A Nation Of Princelings And Paupers

If one gets what one pays for, the UK is in for an interesting experiment:

Revealed: government plans for police privatisation

West Midlands and Surrey police offer £1.5bn contract under which private firms may investigate crime and detain suspects


Another example of the Commoditisation of Everything, of all human relationships becoming the subject of commercial dealing.

Actually, there’s one part of the world which already operates under something like this kind of commercial arrangement: Australia. Our Constitution does not recognise local government, only Federal and State, and it recognises only one police force, the Federal (AFP). The States are constitutionally prevented from creating a 3rd level of government, but they have tried to do so anyway. No local government here has any legal existence, and any laws or by-laws it may make are simply null and void. The States don’t have police forces, they have policeservices. While these display the crown on their badges and various insignia, the Crown is not their head of authority and they do not represent the Crown.

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Australia as a whole and the various State governments are registered in the US as businesses. The best one can say about Australian local governments and state police services is that they are corporations to which State governments have sub-contracted out various services and functions. While we don’t yet have fee-for-service policing, the fact that the States are chronically and desperately short of cash (NSW recently decided to allow coal seam gas operations even on good farmland) leads me to suspect that this can’t be too far off, along with UK-style privatisation.

Interesting — and depressing — where Growthism takes a country, isn’t it!

– ezlxq1949


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