9 charts PROVING the U.S. non-recovery

by Jeff Nielson

Over the past seven years; I have written numerous commentaries dispelling the myth of a “U.S. Recovery”. Here are a few.

Why the U.S. economy CAN’T “recover” (September 2009)
U.S. Economy is NOT Growing (November 2009)
Rebutting the Recovery (March 2012)
The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part I (February 2014)
The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part II

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Despite this, almost every commentator in the Alternative media has written about this “Recovery” as if it is a reality. Now, a mere seven years later, other commentators are beginning to connect-the-dots.

Here is a nine-chart display from Zero Hedge proving that there never was a “U.S. recovery”. Note that many of these charts have been included in my own commentaries, over the past 7 years.

Note that the pathetic, right-wing Ideologues at Zero Hedge naturally “blame Obama” for the state of the U.S. economy. Apparently they have forgotten what this economy was supposedly “recovering” FROM: eight years of DESTRUCTION from Junior and the Republicans.


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