21 December 2012 is starting to freak me out a little and this is why. Will we experience Christmas at all?

Just putting some small this together, that is freaking me out a little.
I am not a big believer in 2012 Maya doom and have never been.
But there is something boiling in my head that says something is wrong.
Don’t get me trolled for this, but I just felt like I had to jump a little on the doom wagon this time. Probably I will wake up on Saturday and laugh at the whole thing.

Why would the navy call bigger part of their fleet home just before the 21 December?

Just go to YouTube and search for the connection about Aurora shooting and Sandy Cook shooting in the batman movie. Watched it yesterday and it’s true. VERY STRANGE

Combine that story with this one, and you get a new picture of the whole story

Then you have this information and the doom red alarm went off


And the today this news. Will there be more in the coming days??


Why have all the latest tv-series been about on all of the major TV channels?

Revolution The Event Fringe Last Resort Lost



Well the clock I ticking only a couple of days left



– Limpan


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  • Sanem

    The Mayans never said the world would be destroyed or anything, they said it would be changed. The end of one era, and into the next. Think industrial revolution, but much, much bigger.

    We’re at the edge of two revolutions that will change our world and our race in a way, on a scale and at a speed that’s unprecedented and unimaginable. This isn’t some doomtalk or leaf reading, this is pure simple math.

    The first is technology. Ray Kurzweil has this down pretty well, technology is evolving faster and faster, and at some point it’ll hit AI, nano-tech, bio-tech… which will be like millenia of evolution concentrated into just a few decades. That won’t happen for another 10 or 20 years, but it will eventually.

    The second is the death of our financial and economic system. This is an outdated monstrocity that has been living on borrowed time for the last few decades. 2008 was the last warning, a mild hart attack if you will, but we’ve gone beyond the point of no return and the consequences will be apocaliptic, to say the least. And this could happen literally any day now, within 3 years at the very utmost.
    My guess would be 2013 when the world economy slows down and no amount of free money will keep investors in a game that’ll bankrupt everyone involved. So for the Mayans to put the date of a great transformation on December 12 2012 is an unnerving coincidence to say the least, but more precisely mind blowing. Even if they’re off by a few years, it’ll still be shockingly accurate.