Agenda 21 Propaganda is gradually conditioning the American people to embrace poverty and 3rd world living conditions


I am starting to very strongly believe that economic sufficiency, if not outright poverty, is something that every man, woman, and child on the planet should embrace; although not in order to be cool, as this video suggests.

Urban society is fundamentally about three things. Narcissistic supply, money, and sex. Narcissistic supply is the most fundamental; virtually everything else reduces down to it. Narcissistic supply means giving ourselves rationalisations or excuses, for viewing ourselves as superior to other people.

People living in cities need narcissistic supply, because they have no family, and no real friends, and they have no idea what genuinely positive, meaningful social interaction looks like. So all they have left is either trying to make a giant pile of money and praying that that will impress someone, or endlessly taking selfies while having a bowel movement and uploading it to Facebook, and praying that that will impress someone. The reason why most Millennials travel is so that they can upload selfies doing it.

The thing is, after recently eating some evening meals with some decent people offline, I’ve discovered that money, narcissistic supply, and sex are not effective means for getting my real psychological needs met. Reciprocal, emotionally positive human interaction, however is.

In more than minimal amounts, money does not serve that goal. Money is antithetical to it. Money allows anonymous transactions, where I don’t need to care about who the other person is. Money also has a mutually reinforcing dependency on competition, which rather than bringing people together, drives them apart.

Money is also the reason why everything on this planet is currently being destroyed; because you can not name virtually a single commodity or substance, anywhere, which is not currently being used as a means of someone attempting to generate passive income for themselves. Everyone wants to use passive income and artificial scarcity to collect ongoing rent, so that they can make money without having to produce anything of real value.

So yes, people absolutely should embrace having less money, as long as they have what they need for basic physical survival. That isn’t a United Nations conspiracy; it’s just basic (although very uncommon, now) sense.