22 Signs That Global Weather Patterns Are Going Absolutely Crazy

by Michael

Flooding in the United States - Nashville, Tennessee - Photo by Eric Hamiter

Global weather patterns seem to get stranger and stranger with each passing year.  Almost every day now, the news is telling us about some bizarre weather event that hasn’t happened “in 100 years” going on in some area of the globe.  All over the planet, we are seeing torrential rainfalls, unprecedented flooding, extreme drought, nightmarish wildfires, record setting tornadoes and very unusual blizzards.  Record high temperatures and record low temperatures are set so frequently now that nobody really seems to even notice anymore.  So exactly what in the world is going on here?  Why does our weather seem to be going absolutely crazy?  Perhaps even more important – can we expect our weather patterns to become even more erratic?  Some meteorologists are suggesting that these unusual weather events are just an “anomaly” and that things will get back to normal soon.  But what if they don’t?

I noted that natural disasters seem to be increasing in both frequency and severity in my recent article entitled “Are We Entering The Worst Period For Natural Disasters In U.S. History?“  But it isn’t just the ground under our feet that seems to be becoming more unstable.  The weather patterns that we all take for granted and that society depends upon seem to be rapidly changing.

The following are 22 signs that global weather patterns are going absolutely crazy…

1. Right now, central Europe is experiencing the worst flooding that it has seen in at least 70 years.

2. On Memorial Day weekend, a vicious winter storm dumped up to 36 inches of snow on parts of upstate New York.

3. Back in mid-May, on one single day some parts of the UK had a couple of inches of snow, some parts of the UK had a month’s worth of rainfall on a single day, and some parts of the UK were hammered by winds of up to 65 miles per hour.

4. The month of April was so cold across the northern United States that one meteorologist said that it was “like something out of the Twilight Zone“…

April has been a freakishly cold month across much of the northern USA, bringing misery to millions of sun-starved and winter-weary residents from the Rockies to the Midwest. “The weather map … looks like something out of The Twilight Zone,” Minneapolis meteorologist Paul Douglas of WeatherNation TV wrote on his blog last week. Record cold and snow has been reported in dozens of cities, with the worst of the chill in the Rockies, upper Midwest and northern Plains. Several baseball games have been snowed out in both Denver and Minneapolis. Cities such as Rapid City, S.D.; Duluth, Minn.; and Boulder, Colo., have all endured their snowiest month ever recorded. (In all three locations, weather records go back more than 100 years.) In fact, more than 1,100 snowfall records and 3,400 cold records have been set across the nation so far in April, according to the National Climatic Data Center.

5. This year Saskatchewan had the coolest spring that it has experienced in 100 years.

6. Moscow just experienced the snowiest winter that it has seen in 100 years.

7. Snow is falling in Russia in places where it should not be falling this time of the year.  On Sunday, residents of Kemerovo were stunned to see that a thin layer of snow had fallen on their city overnight.

8. This spring, there was a record amount of ice on the Baltic Sea due to very cold weather…

“Since record keeping began in the sixties, we’ve never encountered anything like this before,” ice breaker Ulf Gulldne told the local newspaper Örnsköldsviks Allehanda.

On March 29th, 176,000 square kilometers of the Baltic Sea was covered in ice, a record for the time of year. On a map, it means about half of the central and northern parts are frozen over. Far north, the ice is both thick and difficult to break through.

9. The city of Anchorage, Alaska set a record for the longest snow season that it has ever experienced this year.

10. In February, hail the size of “boulders” pounded one poor city in southern India

Hailstones the size of boulders have rained down on villages in southern India.

At least nine people were killed when the violent weather hit several villages in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The hailstorm which lasted for almost 20 minutes, destroyed crops, houses and live stock, causing devastating financial implications for residents.

11. The tornado that touched down near Oklahoma City on Friday was the widest tornado ever recorded.  It was an EF5 tornado that was 2.6 miles wide at one point with winds of up to 295 miles an hour.

12. The tornado that did such devastating damage to Moore, Oklahoma recently was about 2 miles wide and it sat on the ground for an astounding 40 minutes.

13. During the month of February, Peru, Chile and Bolivia were all hit byunprecedented flooding.

14. At the end of May, more than a foot of rainfall in 24 hours caused nightmarish flooding in San Antonio, Texas.

15. A few weeks ago, unusual levels of rainfall caused the Mississippi River to rise to near record levels.

16. This year the state of Georgia experienced the wettest February ever recorded.

17. Chicago just had the wettest April ever recorded.

18. Scientists are projecting that the nightmarish drought that is taking place in the western half of the United States will “intensify” this year.

19. Overall, hundreds of thousands of trees died throughout the United States during 2012 due to horrible drought conditions.

