20 UN peacekeepers taken hostage by rebels in golan! FSA have info Hezbolla sending 5000 soldiers to Syria the next few days to fight in Homs

BREAKING : Suicide bomber attacks Al Ghasolah checkpoint on Damascus Intl. Airport Rd. killing nearly 50 soldiers,destroying 3 tanks#Syria


Tank hit

Helicopter (i guess) hit
Description say a war plane down over Menneg Military Airport, but more looks like helicopter to me

Al Nusra blow up two strategic army checkpoints in Dar Kaberah, on the entrance of Homs city this morning


FSA: Hizbullah Preparing to Send 5,000 Fighters to Homs

The joint command of the rebel Free Syrian Army on Tuesday accused Hizbullah of “preparing to send between 4,000-5,000 fighters to Syria via Homs over the next few days.”

“On Sunday evening, Hizbullah trained its members in the Western Bekaa area near the Lebanese town of Mashghara, in preparation for sending a new batch of fighters to Syria,” the joint command said in a statement.


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Al Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade detains some #UN personnel in #Syria

BREAKING: #UN estimates 20 peacekeepers detained in #GolanHeights on #Israel-#Syria border


“If no withdrawal is made within 24 hours we will treat them as prisoners,” he said, claiming the UN forces had collaborated with Syrian government troops to drive the fighters out of the village.

After a video appeared on YouTube showing several armed-rebel fighters standing in front of two white armored vehicles bearing the UN inscription with at least five peacekeepers inside, the UN confirmed the incident.

UN deputy spokesman Eduardo del Buey told reporters that “approximately 30 armed fighters stopped and detained about 20 peacekeepers within the area of limitation.”





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