$9 Trillion Missing From The Federal Reserve. Why Should Any American Pay Their Taxes?


Rep. Alan Grayson questions the FED inspector General where $9 TRillion dollars went… and Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman hasn’t a clue…Dunno whether to laugh or cry – I am still getting over the shock and have watched 4 times – LISTEN carefully to what she says – THEY HAVE NO JURISTRICTION to investigate the fed!!! Only their programs?? OK the world has been fooled long enough ENOUGH ENOUGH!!! Get the hell outa paper money people and if you buy gold and silver – get the real stuff not paper gold etc. This is pure evil!


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  • usmcmailman

    Your Daddy Government (Satan) at work !

  • mpgahm

    What a joke…

  • BobinCA

    Another well trained member of the I don’t know club.

  • Loren-USA

    The Federal Reserve is a private banking monopoly, with the blessings of the US Government since 1913. As a private corporation, founded and secured under the full lawful protections of the US Constitution, the Fed can do whatever it wants, and is accountable to no one outside of itself.

    The Fed can print as much money as it wants, and give it to whomever it wants, and there is NOTHING that Congress or anyone else can do about it .. unless Congress would one day grow some balls and nullify the Fed and reinstitute Constitutional-based currency (getting struck by lightning has better odds).

    The last person who attempted to do just that was permanently “removed from office”. And every President and Congress member since JFK has understood “the message” loud and clear – you never touch the “god” of the moneychangers in the temple (the true god of “In God We Trust” – Mammon)!

    And we know who the “moneychangers” in the temple are – the same bunch that Jesus dealt with, and which resulted in His gruesome death on the Cross. And this is the same bunch who are in the process of putting America on its Cross! and which will result in the slaughter of millions of Americans!

    The 16th Amendment was NEVER agreed to by the required number of States. And this fact is well documented. Consequently, the 16th Amendment is NOT a lawful Amendment, nor the Supreme Law of the Land, nor is it a lawful law of any kind. Consequently, those who obey this unlawful law, are breaking the True Law of the Land, and consequently, are criminals.

    You are NOT REQUIRED to obey an unlawful law! And those who do obey .. are CRIMINALS!

    STOP paying money that you are not required “at law” to pay! Instead, use that money for food, water, housing, and the means of protection .. from those who will attempt to take it all away .. including your life and the lives of your loved ones.

    And this is the true intent of the 2nd Amendment – protection from tyranny, and from a government and in-bed special interests gone mad against “We the People”.

    The future lies in the past. And the Jewish-Zionist Revolution against Russia in 1917 is in the process of being played out right here in America, with the same intended outcomes – the slaughter of millions upon millions of Christians and Patriots, and Americans in general (including those Jews who are “low-caste”, ie “expendable for the greater cause of Isreal” – same as those who were expendable at the hands of the German Nazis, as well as the Russian Communists!).

    There is but little time left to secure and protect your own interests for survival. But do so, you must, with whatever resources you have.

    Historically, America has upheld the Cross of Christ. But there are those who now desire to impale America upon its own Cross. For those of us who believe in the Cross, and in the Liberties that the Cross provides, it is time to boldly lift the Cross even higher, and to boldly proclaim the One who died on that Cross.

    There is only One True King! And it is He, whom we kneel to! and unto NONE OTHER! All others, we “resist” as though “the devil’.

    When the government (and its special interests) becomes the thief, when the government becomes the liar, when the government becomes the extortionist, when the government becomes the murderer, when the government becomes the destroyer, are we required to obey such a government .. or .. to RESIST?

    Our Founding Forefathers answered this question in their generation and a new Nation was born. But for “these United States of America” to remain as such, we must now answer this question anew for our time and for our future generations!

    What will be YOUR answer?

  • lucille rothstein

    At this point it’s under review. That’s what I told the cop that busted me for smoking pot. It didn’t work with him though, but if I could steal 9 trillion I could get away with it?

  • Arizona

    IT DOESN’T matter what any government offical says,THEIR ALL THIEFS AND CRIMINALS, their job is to seperate you from your money and property,even if they have to USE FORCE,deal with them accordingly,when they stop you understand,YOU ARE LOOKING AT A TERRORIST AND KILLER,do not EVER TRUST THEM,IF you are unlucky,the days coming when they will kill your family,many americans HAVE LEARNED THIS the hard way,BEWARE your government are VERY dangerous criminals ,SADLY the children seem to be the only ones aware of this…………………………

  • Arizona

    THE 2012 elections were completely RIGGED,..RON PAUL,got over 50% of the vote,rommey got 25% of the vote,and the ANTI-CHRIST OBAMA got 15% of the vote,RON PAUL IS THE NEW PRESIDENT,but the BIBLE in DANIEL 8:11/8:12, says the anti-christ will rig the elections and when he’s caught,HE START a war in america to keep from being arrested,OK he’s been caught,JULY 4th,will be D-DAY,get ready america you got NATO troops coming in america by the thousands everyday for the LAST THREE WEEKS,and there not here to give you a kiss and a birthday present,…”RED DAWN” GET READY, YOUR BEING INVADED……..and remember who will be helping them ,THE POLICE GANGS…………………………..

  • DefendAmerica

    Barry is a foreigner…a usurper… and should be ARRESTED and CHARGED CRIMINALLY.

    Any elected who refuses to pursue his arrest – is himself or herself guilty of Misprision of Felony.

  • Johannan Baptiste


    Are you saying not to pays income taxes?

    Are YOU in fact actively observing this suggestion?

    ANYONE who has tried this has FAILED, then JAILED.

    They OWN us.

    • Chris Yurkin

      The income tax is a ponzi scheme that has been robbing everyone for years upon years.
      There is now laws saying you need to pay income tax.. Just irs trickery. My buddy hasn’t paid one since he was 18 and is now 25.. 16th amendment can back this up..

      • Chris Yurkin


    • pacman925

      Most of the votes was blacks & foreigner’s && 1/2 of those votes was dead people & inmates & fraudulent votes, by investigator’s tell us that obama won 26% of the last election, but he “won” the presidency. Our congress is totally corrupt !! The federal reserve is a jewish zionist’s scam of a way to steal about $1 trillion dollars a yr from us….Stealing candy from baby’s…..Bill Moyer’s told us on FoxNews last month, “Our congress is totally Corrupt, If You knew the Truth, You would rip their heads off by our bare hands” !!!! I am ready for the Revolution !!

  • ayatollyahso

    Well.. I thought it was common knowledge:” there is nothing “FEDERAL” about “federal express” NOR the”federal reserve”It is a corporation(?) of PRIVATE banks.Who make the rules.

  • Don Sebold

    Warren buffet owes millions in back taxes he’s not in jail…..bottom line the reason she won’t answer is because this money belongs to the Rothchilds,Bilderbergs,David Rockefeller sr. …these are top of the of chain people….they will never get an answer Grayson knows this,it’s just for public compsumtion…..a lot of workin fold won’t be getting any return this year…..gotta keep the handouters happy so they can continue to vote left