2013 was due to be year of the ‘solar maximum’: The calm before the (solar) storm? Nasa reveals this amazing image of the sun – and issues warning that ‘something unexpected is happening there’

  • 2013 was due to be year of the ‘solar maximum’
  • As this picture shows, in fact the sun is incredibly calm – baffling experts


‘Something unexpected’ is happening on the Sun, Nasa has warned.

This year was supposed to be the year of ‘solar maximum,’ the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle. 

But as this image reveals, solar activity is relatively low.



Conventional wisdom holds that solar activity swings back and forth like a simple pendulum.

At one end of the cycle, there is a quiet time with few sunspots and flares.

At the other end, solar max brings high sunspot numbers and frequent solar storms.

It’s a regular rhythm that repeats every 11 years.

Reality is more complicated.

Astronomers have been counting sunspots for centuries, and they have seen that the solar cycle is not perfectly regular.


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  • Jim

    Now if the “sun spots” continue to diminish, the average temperatures on Earth will fall. What excuse will the Globalist who push global warming, use to continue their agenda? How are they going to continue the myth of man made global warming if the temperatures continue to fall? How will they control the masses if their BS story is proved wrong?