40 IDF Vehicles Reportedly Come Under Heavy Fire During West Bank Operation To Arrest Islamic Jihad Leader

UPDATE: Pals report that a contingent of 40 IDF trucks entered Jenin to re-arrest an Islamic Jihad leader, come under heavy fire.

Situation Ongoing…

Israel News Feed ‏@IsraelHatzolah 3m3 minutes ago
BREAKING UPDATE: Palestinian Media reporting mass IDF presence in Jenin area, serious clashes ongoing, multiple arrested & some dead.

Muqata ‏@Muqata 10m10 minutes ago
11:20pm Gag Order on Serious security incident going on now in the Northern area of the Shomron. Details when the gag order is lifted.


News_Executive ‏@News_Executive 48m48 minutes ago
BREAKING: Israeli special police unit officer seriously injured after being shot near Jenin during a security operation, situation ongoing.

News_Executive ‏@News_Executive 23s24 seconds ago
MORE: This is one of the biggest security operations & killed Palestinian terrorist Israel has carried out in the west bank in recent years


Israel News Feed ‏@IsraelHatzolah 29s29 seconds ago
CLEARED FOR PUBLICATION: Israeli forces came under Palestinian fire in Jenin area in the West Bank during an arrest operation.


At least 6 Palestinians killed.

Peter Lerner ‏@LTCPeterLerner 1m1 minute ago
Confirmed: Exchange of fire in #Jenin this evening during arrest of Palestinian terror suspects. Incident is ongoing, I’ll update ASAP.

Still ongoing…

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11:32pm Partial Gag Order lifted: Ongoing gun battle in PA controlled Jenin between IDG and Islamic Jihad terrorists. Reports of 6 terrorists killed including the head of the Islamic Jihad in the Shomron. IDF special forces attempted to arrest the terrorists when the gun battle broke out. Still ongoing. Not all details cleared for publication at this time.


Palestinian reports say IDF helicopters overhead in Jenin as heavy exchange of fire between IDF and Palestinian gunmen

“Suspected terrorists opened fire on security forces during an overnight operation in Jenin on Monday.

IDF forces, alongside Shin Bet arrived in the Palestinian city in order to carry out an arrest of suspected militants but encountered heavy fire after arriving on the scene.”




Ongoing gunfire battles in 3 locations in Jenin — including the compound of the head of the Islamic Jihad in the Shomron.

@News_Executive: UPDATE: According to Palestinian reports a Leader of the Islamic Jihad terror group was killed, If true this will lead to serious escalation


Reports of rioting in PA controlled areas of Shechem and Beit Lechem in response to gun battles between Islamic Jihad terrorists and IDF soldiers in 3 locations in Jenin as IDF attempted to arrest terrorists.





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