After Criticism, New 3-Page Obamacare Form… Next Big Challenge: Implementing Law

Tomorrow morning the Administration will announce a spiffy, new 3-page application for individuals (which we’ll attach here when it becomes public).* There will be an 7-page application for families (11 including the appendix), but even that one will be far better designed than the initial effort. “We did a lot of work testing words, to come up with simpler language,” an Administration official told me, “and we did time tests. Our average was 7 minutes to fill out  the paper version and even less if you do it online.”

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The Next Big Challenge for Obama’s Health Care Law: Carrying It Out

This month, a political organization aligned with House Republicans sent an e-mail to reporters attacking President Obama’s health care law.

“Young adults on parents’ plan pay more,” said the organization, the YG Network, citing a new employee benefits study. The e-mail’s subject line read “So Much for Popularity.”

Actually, the study did not show that those young adults were paying more. It showed that insurance companies were, because they had begun providing health coverage to those young adults, as called for under the law.