A photo showing John McCain with ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

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  1. Lyin Ryin More says:

    Mr Cain, if this is true, you sir are finished, I know you thought the whole Vietnam POW bullshit would have been enough for us, No maybe it was the vile way you treated your first wife, again why you weren’t openly mocked is beyond me, then the disgraceful way you treated our real POW’s that were left, yes left by YOU blocking real investigations and searches- you treason infested piece of trash, no that wasn’t bad enough, then you and your golf ball tumor decide to run for pres, what a maroon, you and that lizard skin wife of yours,have absolutely no shame – I guess money doesn’t buy class – The bomb Iran comment, your obvious love for Zionist Israel – you know the ones that bombed the USS liberty, the one who was n charge when that happened..O yeah your dad and now this, isn’t that rich. WHOEVER LIVES IN HIS DISTRICT CITIZEN ARREST HIM< he is home on vacation, Ask him to explain this while kicking his wretched ass.

  2. apeman2502 says:

    Slick is not slimy.

  3. Robert Newton says:

    Of course McCain loves Zionist Israel. That’s why he’s hanging with Simon Elliot (Elliot Shimon) aka Al-Baghdadi, born of two Jewish parents and is a Mossad agent. ISIS are our boys.

  4. Joe Blo says:

    McCain= “son of Cain”… the man is cursed!

  5. beijingyank says:

    Why is “Insane” McCain still walking the streets with the innocent?

  6. musimann says:

    He’s protected…….. by the Zionists………..

  7. Asle Nymann says:

    You guys seem to the propaganda of the Syrians in high esteem. Truth itself dribbles from Bashar al-Assads lips, like honey from a honeycomb, one would think to look at the comments. Morons.

    • McLame is a RINO says:

      So John McCain was forced to meet with these people? Someone twisted his arm(s)? Yeah, that’s the ticket… In 2013, both the left and the right took McCain to task for posing with some of these Syrian “rebels.” This video from CNN is the second of such purportedly showing McCain with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi – the current leader of ISIS since June 2014. McCain can say all he wants to that this is propaganda, but whom did McCain support in Afghanistan in 1979, and did this come back to bit us in 2001? Was/is that propaganda, too? A convenient way for RINO McLame to try and weasel out of this: attack those taking you to task by calling this all propaganda from Iran.

      • Asle Nymann says:

        The operative phrase here being “purportedly showing”. Right up there with the phrase allegedly. This comes from the syrians, whom McCain is sternly set against, since they are the strongest allies of the Iranian government. And furthermore, a nation ruled by a dictator, who considers “truth” as comical as “fredom of press”. Syrian TV will say whatever suits Syrias purpose, meaning al-Bashars purpose.
        You see in this photo an arab in his late 20`s, early 30`s with crewcut and short beard, nothing more. I don`t think it looks like the ISIL leader at all, and i do not give a rats ass about what a Syrian government stooge has to say about it.

  8. Freeway1 says:

    Who needs enemies when your own senators support anti-America terrorists?

  9. musimann says:

    its not his fault he’s stupid……..

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