After people of Croatia raise 600K dollars for treatment of little girl Nora and only a day before going to America. The Children Hospital of Philadelphia raise the price to 800K dollars. – Google Translate.

Specifically, from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where the baby should be treatedNora , arrived additional accounts, making its treatment more expensive for more than a million. The first is the cost of treatment should be 3.3 million, and now the price is 4.7 million!

The news of the increasing cost of medical treatment has arrived at the address of Radio Nova Gradiska, whose publication in its entirety:

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” If human life has no price, the Americans proved their extra bills for treatment of Nora! Yesterday, a small part of our ‘battle’ has cleared the way along with Nora’s parents, offering a way, led by the Minister of Health Rajko Ostojic,to save the life of Nora, and in ways that violate legal regulations inherited ‘devil’ law. And just when we all felt relieved and thought that one might say, the people, we made it, comes a new shock from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.Nora treatment was up to a whopping $ 837,224.

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