200+ blacks riot in Philadelphia – Media blames ‘Warm Weather’

“It got crazy. Everybody was pushing and shoving,” said Nicholas Adams. The sneaker store where he worked even locked its doors.

Adams said, “We didn’t want them running into our store knocking stuff over. We had people inside the store who we didn’t want to let out because we didn’t want them to get trampled.”

police arrested more than a dozen teens as the rowdy kids ran toward Broad Street.

Lakia Garrick watched it from her job at Wendy’s on the corner.

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“All of a sudden, all these kids just started running in here. Then the cops came in and cleared the store out and told us we can’t serve nobody until they cleared downtown,” Garrick said.

As police cleared the street and dispersed crowds of people watching, some of the teens also got violent with them.


James manning, a black individual said


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