A Ticking Time-Bomb For The World: A New Wave Of ‘Superbugs’ Poses Dire Threat, With The Potential To Cause Untreatable Infections. CDC Warns Of Sars-Related Virus From Middle East

New wave of ‘superbugs’ poses dire threat, says chief medical officer

Warning over rising death toll as antibiotics fail to tackle rising incidence of ‘gram negative’ bacterial diseases

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria with the potential to cause untreatable infections pose “a catastrophic threat” to the population, the chief medical officer for Britain warns in a report calling for urgent action worldwide.

If tough measures are not taken to restrict the use of antibiotics and no new ones are discovered, said Dame Sally Davies, “we will find ourselves in a health system not dissimilar to the early 19th century at some point”.



Resistance to antibiotics risks health ‘catastrophe’ to rank with terrorism and climate change

“Antimicrobial resistance is a ticking time-bomb not only for the UK but also for the world. We need to work with everyone to ensure the apocalyptic scenario of widespread antimicrobial resistance does not become a reality. This threat is arguably as important as climate change.”

The Government’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Keith Ridge, said although the control mechanism for prescribing antibiotics had been strengthened in hospitals, there would need to be tighter and more thoughtful control of antibiotic prescriptions in GPs’ surgeries.




CDC Warns Of SARS-Related Virus From Middle East

ATLANTA (CBSMiami) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a new warning to state and local health officials about a virus that is related to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and appeared for the first time in September 2012.

The virus is a coronavirus, which is the same family of virus as the common cold and SARS. Asia dealt with a SARS outbreak in 2003. The new virus sprang up last year in the Middle East, but has since been seen in Great Britain.



Superbugs in New Zealand Hospitals 
Over 3 weeks ago I went down a little crook.
Fever, sweats, chills, vomitting …. crawled into bed.
Woke up in the morning with my leg swelling up.
Off to the local hospital I thought asap.Whilst in A&E waiting I had a look at it. Yup! Antibiotic resistant, and I probably picked it up at a work related site.
So, when I finally got to see a doc, I told them I had an antibiotic resistant infection in my leg, and that I was going to need Vancomycin.
So, in with a cath line, some IV antibiotics (cyclo and pen), and kicked out the front door … and told to come back tomorrow for more IV.
Odd I thought, only an idiot would send a patient home with a line in ….
Went back the next morning in a bigger mess … a real mess. Leg red odemic and spreading … definitely a nasty cellulitus and a definite admission.
More IV infusion, and booted out.
At this stage, I went to my GP … he was not amused … so finally on my third trip to A&E I was admitted …. and on a ward.
Well, that’s where my troubles really started.