300 Blacks And Latino’s Who Weren’t Smart Enough To Pass Firefighter Exams Get A Second Chance Because They Aren’t White

Nearly 300 who didn’t score high enough on entrance exams in 1999 and 2002 will take test again. Many Bravest outraged by judge’s decision, which could catapult novices ahead of veterans on job

They coulda’ been contenders — and now they have a second chance.

Nearly 300 black and Latino firefighter candidates who didn’t score high enough to join the FDNY in 1999 and 2002 are getting a rare opportunity take their entrance exams again.

They’ll sit for the FDNY written exam Friday, and an intense physical fitness test will follow later.

If they can rack up passing grades on both, the job with generous pension, sick pay and other benefits could be within their grasp.

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