3E Links, Resources and Cartoons Weekly Summary

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Highlights this week Endgame: When debt Is fraud, debt forgiveness is the last and only remedy Will the Keystone XL pipieline really provide US energy security? Or just get it out to the global market easier? North Dakota’s Economic Miracle The dilemma of growth as voices in my head Time for review The Seneca Effect 25 signs the financial world is about the hit the Big Red Panic Button Mr. Cheney’s Victory Lap The Great Bank Robbery – Nassim Nicholas Taleb Attack of the Monsanto Superinsects How might Humanity survive a radically changing world Something is seriously wrong here CHART The myth of human progress – Chris Hedges AUDIO interview Kunstler speaks with Heinberg Pt 1 Kunstler speaks with Heinberg Pt 2 US in Recession Right Here, Right Now The decade’s biggest scam



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