provides them with a convenient excuse for declaring endless wars on people who have done absolutely NOTHING to the American people. Muslims were NOT RESPONSIBLE for 9/11, and I have heard absolutely NO PROOF from ANYONE that they were. Even Bush II later said that Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11, and OBL’s FBI Most Wanted profile mentioned NOTHING about his supposed involvement with 9/11. You “patriots” are so gullible that if a conservative told you that the moon was made of Roquefort cheese, you’d believe it. Grow up and get lives, you uneducated, uninformed dupes!!!

  • Mr. Banker

    I just love it when we can trick the people into fighting each other. Old against young, black against white, tall against short, oh Yeah! It keeps them busy so they don’t notice us and gives us a reason to increase our police power over them and control them. We get stronger and they get weaker. If they ever worked together they could turn on us and destroy us. We can’t have that!!!

  • Weaver

    You guys know that there IS no Million Muslim March, right?

  • David

    use the USD printed exclusively by the fake feds who have not owned gold since 1934, or we will kill you The dollar has value because only the feds can print it and the government steals it back thus taking you and me for a ride Read title 26 usc 6331 paragraph a and find out the truth the irs refuses to recognize. Qadaffi was murdered because he wanted to go to the gold and get off the usd no way says the fed hey what about JFK didnt he make a speach about ending the fed before a magic bullet found him? And now Syria and still no declaration of war from congress having that carrot i mean usd held in front of their noses.

  • democratsaremorons

    freaking rag heads

  • Bob

    Before I go do the organizers have the necessary permits for this event???

  • Weston Szpondowski

    Muslims have no business protesting the capitol on this day. Thumbs up to the bikers for standing up for America and protesting the disrespectful muslims. If muslims don’t like it here they can always immigrate back to where it is they came from.