21 Police Officers Executed In Pakistan

Pakistani Taliban militants executed 21 policemen who were captured in attacks on their posts late last week, government officials said today.

The men, who were kidnapped on Friday in attacks on three checkpoints near the city of Peshawar, were lined up before being shot one-by-one, officials said.

One man was badly wounded but survived the shootings and another is said to have escaped.

‘They were tied up and blindfolded,’ Naveed Anwar, a senior administration official in the Khyber region, said.

‘They were lined up and shot in the head,’ said Habibullah Arif, another local official.

The victims were from a paramilitary force recruited from members of ethnic Pashtun tribes in northwestern Pakistan.

The militias support the government in its efforts against fighters battling the state, it added.

The victims were found in the Jabai area of Frontier Region Peshawar, part of Pakistan’s troubled tribal region.