Adam Schiff sneaking out of Don Jr House Intel Meeting several times so he could leak to CNN

Nick Short
.@edhenry last night reported that during the closed door testimony by Trump Jr. before the House Intel Committee on Dec 6th, Adam Schiff was seen leaving the room multiple times, stories then started popping up on CNN about the testimony while it was ongoing… 

Nick Short
Replying to @PoliticalShort and @edhenry
As Trump Jr. and his attorney said in a letter to the House Intel Committee this week, while DTJr was still being interviewed, “members of the committee and/or staff began selectively leaking information provided during the interview to various press outlets, most notably CNN.”

Nick Short
Moreover, after the interview, several members of the Minority, including Schiff, Speier and Swalwell, appeared on the news to discuss certain details of the interview in an attempt to discredit Trump Jr.



The pencil neck, bug eyed freak most likely pulled this shit when he leaked the wrong date regarding Don Jr receiving Hillary’s email encryption code.
Funny cause it appears certain Intel Comm members were deliberately given the wrong date. So they could catch the leakers.
NOT funny that he knows he was caught on that & continued to leak during this weeks meetings.
He’s pretty confident he’s above the law. Wonder what gives him that sense of security

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Gotta love James Woods…

Top conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a complaint asking the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for potential ethics violations including leaking classified information.

According to a letter written to the chairman of the House Office of Congressional Ethics, Doc Hastings, Judicial Watch is requesting that Schiff, in addition to Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), be investigated for “disclosing classified information to the public in violation of House ethics rules.”



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