60 Tonnes of Tungsten filled Gold Bars found in Asian Depository



Maybe now people will start to believe, in light of 10 more Tungsten filled gold bars being found. This is just the beginning! 400oz bars have been massively counterfeited and the gold stolen, this is the largest true wealth robbery in the history of the world.

Think about it, imagine you own a 400oz gold bar, and you worry it may be counterfeit. What do you do? If you drill it and you find its fake, you’re out almost $700,000. You cant just seal it back up and pass it off. Or you could use ultrasound and figure out its fake, but then what, pass it off? If the next guy checks hes coming to you!

So no one wants to check, and the last thing want to do if they find a fake is to report it on themselves cause then people distrust them. This is going to be an epic scandal when it comes out that the GOLD IS GONE! ITS ALMOST ALL GONE PEOPLE! ITS BEEN STOLEN!!!

THE US HAS NO GOLD AT ALL! They’ve been 100% loooooootttteeddd… You think the FED and the wall street gang stop their theft on wall street stealing trillions in fiat? You think these bankers forgot that GOLD is the only real money in history? LOL, they convinced everyone to take their paper for long enough to loot the planet of its gold!