294 more Sealed indictment found across US! Are they also taking down the Elites pedophile ring?

294 more sealed indictments found across courts around the US. (new indictments from 10/30 thru 11/9).

-Whats in the news everyday from Hollywood to DC??? (prepping the public).

-What was rumored to be on Wieners laptop months ago (NYPD leak).

-How long would a proper investigation take, to round up all the players and make sure they get justice?

Also for months FBI has been having huge child trafficking stings (saving the kids, rounding up the operators of them, but not the leaders). If they knew about this 6-12 months ago from wieners laptop, how can you explain to public letting the kids suffer while you investigate? You don’t, you start hitting the spots you know of, save the kids you can, and then get more intel as arrests are made. Also most of the FBI stings and there have been thousands of arrests over last 6-12 months. None of it making the news, it was kept quiet. No one reporting it…

Looking at this. I think they are taking down all the Elite pedo’s, the politicians, the corporate CEO’s, etc.

h/t Shamrock007