A new website lets you automatically sue Equifax with a click

The entrepreneur behind DoNotPay, a free online chatbot that has successfully fought around 375,000 parking tickets in New York, Seattle, and the U.K., is launching a new service on Tuesday that will allow people to sue Equifax for $15,000 in mere minutes.

On September 7, Equifax revealed a massive cybersecurity breach that potentially exposed the Social Security numbers and other personal information of 143 million people. The breach has spurred two dozen lawsuits in federal court involving lawyers who want to represent many plaintiffs. But it tends to be tough for individuals to sue companies like Equifax on their own.

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“Three days ago I realized I should definitely be doing something for this,” Joshua Browder, DoNotPay’s creator, told Yahoo Finance. “I was doing research and I found no one is going down to small claims court on the state level.”





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