22 Employees Resign From Al-Jazeera, Call Network “Propaganda Channel” For Muslim Brotherhood

Twenty two employees from the media company Al-Jazeera resigned on Monday after they accused the company of airing “biased coverage” of the on-going political upheaval in Egypt.

“Al Jazeera turned itself into a channel for the Muslim Brotherhood group,” el-Menawy told the news outlet Al Arabiya. “They are far away from being professional. When the Muslim Brotherhood collapsed, they continued to play the role.”

Luxor-based reporter Hegag Salama, a ten-year veteran of the news network, made an impassioned telephone interview with Cairo’s Dream 2 Television on Monday morning, in which he outlined his reasons for leaving the network. The Dream presenters nodded empathetically as Salama stated that Al Jazeera had “become an enemy of Egypt” and claimed that “orders had changed” regarding coverage of events.

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