Air Force won’t say what happened in fatal Area 51 crash

The tragic death of Lt. Col. Eric Schultz last week on a weapons testing range in Nevada has attracted an inordinate amount of interest.

And it’s because of what we don’t know.

The US Air Force has pointedly refused to reveal what aircraft he was at the controls of when the fatal accident occurred. It also took them three days to even admit his death.

This is in stark contrast to another accident, at the same range, in the same week. Details of an accident involving two A-10 ground-attack jets that forced their pilots to eject were released within hours.

So what could possibly cause such reluctance to reveal the circumstances of Schultz’s death?

“I can definitely say it was not an F-35,” Air Force chief of staff Gen. David L. Goldfein stated over the weekend.

He was responding to speculation that this accident involved the highly controversial stealth fighter and that this was being covered up to protect its already bruised reputation.