A Bank Failure Or Crisis In China (Happening Now) Or A Smaller Conflict Will Be Enough To Push Confidence Over The Edge

The Last Gasp Before Hyperinflation – Are We There Yet?

Among the alternative financial press (the so-called bloggers of finance) there is a renewed buzz regarding a slowly unfolding crisis. Many believe we are near an inflection point.

The fear is certainly justified. Money or credit creation is now exponential. The US Federal Reserve is on a path toward monetizing anything and everything, while the European Central Bank is about to unleash its own bond buying program.

The Inflection Point

We are going to hit the monetization inflection point at some point soon – if we haven’t already. The likely trigger could be indirect; it could even be something small. A bank failure or crisis in China (happening now) or a smaller conflict will be enough to push confidence over the edge.

The conduit for money velocity will be the Treasury, via the Federal Reserve. Government spending on its own will bid up prices for its own economic and political survival.

It is harrowing that modern systems, hopelessly lacking in redundancy and yet working on the surface, are treading on so much fragility.


Ron Paul – Yellen More Of The Same, Only Worse

Ron Paul, “Were more Likely to have More QE then Tapering with Yellen”

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The Dark Heart of Centralized Power – Charles Hugh Smith

When the multiple bubbles burst & the financial house of cards comes crumbling down, Ben Bernanke will be comfortably secure, far from the consequences of his policies.


CHART OF THE DAY: Youth Unemployment Rates Are Terrible Everywhere

“We highlight that youth unemployment rates are in general much higher than total unemployment rates, despite the increases in the numbers of skilled and educated youth with increased years of schooling,” said Credit Suisse economist Amlan Roy in a recent note to clients.

“Youth unemployment rates were more than double total unemployment rates in most selected countries and more than triple the total unemployment rate in Italy. This has implications for lifetime income, lifetime savings, as well as related social implications at the aggregate level.”
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