A Giant Nuclear Coverup is Afoot in Indiana

Taken from Reddit tonight:

Before you label me as a tin-foil hat wearer, consider the following:Live records for multiple radiation monitoring stations near the border of Indiana and Michigan have shown radiation levels as high as 7,139 counts per minute (CPM). The level varied between 2,000 CPM and 7,000 CPM for several hours early this morning (EST).Normal radiation levels are between 5 and 60 CPM, and any readings above 100 CPM should be considered unusual and trigger an alert, according to information listed on the RadNet website (at EPA.gov)Digital Journal reported earlier today that near the Indiana & Michigan borders Geiger detectors from the EPA & Black Cat were showing insanely elevated radiation levels. They quickly changed their story fundamentally, but not before I went OCD on it (see also my username). I personally conversed with the NRC today as well as the Hazmat response Captain for the Indiana State Police.Here is a quick pic, before it was redacted / “corrected”. Notice it is NOT the EPA’s RadNet open-air detector in Fort Wayne, but another privately run detector near South Bend, owned by Radiation Network:


They then “made a correction” and called it a false alarm, claiming that their “false alarm” was also the same cause for Black Cat… but what about the EPA’s federal detectors, the ones that don’t use the same information streams as RadiationNetwork? Read on:

EPA’s “near-realtime” open-air geiger counter for Ft Wayne Indiana no longer shows live data but cuts off May 19th. This morning, it didn’t (hence the basis for this comment), but by using the EPA.gov RADNET query tool, WE CAN STILL PULL THE DATA UP as in this screenshot <- For more cities and a breakdown of the wind spread, check here

Want more? The area of interest isn’t very far away from this strange event that just happened the other day where no fault line is present.

More? The DOD owns about 130,000 acres of land right in that immediate area.

Also, I remind you that it was the EPA’s federal detectors and privately owned / Internet enthusiast detectors FROM TWO DIFFERENT PLACES (BlackCat & the Radiation Network) reporting the same incident.

Tell me Reddit, am I paranoid?

EDIT 7 comes first: To those who say it was still a malfunction:

“You miss a VERY elementary point: one detector was privately ran in South Bend. That one “malfunctioned”. But then the data is corroborated by a federally ran detector in Ft Wayne, a good drive away. And then more data as time goes on from other detectors. Like here, where one can see the drifts over Little Rock, AR 12 hours later, which lines up with the wind maps. For those that don’t seem to know, that’s a long way away from Ft Wayne. And the “average” CPM level in Little Rock has been around 8 CPM for the past 12 months.”

and to those that point to the pinhole coolant leak in Dayton:

“that pinhole leak couldn’t possibly account for the levels seen here, and it was in hot standby mode (hot & pressurized, but no fission) because it was being refueled. And the workers would have triggered alarms if they were contaminated.”

EDIT 11 also jumps the line: On a tip, I called the Traverse City Fire Dept and asked them if they noticed anything unusual, muttered that I was with the “nuclear reddit board”. They confirmed they had unusually high readings, and that they reported them to the NRC earlier today.

EDIT 1 It’s spreading as you would expect

EDIT 2 More “human numbers”:

The actual dose from other redditor / semi-pro opinion + myself is speculated to be… RE-EDIT: Guess you’ll never know, because armchair-physicists want to argue too wildly for consensus.

EDIT 3high levels of Radon in the area??

EDIT 4 I heard from a semi-verified source that minot afb in north dakota, one of the largest nuclear bases, is running a nuclear response and containment “training exercise” right now with their b-52s. take this with a grain of salt, I’m not vouching for it EDIT: this redditor verifies

EDIT 5: some redditors keep talking about seeing gov’t helicopters: here and here and here <- UPDATE: this one now has video

EDIT 6: Someone posted it to AskScience, but a mod deleted it and removed comments

>>>> EDIT 8: > Twes [+1] 11 minutes ago I mean, it is kind of interesting to speculate about… I will at the very least continue to watch this thread/ news stories. I don’t know if someone in the 2000 comments has posted this, but before the spike, radiation levels were around 1 to 2 times normal. After the spike they are staying at a constant 5 to 7 times normal. https://twitter.com/#!/LongmontRadMon

EDIT 9: – Removed for being incorrect –

EDIT 10 Battle Creek, MI helicopters & ac-130: https://p.twimg.com/Au1M2IjCMAABGNZ.jpg & sauce:https://twitter.com/#!/BeRONSON

EDIT 12reliable source! says: > Got an email from friend at NMR lab at Eli Lilly in downtown Indianapolis. Said alarms just went off with equipment powered down; Indy HLS fusion teams responding; says NRC R3 not responding tonight.

EDIT 13: this will be where pictures are collected. Got pics? Send to OP. New helicopters (Indianapolis) to getstarted with


EDIT 14 now up top ^

EDIT 15: first verifiable statement from a redditor / security guard at Lily in Indianapolis >> “There’s nothing dangerous going on at Lilly. Nobody is being evacuated and nothings leaking or on fire but a fucking TON of federales keep showing up. Don’t know what the alarm was about but theres been a lot of radio traffic” Proof!