20. This past January, part of Australia experienced record setting high temperatures that were absolutely unprecedented.  Keep in mind that the following temperatures are in Celsius…

Sydney endured its hottest ever day on Friday, with records smashed across the city and thousands of people suffering from the heat.  The mercury topped 45.8 at Sydney’s Observatory Hill at 2.55pm, breaking the previous record set in 1939 by half a degree. The city’s highest temperature was a scorching 46.5 degrees, recorded in Penrith at 2.15pm, while Camden, Richmond and Sydney Airport all reached 46.4 degrees.

21. Over the weekend, extremely dry conditions were making it difficult for firefighters to battle a very intense wildfire in California that had already burnedmore than 20,000 acres

By Sunday night, the Powerhouse Fire around the Angeles National Forest in Southern California engulfed about 22,400 acres, endangering some 1,000 homes in the Lake Elizabeth and Lake Hughes area.

Nearly 2,100 firefighters struggled to contain the fire, which more than tripled in size from Saturday to Sunday. Nearly 3,000 people have been evacuated and the blaze has already destroyed at least six homes by Sunday night.

22. About 30 percent of all honeybees are dying each year in the United States, and nobody seems to know exactly why this is happening.  If this continues, it threatens to absolutely cripple U.S. agriculture…

US honey bees have been dying by the tens of millions, with annual death rates of about 30 percent. With fewer bees to pollinate fruits and vegetables each year, ‘beemageddon’ may soon cause the collapse of the agriculture industry.

Honey bees pollinate more than 100 US crops, including apples, zucchinis, avocados and plums, that are worth more than $200 billion a year. Since 2006, about 10 million bee hives at an average value of $200 each have been lost in what scientists call the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), according to a new report by the US Department of Agriculture.

We certainly don’t need any more bad news about our agriculture.  Global food supplies are currently at their lowest level in 40 years, and most people in the general public are absolutely clueless about what is going on.

Unfortunately, our weather has not just been unusual for the past few months.  This is a trend that has been developing for quite some time.

For example, the planet experienced some truly unusual weather last winter.  The following comes from a New York Times article from last January…

Around the world, extreme has become the new commonplace.

Especially lately. China is enduring its coldest winter in nearly 30 years. Brazil is in the grip of a dreadful heat spell. Eastern Russia is so freezing — minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and counting — that the traffic lights recently stopped working in the city of Yakutsk.

Bush fires are raging across Australia, fueled by a record-shattering heat wave. Pakistan was inundated by unexpectedflooding in September. A vicious storm bringing rain, snow and floods just struck the Middle East. And in the United States, scientists confirmed this week what people could have figured out simply by going outside: last year was the hottest since records began.

Indeed, “extreme has become the new commonplace” as far as our weather is concerned.

So will our weather get back to “normal” soon or are even greater changes ahead?

And what in the world is causing all of this?

Please feel free to express your opinion by posting a comment below…


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  • Henry James Garner

    Does this writer not know about HAARP???? Stop waffling and start bringing these unseen ghouls to account for what they have allowed to happen with their ‘climate change weapon’ Nothing should be ‘classified’ I am a denizen of this rock and should be privy to everything. ”Governments” and ”Bilderbergs” and ”Illuminati” et al, have to start being brought to book, by the Earthlings. They have conned us into hating each other.

  • Marschall Clark

    Nasa annouced last month that they were wrong. CO2, in fact causes global cooling. 22 years of chemtrails have destroyed this planet. I surprised the author did not know this fact.

  • Nick athens

    irresponsible to write on this topic and not mention haarp or chem trails, don’t have to claimit is the cause but can educate. . The C02 model was intentionally flawed, as Co2 is known to cool even intuitively. The resulting clouds block the sun..simple. Alexmark is typically a fear mongering writer. BTW co2 is food for plants. Greenhouse owners actually inject c02 into the green house. The current c02 levels are not that high over long history, and will result in huge growth of forests. if we could just stop cutting..

    • pringle

      It’s more than just not mentioning chemtrails or HAARP that is glaringly obvious here – Posit this – owing to the fact that they make claims about “owning the weather” and its utilization as a weapon, then they are either the causal agent behind certain “natural disasters” OR such disasters occurred in a truly natural way, and THEY did absolutely nothing to avert or minimize loss of life and property by using those very tools not mentioned in this article.

  • ManfredDick

    Weather manipulation it’s not something new… think HAARP….

    Causing distraction by creating crazy weather patterns is
    good for the so called “economy”

    Destroy and rebuild, what could be better for the “economy”..

  • Gonzo

    Yes, HAARP experimentation has crossed a threshold disrupting the natural electromagnetic fields around our planet so that global weather has been thrown out of balance.

  • Andyj

    OK HAARPies. Why would the Gov’t destroy its own source of income? You!
    The weather gets bad when hot meets cold. We do seem to be on a cooling phase.

