Adam Lanza was on Fanapt, an antipsychotic drug with violence as a side effect


The Antipsychotic Prescribed To Adam Lanza Has A Troubled History All Its Own

By now the whole country is fully embroiled in the Gun Control debate, spurred by the grisly murder of 27 people, mostly kids, at the Sandy Hook Elementary school last Friday.

Guns might not be the only problem though.

New York Magazine wrote a piece about shooter Adam Lanza’s supposed “aspergers” syndrome as a “red herring” meant to distract from the real problem (guns, of course, the subject goes without mentioning).

Inside the piece though they report Adam Lanza’s uncle said the boy was prescribed Fanapt, a controversial anti-psychotic medicine.

Fanapt was the subject of a Bloomberg report when it passed regulators, after previously getting the “nonapproval” stamp. Why wasn’t it approved, you might ask?

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Here’s a list of reported side effects of the prescription drug, Fanapt, that Lanza was on at the time

– Restlessness
– Aggression
– Delusion
– Hostility
– Decreased libido
– Paranoia
– Angorasmia
– Confusional state
– Mania
– Catatonia

…and many more. See link —->

Prescription-Drug-Induced Violence Medicine’s Best Kept Secret? 

Data Based Medicine Americas Ltd. announces free online tool to show possible links between prescription drugs and violence.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) November 12, 2012, the first free independent website for researching and reporting prescription drug side effects, has added a Violence Zone to demonstrate and collect data on the links between prescription drugs and violent thoughts and behavior — from mild to suicidal or homicidal.

“Violence and other potentially criminal behavior caused by prescription drugs are medicine’s best kept secret,” says Dr. David Healy, a world-renowned psychiatrist who has written extensively about the lack of data in evidence-based medicine, including in his latest book, Pharmageddon.

Healy says this is a global issue, with medical, legal, ethical, and profound public policy dimensions. “Never before in the fields of medicine and law have there been so many events with so much concealed data and so little focused expertise.”

Can prescription drugs cause you to kill someone? “Absolutely”, says Healy.

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This is a quote from a UK link

“She said it was getting worse,” the friend told the New York Daily News. “She was having trouble reaching him.”

” “Nancy told me he was burning himself with a lighter. In the ankles or arms or something,” he said. “It was like he was trying to feel something.” ”

Wow, this behavior fits the profile of the side-effects listed for Fanapt.

This case was a series of fatal mistakes. The mother trying to instill a sense of responsiblity through firearms? Why didn’t she just get him a puppy instead? Add to that, the prescription of antipsychotic drugs was gasoline to a lit flame.

People, get informed!