ALERT! Bitcoin Just Completely Crashed & Causing Massive Sell Off!

Heads up guys:……


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  • Ken

    Bitcoin is a scam by TPTB, just like the stock market, controlled by the controllers, keep your assets held in your physical possession and keep nothing in the ether of the internet.

  • George Beerwood

    Precious metals and dig a deep hole. Do NOT live beyond your means, better yet live UNDER your means and WAIT.

  • farang

    Why would anyone want to sell something as “Good as Bit”, whatever the hell “Bit” is (snark)….I’ll keep my silver, I’ll keep my gold. “Backed by Bit” does not resonate with me.

    Once upon a time, the US Dollar was “good as gold,” but now it is just a piece of paper with nothing backing it except “full faith” in the US Government.

    “Faith.”That is faith in Obama. That is faith in McCain. Biden. Reid, Rogers, Feinstein, Pelosi, Ryan, Hatch, Boxer and the entire rest of the D.C. Clown Posse. They DO NOT represent YOU nor YOUR BEST INTERESTS.


    Gold? Silver? Your investment/wealth storage buddies. Always your friends, no strings attached.

    And it is as EASY to RECONVERT to a GOLD STANDARD as SIMPLY REMOVING “Reserve Note” and GOING BACK TO PRINTING “GOLD CERTIFICATE” on our $50 bills. Again.

    Voila! The US Dollar is AGAIN AS GOOD AS GOLD.

    Well…that and auditing the FED to be CERTAIN they HAVEN’T STOLEN OUR GOLD………..

  • Dana Micheal Robinson

    I went to check out this crash, by the time I got to it , it was back up ….. If it went down to 13 dollars I would buy about 300 of them… I am not getting into it when it is 700 for one bitcoin. I will wait , and hope it crashes like this zipper said it did. So tired of these people claiming falsities , especially this clown – regular chicken little he is………..

  • Psi

    Transaction malleability does not prevent bitcoins from reaching destinations