Absolute madness’: German town to separate refugees, residents with barrier taller than Berlin Wall

A town in Germany is erecting an enormous wall to separate its residents from refugees housed at a local migrant camp. The controversial 4-meter (13.1ft) barrier will stand higher than the Berlin Wall.

Located in the Munich suburb of Neuperlach Sud, the stone wall is aimed at dividing the town’s families from around 160 unaccompanied child refugees who are set to move into a nearby shelter currently under construction..



Thats how it gets to that!

And I can’t blame them one bit. They barracade their windows and can’t leave their houses for fear of violence in those small towns that were handed over to this invasion. They have to make their own hidden exit places.

Its unbelievable treason.

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In a situation where a 90 year old is raped to death and those guilty do zero time.


WIKILEAKS:Bill Clinton Told Donors The Border Won’t Be Secure ‘For A Very Long Time’

Former president Bill Clinton told Democratic donors at a private fundraiser that America’s borders will remain porous “for a very long time,” according to a leaked transcript from the event.

The November 2015 fundraiser took place at the New York home of former U.S. ambassador to the Slovak Republic Carl Spielvogal, a longtime Clinton donor. The transcript from the fundraiser was included among thousands of emails sent and received by Clinton campaign chair John Podesta published by WikiLeaks.




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