3 US senators push for more sanctions on Moscow

Three American senators seek tough sanctions on Russia over allegations that the Kremlin intervened in the US presidential election last year.

Republican John McCain and Democratic senators Ben Cardin and Robert Menendez say they will present a bill to impose comprehensive sanctions on Moscow over its attempts to affect the election.


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  • AntiCommon Core

    See John”Traitor”McCain, the AZ Yelow-Back sing his best song to the NVA friends he “associated” with in Vietnam here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO0mHEJyC3Y

    • Zaphod Braden

      John McCain is a whore for George Soros ………… Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2008/02/56177/#OX03AqbKJ3zuQjGA.99
      WorldNetDjuaily 02/12/2008
      George Soros
      As Sen. John McCain assumes the GOP front-runner mantle, his long-standing, but little-noticed association with donors such as George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry is receiving new attention among his Republican critics.
      In 2001, McCain set-up the Alexandria, Va.-based “Reform Institute” as a way to hide money received from GEORGE SOROS’ “OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE” and TERESA HEINZ KERRY’s Tides Foundation and several other prominent non-profit organizations.
      etc etc
      Want to bet MISS Graham also is pimped by Soros?

  • Daruka

    Necessity it the mother of invention. The more sanctions on Russia the more self sufficient and stronger they become. Same with Iran

  • Lophatt

    Songbird is doing something without Light-in-the-Loafers Lindsey? Wow, how brave.