A Simple Example That Should Make It Crystal Clear That ALL Fiat Currency Today is COUNTERFEIT Money

If you had kept $20,000 in a bank savings account since 1913, you would still only have $20,000 dollars in your bank account. But remember that in 1913, one would have been able to buy a very large house with $20,000 whereas today, one can not even buy a decent new car with $20,000. Obviously, the nominal amount of dollars has no meaning and accumulating significantly more dollars does not make one richer as many American foolishly believe today. To buy the same $20,000 house one could buy in 1913, since bankers have destroyed 98% of the purchasing power of the 1913 dollar with their counterfeiting efforts over the last 100 years, one would now need 50X the amount of 1913 $20,000 dollars today, or a whopping $1,000,000 2013 dollars just to buy the same house that $20,000 could have afforded you in 1913.

Another way of stating that is even if you had $999,999 2013 dollars versus only $20,000 1913 dollars, you would still be poorer today than you were in 1913, an astounding fact.

Now imagine you had converted your $20,000 into gold in 1913. In 1913, gold was priced at $18.92 an ounce. Therefore $20,000 would have bought 1,057 ounces of gold. Instead of holding $20,000 in the bank since 1913, had you converted this COUNTERFEIT money in the form of US dollars into the REAL money of gold and simply held 1,057 ounces of gold in a vault (granted one outside of the US) since 1913, your 1,057 ounces of vaulted gold would now be worth 1,057 ounces * 1,580 an ounce = $1,670,060 2013 dollars. And when gold reaches $5,000 an ounce, these 1,057 ounces will increase from $1,670,060 2013 dollars to $5,285,000 future-year dollars. I’ve actually told a class full of 10-year old children that hadn’t yet been exposed to the re-education process this very example and asked them what would they want today given the following choice: $20,000 of USD or $20,000 of gold? 100% of them answered $20,000 of gold because this example makes the decision so clear and so simple.


Dollar Value

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

I imagine this wealth distribution pattern to be just as obscene in many EU nations as well. In addition, I believe that the top 1% of the wealthiest in America currently also own the lion’s share of all physical gold and physical silver in the United States. Because this top 1% benefits the most from rigged financial markets and truly understand the rigging games as opposed to the masses, they are the most likely to have been converting their COUNTERFEIT fiat paper money into REAL money like physical gold and physical silver. Now I want to make it crystal clear that my intent is not to demonize the top 1% of the wealthiest people in any country as surely there are some entrepreneurs among this group that earned their wealth honestly. However, those that earned their immense wealth through immorally rigging markets, like the LIBOR market, the gold and silver market, and so forth, are the ones for whom I have much disdain.

Bubbles of the P

Gold Bubble Not

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US National Debt

Kondratieff Cycl

US Debt Limit vs

Silver in 2013

Tytler Cycle

In reflecting on this two-year smash of precious metals, and in particular, mining shares, let’s take a look at some currency history of the last decade to provide us with some much needed mental capital.

With the help of Nick Laird over at Sharelynx.com, I was able to track down a few charts documenting the staggering percentage growth increases of gold and silver when compared to the world’s major currencies. What I found was shocking:

Despite recent setbacks, gold and silver have been the strongest currencies on the planet for the last 13 years.

Charts at link:



Central banks are among the shrewd investors who buy gold bullion on dips. When gold was weak during May to July of 2012, central banks actively bought nearly 71 tonnes.


One clear symbol of our new Gilded Age is that of the peaking DOW while food stamp usage is at a peak as well.

Fed spending far outstripping revenues, balance of trade, and business inventories decline.

from MyBudget360.com:

One clear symbol of our new Gilded Age is that of the peaking DOW while food stamp usage is at a peak as well.  Even though the DOW is only a reflection of a handful of companies, the media focuses on this as if it were a barometer of the real economy.  It isn’t.  Household net worth has fallen by 30 to 40 percent since the recession hit.  But isn’t the DOW at a peak?  Yes.  But the stock market is only a minor part of the portfolio of most Americans.  Also, most Americans derive their wealth from real estate which ironically is now being inflated not by families with growing incomes, but by big banks that are accessing cheap money/debt from the Fed and buying up available properties and crowding out average Americans.  The net impact is higher rents and low supply.  In other words we are inflating another financial bubble that is going to harm your typical American.  Over half of Americans don’t even have a retirement plan in place.  The government is blowing through money it doesn’t even have.  Let us examine the current state of affairs.



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