A Clarification on ObamaCare and Why We are F*cked

I keep hearing people say that the bill that made the individual mandate a tax originated in the Senate. This is not true, unfortunately. This is what happened.

They cheated.

When the 111th Congress went back into session after the summer holiday in 2009, the House went to work on it’s part of the ACHA bill – HR 3962. The Senate wanted to start working on its own provisions for the bill, but since any laws that deal with a tax must first start in the House, the Senate used H.R. 3590, a bill regarding housing tax breaks for service members. The Senate took up this bill since it was first passed by the House as a revenue-related modification to the Internal Revenue Code. The bill was then used as the Senate’s vehicle for their health care reform proposal, completely revising the content of the bill.

So it did originate in the House, just not the provision for the Individual Mandate from what I can gather. It’s such a fuck up and a slight of hand it’s hard as hell for me to track down exactly which bill did what – where.

So that’s how we ended up with a Senate Bill and a House Bill comprising the Affordable Health Care Act. It’s made up of the following two bills.

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Senate (HR 3590) – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. 


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – U.S. Government …


House (HR 3692)- The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 30, 2010.

Now if this doesn’t piss you off to the point of being done with the whole lot of them up there, I don’t know what it’s going to take to get people to do something. If you haven’t seen the movie “Good” with Viggo Mortensen, I recommend it.

People need to understand what they did. This is not the only issue being made into law this way.



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