After Gold Slumped 9% , Silver Down 10% – Now Dow Is Dropping 200+ points – Everything Red Across The Board. Is This It? The Beginning of The big Crash and Collapse?

Let’s recap:

*Federal Reserve says they want to quit printing money (yeah right lol)

*Goldman Sacks cuts expectations on gold (forcing a sell off)

*500 tons of paper gold dumped on Friday (more pressure for sell off)

*DHS insider says collapse will happen in spring after metals get slammed (he’s right so far)

*Another insider says planned collapse to happen on April 25

*Those mysterious 100,000 put options expire on April 20 & April 25


Today’s Homebuilder Confidence Miss Destroys One Of The Biggest Myths About The Fed

10 year rate

Homebuilder Confidence Misses Expectations, Falls To 42

Homebuilders blame credit conditions and construction costs.

Empire Fed Manufacturing Falls More Than Expected

Meanwhile, Oil Is Down 3.4%

GOLD GOES INTO TOTAL FREEFALL: Falls To $1363–now-down-to-1383-2013-4#ixzz2QYzhJAec

What Happened The Last Time We Saw Gold Drop Like This?

The rapidity of gold’s drop is impressive, concerning, and disorderly. We have seen two other such instances of disorderly ‘hurried’ selling in the last five years. In July 2008, gold quickly dropped 21% – seemingly pre-empting the Lehman debacle and the collapse of the western banking system. In September 2011, gold fell 20% in a short period – as Europe’s risks exploded and stocks slumped prompting a globally co-ordinated central bank intervention the likes of which we have not seen before. Given the almost-record-breaking drop in gold in the last few days, we wonder what is coming?



This is what it looked like in Q3 2008…

Bloody! Everything Red Across The Board


Third “Eiffel Tower” in a row for S&P 500? Beware of “Look Alike Patterns!!!


An Eiffel Tower pattern formed in Apple (Apple Eiffel here) and Apple declines over $300 per share. Gold looks to have formed an Eiffel Tower pattern as it became the largest ETF on the planet!  (Gold Eiffel here)  Long Gold owners are feeling the brunt of that pattern the past few days.

A little bit before the top in 2011 and a 17% decline in the S&P 500 in 5 months, “look alike” patterns were taking place (See look alikes, Dominoes & Slipper slides)

Could the S&P 500 be forming a third Eiffel Tower pattern of the past 13 years in the chart above?  Way too soon to tell.

Remember this…Its not the odds of a Pattern coming true that counts, its the impact if it does!!!


S&P 500

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  • Discordian

    My guess is this is it. The bombing in Boston may be the excuse to usher in martial law. A convenient thing just before the economy collapses and the USD is rendered worthless.

    But maybe we should expect more explosions? Just so it REALLY looks like we need “martial law”? The evil shits that rule us are very, very clever… And we are…not.

  • Mayer

    Good. Lets get this shit roll’n. Frankly, I am tired of the waiting. Feels like – “Waiting for Godot” but with fireworks on the last page. I think the Rothschilds just pulled the pin.

    • Discordian

      Damn straight, Mayer. I’m sick of waiting too.

    • whatthe

      Waiting for what to do what? I say this with respect.

  • Michael

    Funny how the Boston Police were in the middle of an “exercice” dealing with bombs placed in Boston, ON THE VERY SAME DAY. Explosion at JFK Library?? Where WILL they hit next. If you believe in God, it’s time to “prepare”, if you believe in fire-arms, it’s time to make sure they’re clean and operating properly. If you believe that a Saudi National did these bombings, then it’s time to stick your head back into the sand.

  • lilbear68

    yup, just wondering if the boston bombing is part of the smoke screen to cover the start of the crash

    all the naked gold shorts all start to expire on apr 20th and apr 25th

  • Ken

    Big crash? Why not at all, just another manipulation by the big players to shake out more of the little fish while they buy it all up at discount prices.