Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former Clinton administration Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, “To put it mildly, the world is a mess.


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  • Matt

    another of the plenty of war criminals walking the streets of the not so free anymore sewer of the west

  • michael mazur

    She was the one who, in 96, thought the price of 500,000 dead Iraqi kids was worth it. In addition to which, during her time as sec state, a 1,000,000 Iraqi men and women died through malnutrition, destroyed water supplies, destroyed sewerage systems, economic boycott and medical neglect, all by her fiendish design, meant to debilitate severely Iraqi preparedness in the face of the next criminal assault in 03 by mental defect, Bush 43.

    And now her co religionists, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk – Y just resigned, did, do, mass murder in eastern Ukraine.

    And now her co religionists resume mass murder in Gaza – for the third time in recent years, at ZERO cost to themselves; ‘Score’, Palestinians 1,100 , Israelis, 0.

    And now her co religionists through proxies ISIS in Syria and Iraq do incalculable mass murder in those places.

    Don’t wring your hands in despair, Madeleine, as i do see through your pretense, for this is the way you Jews – Diaspora and Israeli, really do want it, and i won’t even bother to read what else you have to say.

  • Hp B

    I remember when Mad Maddie “just found out I’m Jewish”
    (i knew it the whole time)

    • Pravda01

      I’m, so happy – after I found out that none of my family members, ancestors had ever Jewish blood or was related to a Jew.

  • Royce Royal

    Yes Madam, thank you for your contrabution.