EDIT 16: Removed, was irrelevant

EDIT 17 AnnArbor.com tweeted on the 4th about the mysterious “earthquake” rumbling:https://twitter.com/AnnArborcom/status/209674582087569408 >> Shaking felt in our downtown ?#AnnArbor? newsroom. Did anyone else feel the movement? ?#earthquake?

EDIT 18: 1:50AM EST: we’re now doing it live (FUCK IT! WE’LL DO IT LIVE!!): http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels= <remove> Way to kill it Reddit! This is why we can’t have nice things – 2:18AM EST – 3:45AM EST

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EDIT 19 Interesting Twitter account. Claims to be owner of the other Twitter account (in Edit #8)… Verified by the Internet at large: https://twitter.com/joey_stanford/status/210967691115245568https://twitter.com/#!/joey_stanford

EDIT 20 This was posted up by a Redditor in the comments, purportedly from Florida, based on wind map is possibly connected & is definitely elevated to a mildly disconcerting level: http://i.imgur.com/77pPn.jpg

EDIT 21 Joey Stanford has said video proof is coming! Keep an eye on his twitter page! he is a dev for Canonical, and in charge of the Longmont Rad Monitoring Station in Longmont, Colorado: https://twitter.com/#!/joey_stanford

EDIT 22 3:30 AM, OP doesn’t sleep. Apparently neither does GabeN, with his first comment in two months (Hi Gabe! Hope you were up all night working on something that ends in “3”)… still got my ear out for real news, stay tuned.editception : looks like I was trolled by a fake GabeN account.

EDIT 23, 9:30 AM. This forum for cops had this statement by someone with over 5,000 posts on that site: > We’ve been encountering some high readings at the labs here. < note: this was posted well before this was submitted to Reddit, at noon yesterday

EDIT 24: maxed out the length of a self post. GO HERE FOR MORE

EDIT 25, 11AM EST: Joey Stanford, dev for Canonical (Ubuntu) & Launchpad + the guy who runs the Longmont Radiation Monitor in Longmont, CO has posted up proof of high radiation …. see also his twitter feed

EDIT 26: I never once said it was dangerous or that it was NOT dangerous. BUT, for those who want to take preventative measures / keep flooding my inbox EDIT: removed medical advice regarding potassium iodide due to mod request.

EDIT 27: Media blackout / suppression? Points out another commenterhttp://i.imgur.com/Dstqz.png @11:15AM EST I verified this to be an accurate screenshot and lots of folks have been checking it all night and there were no results. EDIT 27b, 20 minutes later: now there is one result but it is the “official” malfunction story (a literal copy/paste of what’s on Digital Journal) that’s already been debunked by the fact it’s more than just a single detector. @ Journal Gazette: your copy/paste article sucks, and you should feel bad.

EDIT 27C, 11:45 AM EST: Now I have tons of results that are not exactly relevant but still listed. See also comments section for the others who no doubt SAW it before it was called out… http://i.imgur.com/xKf9y.jpg | Update: other redditors verify / international redditors tell us what you see please (don’t forget your ISP if you post, please)?

EDIT 28Not good, and I’m calling an expert for a second opinion on this. EDIT28a: I tried to debunk 28, but all I ended up with the chance that a professional (from #25) called it without considering the calibration of his equipment. Very unlikely, but not impossible.

EDIT 29, noon EST: Hearing in some of the science circles that it might have been solar in origin, sideburner “theory” until someone gives concrete proof. Someone ask phys.org plz

EDIT 30, 12:40: just a note, the top comments in the other thread where I was supposedly “proven wrong, it was just a SINGLE malfunctioning sensor” were posted prior to any updates, including the addition of other sensors in other parts of the country, videos, pics, twitter feeds, strange helicopters & explosions, wind dispersion patterns, lack of MSM coverage, etc etc. And most of the top comments are simply arguing over how much radiation it is in terms of mSv, which isn’t the point. It hit well over 350x “normal” and 70x the “alert level” and clearly spread from there, so why isn’t the gov’t saying anything? Why pull the EPA’s own datasets?



Hoosier in South Bend here…


We called the Environmental Protection Agency and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. People there told us there’s no indication from their inspectors that there has been a radiation release. Nothing appears out of the ordinary. A spokesperson from the EPA told us Radiation Network’s information does not feature EPA data. All of their readings came back normal.

I’m saving all my bottle caps anyway. If I develop breasts over night I’ll post pics in gonewild.



DEBUNKED very early today….


Update: 6/7/12, 7:45 A.M: – False Alert: The alert level reading last evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction. Here is the station’s report:

“out of control readings on the GeigerGraph screen from about 11:30pm local time that occurred while sleeping. My apologies to all. I have no idea what caused this. Shut down GeigerGraph and restarted. Readings from the Geiger were in the normal range (the Geiger operates on A/C). All cable connections are tight and not loose. Am speculating between the GFI and USB Adapter and some sort of voltage spikes. The uninterruptable power supply UPS had lost power and had died – a tripped GFI. I am not going to leave the system running while not at home until I can determine and fix the problem.”

By the way, a handful of stations on the Radiation Network feed simultaneously to the Black Cat Systems network, which explains why a high reading was showing on their network at the same time. But Black Cat works in uR/hr instead of CPM, so their radiation level was lower because of the conversion factor between units of measurement.













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