$77,000,000,000 billion dollars in profit, and $0 paid in taxes. This guy nails it. Your slavery explained clearly.

Why are you paying taxes other than out of straight up fear?
If you can’t understand that you are a victim of a form of very cruel slavery yet, than you just aren’t looking. The guy making fries and Burger King pays more taxes that multi-billion dollar corporations ! !

The sad thing is, even while their showing you that it’s an illusion and they can print it out of thin air at the stroke of a keyboard, your still out slaving for an ever shrinking supply of cash on main street!



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  • hvaiallverden

    Ballance, the sole issue, and this isnt a plain feild at all, its a corporate runn and controlled coverment, the good old Corporatism, pays its minoins with fame and glory, to upheld the ilution of welth and prosperety. The politicians is catrated, and efficeiently coruted to their core, and is matters of corporatism and its goals of world dominion, they trodd along, fueled by Some handfulls of silever money, and we are the ones that getts the Bill.

    Every f…. thing have dobbeled in pirce, incl houses, and whilst the dumb f… blames the govs, and some various gruups for the downfall of America, they never point on the obvious reason, the politicaly legalised robbery of We the people, by an ever increasing pyramidic based corporates in scale and scope, handed controll over ever bigger areas by cotrolling the politicians, and financiel powers of epic proportions, all made by and based on Debth, and their ever exponential growth in revenues and incomed to their ever growng greed and timed up with a total lack of Morale and Shame, the even controll what people is Thinking, and whos the real problem, the robber barons.
    And whats even wurse, the money is made out of thin air, and we gett, usury, the tool of the devil.

    Their Monetary policy is the greates scam ever invented on this planet, since time immemorial, and soner or later, this will simply chrash.
    Its both logicaly and mathematicly a pipe dream to even belive in their sick drivel on whats the Bill is about, they have even corrupted the Law to sutch an extent its becomed the gardian angel for the crime syndicates, and this is glearingly obvious, not a single soul of the wallstreet psychopats are arrested or charged, fines are just jokes and it lesser that what they sould have payed in tax anyway.
    In the bananarepublik uSSa, crime pays, of course, only if you are To Bigg to be Jailed, otherwise, no, no.
    We all know That.
    In some areas you arent alowed to collect Rainwater, on your own land.

    The only thing that really scears them is the bread line, that would be a proper punichment for their, the petty minoins crimes, and the CDOs into the deepest dungeouns and the keys shott out in space, just in case.


    • Big M

      If you actually write like this, you need about 2 years of remedial English. Good grief.