Alert! – Dementia, Alzheimer, Respiratory Infections Sick Care Campaign Underway!

by Thinker

Is there deliberate intent to make people sick? If it isn’t, then why is the military industrial complex blocking the sun with chemicals that cause Dementia, Alzheimer, and Respiratory Infections? Every breath you take depending on how much your sky was spayed by the drones/planes that leave the white line chemicals in the sky is changing your health. How long will it be before your sick, or are you or someone you know already suffering from an illness. There is a reason for everyone on the planet to be concerned and there are no exclusions in the newest assault on humans and the future of the planet they live on.

Dane Wigington has dedicated his time by trying to make a difference in the lives of people all over the planet, especially for Americans. Exposing the corruption of those who are designing a new world order by way of climate change with weather wars. What is really going on in America and why should the rest of the world be concerned? What they are spraying in the sky is all poison for humans – (roaches being sprayed with raid?)

Wake-up – It’s Your Life!