A story on the U.S. energy renaissance that could shock the “peak oil” crowd

From Carpe Diem:

The excerpt below is from a long, but very informative New York Times Magazine article “North Dakota Went Boom,” about the Peace Garden State’s amazing oil boom in the Bakken formation (and some history of the state’s previous oil booms). According to some estimates, the Bakken boom might last for 100 years, and is being driven by new, breakthrough drilling technologies, and the state’s “petropreneurs” (and not by any government energy policy):

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Around seven years ago – driven by technological refinements that have made North Dakota a premier laboratory for coaxing oil from stingy rocks – the state’s Bakken boom began in Mountrail County. At the time, North Dakota was ranked ninth among U.S. oil-producing states. By 2010 it had…

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