A123 Systems layoffs highlight challenges for Michigan’s budding battery industry

The chief executive of A123 Systems Inc. — one of Michigan’s most celebrated alternative energy companies and a major recipient of federal economic stimulus dollars and state incentives  conceded that a shakeout is coming for the U.S. battery industry.

How Michigan’s emerging battery industry will fare during that process — and whether manufacturers will add the thousands of jobs they promised to create in exchange for government cash and tax incentives — is unclear.

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Less than two weeks after Massachusetts-based A123 laid off 125 workers at its Michigan battery plants, A123 CEO David Vieau agreed that some of the early entrants into the lithium-ion battery race eventually will lose.


When will there be “enough” proof for the government aficianado’s to realize that this crap doesn’t work? Answer, NEVER. Too blinded by their ideology.


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