    • Mike B

      To them there not destroying there income there creating much needed jobs and culling out a few along the way.

    • Joe

      So true. Also not nearly enough coverage or wattage in the tiny HAARP array to do any significant heating. Wish I could remember who started this “HAARP controls the world’s weather” meme that’s distracting from the myriad, tangible, and REAL crimes being perpetrated! I’d go kick ’em right in the shins!

  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    Whether the changes are occurring naturally in-part, or totally due to the evil powers on this planet re-engineering the weather, I’m thinking the changes that are happening will be permanent, or at least for the duration of our lifetimes. We are also looking at total, worldwide economic collapse, mass failure of agricultural crops due to bee die offs, etc., and the rise of the totalitarian, police state. People better realize just how dangerous this is, and think about staying close to reliable, clean water, ensuring a stable, local source for food., learning to be self-sufficient and know how to protect yourself to survive in the coming years, because it’s going to be Hell on Earth for many.

    • Castlecrook

      I can’t believe what I’m reading. It scares me how gullible people r. Find some evidence in this u nut bars.

  • Science 1

    Get past the Koch brother’s propaganda and read the scientific peer reviewed data supported by over 98% of Climate Scientists, this is all part of Climate Change. The real conspiracy is the fact that the ‘think tanks’ like the Heartland Institute have twisted the facts to make sure you don’t accept the facts that would put their owners (the Koch Brothers and other parasites) out of business. They did this with smoking, claiming it did no harm and several years later we all realized that was wrong. Wake up, chem trails and HAARP are important issues but don’t fall for the crap from the fossil fuel industries as they are the ones with the most to gain by lying to you about Climate Change.

  • hvaiallverden

    I grew up in the Nabouhood of this HAARP facility and its not what people think it is, and wether modification programs aka Chemitrails have been used by a lott of govs. and the Chines olympics was the latest, when they tryed to change the glouds and to prevent/induse rain, nothing new, only the level of extent is what I consider to be exagerated.
    I dont bother to answer but reminds people that HAARP is a 70s teck, and is about Radar coverage, beyound the horisont line, and for it to work, the atmophere must be “saturated” with chemicals/methal(alum), out uf use and to day, and is a cold war relic.

    And, once again, the stats is not corolating with the “freek” wether, its a statistical fallacy repeated dayli, but is not true.
    The meer fact that some areas have gone beyound “normality” dont mean jack shitt.
    Because other areas is going in the opositt direction, and to highlight some events, is bogus rethoric and simple bollocs at best.

    The CO2 scam is been reveled, and stil some cling to the idea of AGW and or the “extremety” of wether, witch is a fallacy and simply not true, by any standards, but this is more to the changing to Colder period, not warmer.
    Pleace, the AGW is dead, never was alaive, only by the MSM is it stil a issue, and thats largly to the other fact, they are loosing face and integrety, credibility and Morale is plunging downward.
    Of course, to retreat is Not easy, I can imagine, but I have No mercy on hammering or any second thouths about slamming this Consensuss drivel.

    Even NASA have crawled back and is giving us, the real deal, for once. And they deny any INVOLVEMT where CO2 have or, is able to affect wether at all.

    Infact, CO2 is food.


  • Rebel

    Is anyone familiar with a term KARMA and understand how it works?

  • NoHarpie

    Solar activity was at a minimum recently, that is why it has been cold. See Maunder Minimum.
    The recent uptick in solar activity is still below normal.

  • jdumon

    One thing is now certain: The IPCC theory of the CO2 induced global warming is proven false since the global temperature no longer are increasing since 1998 while the CO2 rate in the atmosphere is climbing undisturbed. It is highly laughable that the IPCC has found no other explanation about he craziness of the weather patterns than the purported global warming… which no longer exists.

  • Greg Burton

    Saint Al of the Gore: you WILL still pay your carbon (icicle) taxes for global warming (cooling), based on phoney-baloney climate data, to my off-shore corporation, or else!

  • Mike B

    Haarp and chemtrails,

    • Castlecrook

      Haarp!?!? C’mon people. Get real r u seriously brain washed to think it’s that. Back it with some evidence before u beak off for christ sake. .

  • Cato

    Weather like what is happening today, happens in 100 to 125 year cycles, its in the history books, in places they actually recorded current events. Europe had a mini ice age, flooding through the middle east, drought through out the world. Could HAARP have something to do with it, maybe, but we also have to remember nations all over the world let trees being harvest that effects weather patterns…ever stand under an oak tree and be able to feel a cool breeze, turn around stand under a metal carport and hardly feel any breeze at all or its just stagnate. HOT and COLD do make the weather change, changes the winds, which changes the wind direction, its blows to bring certain weather certain places… rain, snow, dry, wet…just changing the local environment, building building, building highways, changing the landscape, etc, changes the weather…