44,000 villagers deemed to be at ebola risk

..A further 11 suspected patients, including two children, are being treated, while 40 villagers are being monitored after coming into contact with the dead or hospitalised.
The first victims were a 29-year-old, father-of-three motorcycle taxi rider, his wife and 40-year-old sister.
About 44,000 villagers are deemed to be at risk from the disease in a poor and remote farming region.
“After two days of admission with no improvement at a community health centre, the motor bicycle taxi rider was transferred to a military hospital,” says Plan’s Country Health Specialist Dr Kenneth Buyinza.
“He had high grade fever, bloody diarrho…



The African Muslim types are propagating the spread..

mourners snatched a body

In Uganda, The Daily Monitor reports that one more person succumbed to the Ebola virus yesterday, bringing the death toll in the latest outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever in the country, to five. The latest victim died in hospital 30 kilometres from the capital, Kampala.
In Luweero,
a burial team set up by the District Ebola Task Force to ensure that bodies of those confirmed or suspected to have Ebola are handled and buried by a special team, yesterday narrowly escaped lynching by mourners who snatched a body from the local cemetery.
According the Luweero District disease surveillance officer, the mourners armed with clubs, sticks and stones accused the special burial team of violating Muslim burial rites by wrapping the dead body in a bag. They insisted on washing the body before burial as part of the Islamic rites.

The bodies of the deceased are regarded by medical experts as still infectious. The virus is normally transmitted through bodily fluids.

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Emergency Message to U.S. Citizens

U.S. Embassy Kampala, Uganda
Emergency Message to U.S. Citizens
Ebola Outbreak in Uganda
November 16, 2012

This Emergency Message is to alert U.S. citizens residing and traveling in Uganda of an outbreak of Ebola virus. On November 15, 2012, the Ugandan Ministry of Health confirmed 2 cases of Ebola Viral Hemorrhagic Fever in Luwero District. Local media also reported on November 16 that a person in contact with one of the confirmed Ebola cases traveled to the Busoga region. The Ugandan Ministry of Health, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and international partners are investigating these cases to determine the extent of the outbreak and if additional cases are present.

The likelihood of contracting Ebola is considered extremely low unless there has been a direct contact with body fluids like saliva, urine, or blood of an infected person or animal or the body of someone who has died from the disease. Since the virus spreads through direct contact with blood and other body secretions of an infected person, people living with and caring for Ebola patients are at a higher risk of becoming infected.

Over the past few months, the Government of Uganda has announced several different outbreaks of viral hemorrhagic fevers, including current advisories regarding Ebola and Marburg. The Embassy advises all American citizens to be aware of the potential of an outbreak in Uganda and to always follow health guidelines to minimize risk or exposure. To obtain Travel Notices from the CDC, visit the CDC’s website at



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