A possible reason for the elites’ obsession with cannibalism: Hunter S. Thompson says human glands are the ultimate source of drugs.

by mka123088

While reviewing the franklin scandal again, I remembered that Paul Bonacci had said that he was forced to participate in a pornographic snuff film that was directed by Hunter S. Thompson. When I first heard this, I thought “wow, that’s crazy” and moved on. But the other day something caught my eye that made me reconsider this detail. In the Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files, there is a deranged sounding email from one David McCuller ranting about how he wants to marry Barbara Bush, and how he blew up the pentagon and WTC buildings with Dubya, among other things:


This email is coming from someone who is clearly unhinged, and the people responding to him treat it that way, but he definitely says several things that ring of true events, albeit coming through a distorted filter. Then I saw the line “You’re not going to smoke my pineal gland” and I suddenly remembered that in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas there is a scene where they talk about getting high from human glands:

Dr. Gonzo starts talking about how he got a client that is a SATANISM FREAK who couldn’t pay him with money, and gave him an ounce of pure adrenochrome instead, which they then go on to say is only possible to get by extracting it out of a living human. Gonzo then talks about how his client is being accused of CHILD MOLESTATION and might try to rip out his pineal gland if he didn’t accept the offer. They then talk about getting extract of human pineal and what would happen if they took it, and Dr. Gonzo says you would turn into something out of medical encyclopedia, and then he transforms into a demon. There is also an earlier scene in which a group of well dressed lizards have a blood orgy. Watching this film again with the knowledge of Hunter’s connection to Bohemian Grove, satanism and child trafficking gives it a whole new meaning. It may be a much more literal depiction of reality than it seems upon first viewing.

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So we know that these people are sacrificing children, eating the bodies, drinking the blood and worshipping dark gods. But why? I think this is the question that everyone investigating pizzagate is burning to know the answer to. Why would someone commit the most vile and atrocious crimes against humanity for promises from disembodied entities that may not even be real? Well, Hunter may be telling us indirectly that these entities may not be so disembodied after all, at least to them.

Anyone who has done any research into DMT knows that it is a ubiquitous aspect of the experience to have contact with non-physical entities, regardless of whether you believe they are real or not. I think it’s very possible that these people are not only drinking human blood to stay younger, but eating human pineal (and other) glands in order to have intense psychedelic trips that bring about the experience of communicating with dark “gods”. Their agenda is not only to control the masses through occult knowledge, but for the few in the ruling class to reach ultimate spiritual enlightenment. The all seeing eye on the pyramid that we know so well is the symbol of this goal, but the all seeing eye, also called the eye of horus, is the symbol of the pineal gland as well. The third eye is a spiritual concept, but it also literally refers to a piece of our anatomy. Considering everything that I’ve learned in the past few months, I would say that it is not at all a stretch to assume that the rulers may have learned something about how to have the ultimate drug trip that the rest of us are too human to ever have any knowledge of.

If anyone has any more info on rituals that involve eating specific body parts for a specific effect, it may be worth looking in to.


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