A New German Political Party Is The First To Openly Call For Scrapping The Euro

AS FOUNDER of a new Eurosceptic party, Bernd Lucke, an economics professor, is among the most controversial figures in Germany. The website of his Alternative for Germany party went online this month. Its first gathering is in April, and it has until the summer to collect up to 2,000 signatures in each of Germany’s 16 states in order to get on the ballot for the federal election in September.


Supported by an impressive list of fellow professors, Mr Lucke has three main goals. The most urgent is an “orderly dissolution” of the euro, with a return to national currencies or to new, smaller and more homogenous currency blocks. He wants a decentralised European Union with less bureaucracy and more emphasis on the single market. He favours more direct democracy, with Swiss-style plebiscites.

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