A top WSJ columnist just wrote one of the best things you’ll read this month

From Above The Market:

Jason Zweig is the personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal. His columns appear in the weekend edition of the Journal and are always well worth reading. Last week he deservedly (if tardily) won a Gerald Loeb Award, the most prestigious in business journalism.

But instead of my telling you that Jason is great, I suggest you merely read his most recent column.

Res ipsa loquitur.

Here’s a taste:

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I was once asked, at a journalism conference, how I defined my job. I said: My job is to write the exact same thing between 50 and 100 times a year in such a way that neither my editors nor my readers will ever think I am repeating myself.


That’s because good advice rarely changes, while markets change constantly. The temptation to pander is almost irresistible. And while people need good advice, what they want is advice that sounds good.


The advice that sounds the best in the short run is…
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